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R&T - How to obtain Astronomy and Music Theory

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game VI: Citizens' started by Rik Meleet, May 26, 2005.

  1. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    Ast and MT are known to the Maya and the Byz (war). Our alliance with Persia against the Byz ends next turn.

    We can sell the Maya Chemistry for Astronomy + Music Theory + 17 gold + 51 gpt. (Even more gpt if we throw in RoP).

    We could also wait 1 turn and get the techs in the Byz-peace-treaty, but what that's going to cost us I obviously don't know. This turn they are offering Ast + MT + 175 gold + 80 gpt, but that does mean we are breaking a MA with Persia; which could be the factor that increases their offerings.

    We could also self research Astronomy. At 100% science we get it in 4 turns, at -55 gpt. We have 1085 gold in our treasury, but we still need to upgrade about 2 horsemen and 15 knights. Knight -> Cav = 30 gold; horsemen -> cav = 150 gold. Total = 750 gold.

    Those are the options; let me hear your opinions.
    I think the Maya deal is good as we can still sell the Byz chemistry for lots of gold and having Astronomy allows us to research the cheaper tech banking or the more expensive tech Physics at a slower speed (as we then are techleader again).
  2. zyxy

    zyxy Warmongering Fool

    Mar 21, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Chemistry is a monopoly tech. Astronomy is not. By selling Chemistry we will bring our rivals closer to cavalry and closer to riflemen.
    Music Theory is optional and only useful if we actually want to build Bach's. I would say Sistine's will be far more effective, and simply skip Music Theory.

    My preference is to wait until Banking is around, and then sell Chemistry to get Banking and Astronomy (and whatever else we can get). Banking is a far more useful tech at this stage than Astronomy. Of course this has the risk that some other civ will research Chemistry before that, but so be it.

    If you really want to sell Chemistry now, then I wouldn't bother with Music Theory, but rather get as much gpt as we can get, so slow the research speed of these two civs.

    FYI: The maximum gpt that Maya will pay is 72. They'll give 72 gpt + 17 gold + Astro for Chemistry. The maximum gpt that Byz will pay is 138. They'll give 131 gpt + Astro for Chemistry + peace. (That's with our alliance in place).
    Of the remaining civs, only France has gpt (11). France also has Music, but no Astro.
  3. Bertie

    Bertie Chieftain

    Feb 25, 2005
    Ditto. :)

    Really, it's fun to trade; but doing so at the moment doesn't advance us towards our goals. We want to slow the research pace, not increase it. IMO we don't want to do anything to benefit the Byzantines: they're becoming a powerful civ.

    I'd wait until the next turn to contemplate trades.
  4. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    If we increase the GPT by one and get rid of the up front gold, we will get more gold, only 3 but it is still better than nothing. I think this trade is good.

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