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[R&F] Quill's Scotland!

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Civic Key, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Civic Key

    Civic Key Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2018
    Hi!, I am doing to share Quill's Playthrough as the Scottish Civilization. The story plays according to the Historic Timeline of the Scottish Empire.

    "Quill's Scottish Stories"
    by: Civic Key

    Over the peninsula there's settler of people named the "Scottish People". With good environment and natural habitat, they settle the village of "Stirling" and call there land "Scotland". An adventure awaits you....

    Historians all around the world call the year 4,000 BC as the starting point of the age of civilizations, Scotland did join the world stage. During the early years of Scotland, ancient artifacts saw that the Scottish explorers were the first civilization to set eyes on a majestic wonder. They call it "Piopiotahi" as they saw magical birds named "Piopio" flying over the mountains, unfortunately they were extinct. Scotland wasn't only the explorers but also the warriors. There's a folk song around the 3,000 BC called "Alba an Àigh" now called "Scotland the Brave" the song plays the fight with the Scottish warriors against the Barbarians as the Scottish endeavors won and clearing the barbarian camp. The song still plays out today with the song of "Bonnie Dundee".

    As Scotland entered the "Classical Era" unfortunately was their Dark Age.Their close neighbor "Persia" led by "Cyrus the Great" declared war. Scottish people weren't afraid of the Persians since they trusted heavily on their leader "Robert the Bruce" and in 1,600 BC the first ever peace treaty was signed in the Scottish City of Roxburgh between the Scottish & the Persians. With the peace, led the political age of Classical Republic in Scotland. Cyrus the "Miserable" (nicknamed by the Scottish) is not entitled with that government and he got even miserable as the new Scottish City of "Haddington" was settled too near to the Persian City of "Gordian".

    Around the 9th Century, the world enters the Medieval Era and Scotland's Dark Age ended. Scottish People was fascinated of their natural wonder "Piopiotahi" that they settled a city "Dundee" near to Piopiotahi. Everyday citizens of Dundee saw the morning sunrise of Piopiotahi. Scotland just like the rest of the world found out that Iron is a handy tool for their skirted warriors to Swordsman. "Looks like we almost forgot the Bagpipes" Skeptics said. Cyrus the Miserable sought the threat of their another neighbor "Germany" led by the lookalike of Robert as the Miserable says "Frederick Barbarossa", Cyrus wrote a letter to Robert for a joint war against Germany. Robert's advisors said rightfully "No" but he accepted it in 335 BC. With the power of Bagpipes & Irony, Scotland & Persia wage war on Germany until 40 BC. While in Dundee, a brand new district called the "Harbor" was popular in Dundee. With the beautiful seen of the Piopiotahi and the Bustlin' Harbor in Dundee, the people created their song "Bonnie Dundee".

    In the Renaissance Era in 176 AD even though Scotland never earned a Golden Age, they earned a female great scientist? Named "Emilie Du Chatelet" during the short-term "Scottish Enlightenment". In 490 AD, Robert heard an emergency meeting with their ones enemy "Frederick Barbarossa". They say that Miserable invaded the innocent City-State of Auckland, both bearded leaders declared war on Liberation for Auckland! Robert the Bruce call out their mighty forces to rush to Persian borders together with the German freunds. The "Bannockburn Operation" was to save Auckland and emerge victorious in 795 AD. Cyrus went miserable again as Scotland still declare war in 930 AD. Stirling is growing as the capital of Scotland and the popularity of Robert the Bruce. Many people believed Robert is the one true divine leader and their government evolved to "Monarchy" as their new way of rule.

    The Industrial Era was a great shift of our civilization as the "Treaty of Babylon" was signed with the Scottish & the Persians. The Scottish-German Relationship grew as Scottish Merchants were welcomed in German lands and the flourishing of Diplomatic Services between the two. The life here in Scotland was great as people started to play in Scottish Golf Courses. The story ends in 1300 AD as Macedon "the hater of Scotland" was the most "civilization" of all civilizations. Scotland is still strong and will continue in the world stages.


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  2. God of Kings

    God of Kings Ruler of all heads of state

    Aug 20, 2012
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Very interesting take on Quill18's Let's Play. Too bad he set the turn limit so low.

    Oh, and Hong Kong razed Edinburgh and was never rebuilt.

    Once Marbozir is done his Zulu Let's Play, you could do his as well.

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