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R & T T4 P2 - Execution Time

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game VI: Polls' started by RegentMan, Jun 6, 2005.


Stop Researching?

Poll closed Jun 9, 2005.
  1. Yes - 0% Science

  2. Meh - 10% Science

    0 vote(s)
  3. Meh - Lone Scientist

  4. No - Continue Moderate Research

  5. Abstain

  1. RegentMan

    RegentMan Deity

    May 7, 2003
    Washington State
    Do you want to execute the scientists (i.e. turn off the science rate)? Your choices are:

    Yes - 0% Science
    Meh - 10% Science
    Meh - Lone Scientist
    No - Continue Moderate Research

    Discussion can be found here: R & T T4 D4 - Kill the Scientists? The poll will run for 24 hours.
  2. greekguy

    greekguy Missed the Boat

    Jun 15, 2004
    New Jersey, USA
    no. we should research moderately until we get at least a few techs from the IA. turn down the research rate once we hit the second or third tier level of techs.
  3. zyxy

    zyxy Warmongering Fool

    Mar 21, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Meh, lone scientist. "No science at all" is fine too. We're spending enormous amounts of money researching at monopoly price. OK if you want to go for space, not OK if you need to cashrush 100-200 libs and temples, and want to finish before Xmas. Why not simply buy at third?

    Remember our GA will end soon, and the economy will become a lot tighter.
  4. Furiey

    Furiey No Longer Just Lurking

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bedfordshire UK
    If anyone wants a bit more info about what the numbers all mean...

    We are very nearly out of our Golden Age and do not know exactly what our reasearch will be when it finishes, so I have looked at the last turn before our Golden Age started (820AD - you'll find it in the last term 3 TCIT) and taken the gpt and bpt for different science rates. The attached table gives the % science, and for each setting the gpt we will have available for rushing culture (from Civ), the bpt we will be putting into research (from CivAssist) and an estimate for research on Electricity (from TechCalc) based on the bpt, map setting and being the first to research it. This will not give a completely accurate result, but will give an indication of what we will get once our Golden Age is over.

    My views:

    We have plenty of specialists, so out of 0%, Lone Scientist or 10%, I'm sure we could spare one specialist costing us 2 gpt for some research and the difference between 0% and 10% is 57gpt, so lone scientist is the best there for me. which would give us 519gpt for rushing.

    Then we come to "moderate" research. We do not have a definition of this, but Rik Meleet put it around the 50% mark which would give us 205gpt to play with and Electricity in 13. It costs 316 gold to rush a Library after 1 turn and 236 for a Temple the same. So we'll need a lot of gold to rush this stuff! 205gpt won't let us rush either each turn - we'll have to let it build first for a while and we really want to rush culture quickly. But we have to balance this against the time we take to research - but how low do we have to drop research before there's no point? If we stay focussed and stick to one path without detouring along other routes or for optional techs we can probably stay ahead for a while at quite a slow research rate, 13 turns is probably OK, 17 turns (40% - enough for a Temple every turn) we can probably stay ahead for a while, 22 turns (30% - enough for a Library each turn)?

    I would have posted this in the discussion thread a lot earlier, unfortunately work has got the better of me and I just haven't had the time....

    Estimated Research After the Golden Age:
  5. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    Versailles City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    No, Moderate the science research rate :).
  6. -=King=-

    -=King=- Chieftain

    Jun 13, 2005
    In my Kingdom
    Moderate research for a little longer until we have about a 3-4 tier lead on out opponents

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