Random Rants LXXIII: "You've had this place redecorated, haven't you? I don't like it."

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My mom had a benign tumour misdiagnosed as cancer that ended in the removal of her thyroid along the tumour, and now she's on daily meds for life, so be careful.
Survivors of the October 2017 Las Vegas massacre expressed outrage at a lawsuit filed against them by MGM Resorts International at a press conference on Monday, saying they had been forced to relive the pain and helplessness of the attack.

The company, which owns the Mandalay Bay resort-casino from where a gunman carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, used an obscure law to sue the victims earlier this month in a bid to avoid liability for the shooting.
I didn't really want to rant about something as trivial as a power outage, but it's been an hour now and the last official update was that "it could take a while".
Thanks Merkel !
I'm currently living in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, and I've been applying for entry-level lab jobs. Every single job I've found to apply for has been in one of the other small cities in central Illinois, ~50 miles away from me in various directions.

If everyone in the Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington, Decatur, Champaign, and Danville metro areas decided to pick one city, all move there, and abandon the rest, we'd have a nice respectable city of 1.2 million. Large enough for there to be a lot of stuff, but not so large that it turns into an overwhelming giant metropolis like a certain oversized place to my north. Instead, we ended up with 6 cities, each an hour away from its closest neighbors, none big enough to have a diverse economy, all scattered across the whole midsection of the state.

But there are wonderful towns all over there! Made it down to Jacksonville this past weekend to visit family and tool around where a nexus of treating the deaf and blind better sprung. Kid liked it better than I thought he was going to considering the drive. If you want something and you can't find it in Peoria, you do actually need to just bite the bullet and move two hours north, no? Can't you just see yourself as a happy little Napervillian? :mischief:
I've been to school in Champaign and Peoria and they were both nice places to live. But going as little as 5 miles out of town with long hair could be a dangerous adventure. ;)
I've been to school in Champaign and Peoria and they were both nice places to live. But going as little as 5 miles out of town with long hair could be a dangerous adventure. ;)

I went to school in Peoria and C-U too. Had a ponytail, had a shaved head(Hey, I was young). Only had a gun brandished once in Peoria and that was on a jog through the wrong neighborhood. "Down the hill" I think they called it. Still don't know how every time I got lost I wound up on Jefferson Ave. Probably tearing off and not waiting to see how serious or joking the aforementioned company was. :p

Gotta admit, I still liked Peoria better.
I dug out my suit for the first time in two years, and realised that the jacket is at least a size too small. Not absurdly so, but it doesn't comfortably button up at the front. And it's not that I got fat. (At least, not much; it's worse over the chest than over the stomach.) I just bought a suit jacket that was too small, because nobody ever taught me how to buy a suit.
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My father can still wear the suit from his wedding 25 years ago. Similarly I can still wear the suit I wore to my uncle's wedding in 2011... Except I can't fill the butt no more. Oddly enough I have only gained weight in the intervening stretch of time.

In short I am heavier but have the same figure except less of a butt.
Gotta admit, I still liked Peoria better.
I graduated from Bradley. ( undergrad, in the late 70s) I liked the people there, but the town itself is pretty boring.
I dug out my suit for the first time in two years, and realised that the jacket is at least a size too small. Not absurdly so, but it doesn't comfortably button up at the front. And it's not that I got fat. (At least, not much; it's worse over the chest than over the stomach.) I just bought a suit jacket that was too small, because nobody ever taught me how to buy a suit.

Take it to a tailor and see if it can be fitted to you. Many have a range they can be altered.
CT scan came back. Definitely a thyroid tumor. I had to schedule a biopsy with another doctor and spent half an hour dealing with the dumbest receptionist I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Based on the blood work, I'm pretty sure it's not cancer but I have to really think about whether or not I want them to take the rest of the thyroid out entirely as a precaution.

They wanted to take the whole thing out when I was a teenager but that was pre-Obamacare and I was about to age out of insurance so I couldn't afford thyroid meds and would have died if they took the whole thing then. It sucks living in a country where if you are sick and don't have money then screw you, die is the default.
Late stage capitalism sucks
You answer yourself, man.
hobbsyoyo said:
I really don't want to remove my thyoid if I can avoid it but I'll defer to the doctors.
*gestures helplessly*
terrible, awful day

million things have gone wrong
Mmkay? I need to get back into freaking fiftychat.
I graduated from Bradley. ( undergrad, in the late 70s) I liked the people there, but the town itself is pretty boring.

Early aughts. Go Braves!

