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Quickly Convert a Civ5 Diffuse to Civ6 PBR

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Modding Tutorials & Reference' started by Wolfdog, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Wolfdog

    Wolfdog Unit Butcher

    Jun 29, 2012
    Please note this is a quick and not a high quality method. There are commercial options that give better results. Blender also does texture baking but I have found it difficult to get good results.


    Civ5 (or Civ4) unit that you have converted using @Deliverator tutorial and have a basic understanding of unit modding.
    A copy off Awesome Bump which you can download from here.
    A copy of GIMP (you could use paint.net but I find it can't open all .dds file like GIMP can).

    Get a .obj file
    1. Open your previously created unit in Blender.
    2. Export model to .obj.

    Get your diffuse into AwesomeBump
    1. Convert <civ5_unit>_diff.dds to a png file with gimp or paint.net and scale to larger size if needed.
    2. Open AwesomeBump and select the 'Diffuse' tab.
    3. Load your diffuse png file from step 1.
    4. Click on '3D settings'
    5. Click on 'Load OBJ Mesh' ans select your .obj file.


    Generate your textures
    1. Select 'Enable preview'.
    2. Click on the 'Convert to N H' button.
    3. De-select 'Enable preview'.

    Albedo or Base Colour
    1. Still in the 'Diffuse' tab select 'Remove shading'.
    2. Save as your albedo. <unit_name>_a.png

    1. Select the 'Normal' tab adjust if needed (you shouldn't need to make too many adjustments here if any).
    2. Save as your normal file. <unit_name>_n.png

    Ambient Occlusion
    1. Select the 'Occlusion' tab and adjust sliders as needed (reference a similar models ao file and match it as best you can as well as looking at the preview). Please note that Height and Normal maps can effect results.
    2. Save as your ambient occlusion file. <unit_name>_ao.png

    1. Select the 'Roughness' tab and adjust sliders as needed (reference a similar models g file and match as best you can as well as looking at the preview).
    2. Save as your gloss file. <unit_name>_g.png

    1. Select the 'Metallic' tab and adjust as sliders needed (metals white and non-metals black) then save as your metalness file. <unit_name>_m.png
    2. You will most likely need to edit the metalness file in GIMP as most Civ diffuse files are a mixture of metallic & non-metallic parts. Black out all non-metal materials and export to .dds.

    Tint (works with units that use alpha as team colour)
    1. Open your diffuse file in GIMP.
    2. Right click the layer and select 'Alpha to Selection'.
    3. Add new layer and Fill with white.
    4. Bucket fill the non-alpha area with back.
    5. Remove all the layers underneath and export to .dds.

    Get Textures into AssetEditor
    1. Open all the other .png files in GIMP and export these to .dds as well.
    2. Open ModBuddy and AssetEditor then import your textures into the 'Material' for your unit. This assumes you have already created your asset file and imported your .fgx file/s into AssetEditor and all you need is your PBR textures to finish it.
    3. Now view your unit in AssetViewer.
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