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Quickest Victory at Deity Level

Discussion in 'CivRev - Stories & Tales' started by Mowhar, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Mowhar

    Mowhar Chieftain

    Mar 10, 2011
    I finally managed to land my spaceship at Alpha Centauri in the year of 1500, at deity level.
    Now I must say I am pretty pleased with myself.

    The Chinese provide such excellent opportunities for fast expansion.

    With the extra manpower provided by the +1 to city size bonus and 3 forests in the vinicity, I pumped out warriors every second turn, and wherever my warriors went, a barbarian village appeared.

    The barbarians all yielded without much of a fight, and provided me with either 40 or 50 gold, a caravan or useful early knowledge like bronze working and pottery.
    They also informed me that there was tales of five artifacts, but no one knew where, except the knights templar just to the south.

    My caravans found mythic forests and plains and forest, discovered friendly villages, and sighted barbarian villages for my warriors to move towards.
    3000 BC I sent the 100 gold bonus-settler out in the desired direction, and the turn after that I founded a city and rushed a galley, and set sails towards the Knights Templars.
    When my galley ended its first movement, I saw a golden temple in the distant.
    The next turn I got 200 gold richer, and bought librarys in my cities, and sped the science on towards code of laws, which is of course is very easy since the chinese begin the game with writing.

    The round after that, I bought granaries in my cities.
    And the the only horseman I had found by raiding barbarians, with back up from a stray warrior of mine, found a Roman settler walking by with a lone archer, just below the hill.
    The Romans seemed to stare in amazment at my horseman on the hill for the entire game. Caught on a half-island and not daring to enter my borders.

    With the extra settler I went to a nice place and founded a third city the turn after.
    The Knights templar had a one turn boatride, and then explored a continent while overrunning barbarians and collceting gold, which came in very handy for buying granaries in the new cities I made as soon as I became a republic.
    I bought a galley or two also, and 100 BC, Temples were built in my 8 prospering cities as I found the games maybe most priced artifact.

    My expansion was ruthless and persistent, and when I caught a mongolian settler and captured the other new mongolian city with a cultural great person, the mongols seemed to sit and ponder behind the walls of Karakorum, forever wondering about why they had still only one city.
    I made some more settlers before switching to democracy and inhabited a new continent.
    In the year of 650,about the same time as I discovered the railroad, I used a Great Builder to suddenly make The East India Company, which triggered another wave of expansion.
    As I got all the bonuses in form of great people, addditonal production, culture science and gold in each city, I might have overdone it with 28 cities.
    But the Chinese have libraries for half cost, and with networking univisties where also half cost. I could use the gold recieved from the overproduced science to buy first libraries and then univeristies in almost every city.
    It was a probably a mistake to gather a few rounds of gold to get aqueducts in all my cities the year 1300, but in 1400 i discovered spaceflight and built a spaceship.
    I built 8 propulsions, but do not know what happened to the second four.

    Before pressing my last end turn I checked the stats:

    Cities 28
    Total size 319 Food: 388 Production 345
    Science 3681 Gold 849 Culture 530

    So the average city of the 28 is zize 11, produces a surplus of 14 food and 12 production, 130 science, 30 gold and has 5.5 buildings in the year of 1475.

    Somebody please take me down a notch by better bragging!

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