I liked it rather a lot. Metro area of over 300,000 and an hour away from anything else. Has almost everything you could want, you just gotta look for it. I might have run with a slightly too wild croud, but certainly didn't want for things to do that I could afford.

Surprisingly decent local theatre culture was still lingering, wonder if that's still around. I've heard World Famous Big Al's is a lot less adventuresome to go to these days. Going down in a week or two, will probably make it a point to snag a gondola. :yumyum:
Inflation. It's fiftyoneandahalfchat now.
I have abstinence syndrome for inane posting and idling. Give me the contact information or I'll start making you hate the Steam chat server.
typically r16 , a monologue of a rant ; has Mehmet Özil , the German who rants against the oppression against the Turks and just a single reference to MTV at the very end , becoming a subject after like ı noticed a cartoon named H appy T ree F riends ...

Spoiler :

people around ? Not taking them down with your regular gloom is still a worthy success . And keeping expectations not exactly sky high also helps . Valerian was a couple of colour pages in a children's magazine not sold in my town and a couple of black and white pages are also remembered as seen by yours idiotly . Out of this world , kind of , when ı was a teen . Am pretty sure ı have trawled all the comics from the web by now and now that ı have a movie per year ı could read the reviews in newspapers and was ready not to expect too much when it appeared on TV . Flows smoothly , perhaps "hence" ... Personally the best moment was Cara Delevigne and the lemons , despite the forceful memory of disgust when a young r16 -maybe around 10- was taken to the movies and some rich dude's lifestyle required feeding a monkey . And woke to the news that 50 people killed in fires around Athens . (Would become 76 by the end of the day) We could have taken over the world 5 times already by now in this summer and the area would be an occupation zone and observed and something could have been done for 26 people huddled in a field trying to escape .

even dulls the irritatiton to see your views becoming like accepted . The accidental sinking of the destroyer in 1974 is retold , with the sailors declaring they didn't shell a radar station on the coast , you know so unlike the now dead THK and the radar picket . The "reversal" involves numbers ; the Greek convoy is now 4 escorts and 9 cargo ships , not 9 and 4 as long reported previously and opposed only by -as far as ı know- me . And trust me , ı am not happy . 3rd part , always required by tradition of the events , involves the airman from the joint HQ of the operation who then goes onto blame the destroyer men , blinded by some lust for victory to go beyond the bombline and specifically Panter something , the code for maritime patrol S-2 Trackers , one of which declined to close in for a visual count because he didn't have weapons . Tracker was not supposed to fight the ships by definition of the mission : See , in an era of jet interceptors , no Western MPA carries air to air . No , RAF Nimrods in 1982 were armed to kill Argentinian 707s , not for self defence . For this to make sense , S-2 would be driven out by something that could fire on it and it could not fire on back . But could have , had it been 1944 . Which is then a more visible proof that it was HMS Tiger , helicopter carrier and a Sea King or whatever . So , naturally the airman from the joint HQ does nothing in the way of sending recce jets , to buzz and stuff and count whatever , you know after a decade of deferential attitude to RAF . Where some RF-84 would be dispatched to Cyprus and Lightnings would intercept it and the RF-84 would abandon and the Lightnings would return to a smug evening in the bar . Even if 1978 would kinda prove them Brits are so typical , when punched in the face , they shut up just like any other .

ah yes , them Brits launch Tempest , just another artillery spotter and some guy inevitably mentions the awesomely glorious F-313 from Iran and ain't he so gloriously shut up ! Ah yes , everybody in the service in the 1970s know British helicopter pilots covered the attacks on the destroyers live on the radio , with laughter in places .

phantom in the 70s is also the topic of some Osprey newly found , in which the American narrative inches ever closer to accepting Showtime 100 was shot down air to air and not by a SAM . Showtime 100 was the callsign of the Phantom which was flown by Cunningham as he became the first American ace over Vietnam . Some story ready repeated over the years and not much challenged as American public opinion would be vulnerable as the country swung the other way from strikingly clear anti-Semitism , those guys needed heros to match the infallible Israeli aces or something . So , Matt Connelly who fired a Sparrow to scare a Mig off Cunningham's tail claims his radar was inoperative for the most of the fight , but suddenly came alive -it was tracking like both of the planes , but he had already turned away so that his inoperative radar could not accidentally keep illuminating Showtime 100 . It was that evil Mig-17 that must have knocked out either the ECM or flight controls on the Phantom so that it could not evade the SA-2 that mortally damaged it a few minutes later . Cunningham saying he did not bother dealing with it as it was too distant , because he had fuel to spare and he could . Even if a book from 1990 , you know out of intellectual honesty / academic integrity , doubts he would have fuel to spare , (without the slightest referral) now that he couldn't have gone into that nose-on Sparrow attacks / verticals / 200 to 600 knots accelarations 3 times in a row . Not after he had been involved in a fight that had seen him downing two MiGs . Top Gun instructors highly value their academic skills ; Cunningham and his backseater were apparently taken as lightweights when they were posted as instructors there , and like despised by the double MiG-killing commander , when there was a move to get them awarded that Congressional Medal of Honor . Perhaps Connelly was the designated , to make ace and Cuningham made most of the opportunities . With their unit VF-96 taking the course in full while the norms would be just one crew (out of maybe 15) from each course and maybe 4 courses a year , squadron fights against an USAF F-106 unit at a time when USAF did not practice in such a way and every crew firing a live missile and leaving none for the rest of the USN Pacific Fleet squadrons for the year .

