R.I.P In peace Civ 5.


Aug 28, 2014
Ok, Here we go. I'm on a Macbook Pro running with OS X Mavericks. Civilization 5 was recently on sale on steam. I got the one with all the DLCs included which was around £10.
I've played civ for about a week and I joined a multiplayer lobby today and my game along with steam closed/crashed suddenly.

When I opened steam again my games had been uninstalled. The game is still on my hard drive along with all of its files. I reinstalled the game on steam as I read that it should jump from 1%-100% instantly as it should verify that the game is still on my computer but it didn't. When I open up the newly installed Civ 5, It shows a different cutscene from the Civ I used to have. It then pops up saying something like it can't load textures or something like that and when you press 'Ok' the game closes.

So, How do I get steam to run my old Civ 5 that plays the same cutscene as I'm used to, And actually works? I'm also afraid that I've lost the DLCs or something... I've tried the 'verify integrity of game cache' option, But I did that after I reinstalled Civ.

Any help is appreciated!

P.S I had to make a separate disk partition when I installed steam and move steam on to that partition because of that 'Case Insensitive' non-sense.
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