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Your local Schizophrenic
Oct 29, 2000
Half a mile from the Spruce Goose.
A long overdue thread.
post some quotes or just some good saying, even.

"If someone with multiple personalitys threatens suicide then it becomes a hostage situation"
"I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy"

Can't recall the the author.
Originally posted by mrog
"I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy"

Can't recall the the author.
Its whats said thats Importaint not who said it ;)

Hey I like that I will quote my self on it :D

Its whats said thats Importaint not who said it
-Vanilla The Cube
"Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas."

"There are only two things which you should avoid in life - incest and country dancing, as I remarked to my mother in bed last night."

(On the matter of a man being investigated over trying to sexually molest a dolphin) "I wonder if history will judge it a worse crime for one man to try to do to one dolphin what we have been successfully doing to the whole species for years."

(From the same article) We happily accept from the Ancient Greeks all those principles of logic, mathematics, democracy, architecture and equilateral triangles, thinking we could escape the inheritance of blood-feuds, incest and barbarism. These things are bred in the bone. Zeus performed acts with swans and heifers that would debar him from every London club except the Garrick or possibly the Naval and Military. We inherit our culture from a people who said 'A woman for necessity, a boy for pleasure and a goat for ecstasy'. Somewhere in this heady spectrum there may well be room for dolphins, ocelots and, given suitable clothing, hedgehogs and spiny anteaters too." :)eek:;))
Since World War Two, New Zealand is the only country in the western world to sink a Soviet ship .
David lange shortly after the sinking of the Mikhal Loumentov

Two by Robert A. Heinlein:

"An armed society is a polite society."
-- from chapter 15 of Beyond This Horizon

And my favourite, the one which kept me sane for many a year:
"Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."
-- from Logic of Empire
(and boy do I need that round here ;) )
An elven battle cry that makes even the most bave of men quiver in their boots. A cry so terrifying, that dwarves have soiled themselves merely hearing the name of it's caller. That battle cry is:

"I...I don't like the looks of this!"

Aerie - Baldur's Gate II
:D Ned Kelly on the scaffold....................
......................................................."SUCH IS LIFE"
[dance] :beer: [dance]
"Remember, kids, guns aren't for fun. Guns are for killing things like songbirds, and deer, and intruders, and Spice Girls, and busybodies who just won't leave your cult alone, and women who don't understand you're the best man for them. That may sound crazy, but when you're holding the gun, you decide who's crazy."

-Bill Maher

"Gentle Tongue-Tongue... he weeps for that he has but one tongue with which to taste the entire world."

-Doctor Mung-Mung, from the cartoon series "the Tick".
"We didn't get rid of england by voting them out! we got rid of england by throwing their sissy tea in the harbor. Why cause america dosen't like tea we like BEER, and americans only understand one thing; mindless tom and jerry cartoon like violance I say we riot!

-Al bundy on married with children when the government put a tax on beer.
"We live in dangerous, uncertain times. Dame War, her mean, pinched features cracking into a ghastly smile, threatens to engulf us in a molten river of desolation and ruin. The Harlot Inflation is pulling up her petticoats and allowing us a peep of her huge swollen thighs. The surly footpad, Recession, rubs his brutal blue beard-line threateningly between finger and thumb and leers down with grim delight at the prospect of poverty, squalor and homelessness."

"I certainly don't want to present myself as the all-round Hemingway- style hero, both manly and sensitive. You know the sort of thing; up at six, brisk ten rounds of wrestling with one's drinking companion of the night before; light breakfast of mescal and roast stag with a volume of Swinburne sonnets propped up against the pepper-pot; an hour of real tennis while dictating an article on Danish enamelware followed by a lunch of absinthe and raw fillets of narwhal to the accompaniment of a string quartet playing late Couperin. That's not quite me."

"Something may happen over the weeks. My style may change. It may remind you of Hemingway. He was a great writer. He used short sentences. His writing was good. He knew it was good. He knew it was good because his Gunning's Fog Readability Index was high. He never used the passive voice. He thought adverbs were cissy. He never said 'the fact that'. He preferred to say 'because'. He liked to say 'gotten' instead of 'achieved'.
He has gotten himself a reputation. He was tough. He wore a beard. He drank. He fished for marlin and bonefish. He shot. He even shot himself.
Perhaps he shot himself because he thought his life was too long, like a bad sentence.
Perhaps he thought his life was too passive.
Who can say?"
For a humurous take on means and ends

"The problem with the rat race is that if you win, you are still a rat."
Oscar Wilde-" A true friend stabs you in the front."
a few from Mark Twain.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

"To cease smoking is the easiset thing I ever did. I ought to know, I've done it a thousand times."
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