there is even human story involved , with the wingman of Connelly refusing to fight with so many MiGs around , and not singleton ambushing of planes . Hints of a certain individual or more truthfully a Russian instructor killed not once or twice but three times on the same day , his plane crashing with no attempts to eject . In addition to the times he was gunned in the air hanging from a parachute after downed by Robin Old's Phantoms back in 67 or 68 and so on . He would like also be killed by the USAF ace later on . Luckily for the Free World , they do not make Russians that tough anymore . It's a maze , reading such stuff , but ı don't know , now that there's no more F-14s in Top Gun 2 now filming , it's certainly time to make it known that the USN exchange ratio of 12/1 in 1972 , might be more like 5,5 / 1 .

another r16 interpretation that somehow gets widespread is a claim that the so called National Team could have won the World Cup in 2002 , though not in the way ı claim . A member of it is now an A-K-P MP . He says if the PM had won the elections in 2001 instead of late 2002 . Not because he would play better at the time but the PM is bigger than the spiritual leader of the Congregation who is the Imam of the Universe . Instead of losing to Brazil twice the PM would call the Brazilians and they would roll over in the field and the team would run to the finals and no doubt would have won , too . Not because the guy was known as a "kazma" , a pick that works best next to a shovel and presumably indicates some roughness . Not because America decided it would be brilliantly obvious if the football stars of the Congregation were not tackled and the like at all in the field . But Germany forgives Ankara , on the basis of one dead seperatist is worth 50 million dollars of expenditure . Credits to be eased and German tourists no longer warned that the Party might take them hostage at the slightest opportunity . So , it falls to Mehmet Özil , a member of the German National Team . Who had his photo taken with the PM , got hate from the German Right and now rants he is a German with success , an immigrant with failure . Now gotta remember that when there was still a Turkish Republic , the very same very publicly chose to be a German player . With his European photomodel girlfriend at the time , we Turks were clearly told that we had no right to demand anything from people like him . Like loyalty , now that it was Germany that raised him as a star . As if anyone ever cared for Özil to play in the National Team , as if anyone ever cared for the National Team . Oh my , he has changed girlfriends , this time a former Miss [New] Turkey and the PM readily wants one of the 3 or 4 Party teams that will now compete in the top layer to be the champion , with the attendant income and the PM now runs the country very visibly as his own company . Enough money to buy Özil from Real Madrid or whereever the hell he is currently playing now .

naturally all the Narrative is then about how this is an insult against all of us . Germans want to assimilate the guest workers is the least of it , certainly not a failing of the PM and perhaps we should all unite against the common danger , whatever it might be . This need to be united must be real urgent , as if Frau Merkel doubts the PM has the money or can keep fleecing the country or whatever . So , some headscarved girl of maybe 20 years old , visits Anıtkabir (where the evil Kemal is buried) has a video solemnly insulting him , which then remains online for 5 minutes . A cousin of hers then publishes a video of himself apologising . The headscarved gets arrested , you know , because New Turkey is forced to play as if it respects Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk , the founder of the paranthesis that stood between the glory of Adbülhamid II and his only one true successor , the PM . Instead of being feted on the State Channel and a thousand municipalities , to say the least . Frau Merkel is not interested in one million tons scrap metal in the Mk-84 form as yours idiotly offered to pay in 2015 as part of our never ending obligations to Civilized West or she would wear a blue jacket , Blue being the Armenian colour of rememberence and guess what Frau Merkel has worn blue like at least every week since then ...

one readily keeps humming that "Not everything is about me, not at all." So , when the Police Chief of Istanbul announces no heads were cut off on the Bosphorus Bridge , one should like believe him to be entirely true . Now that the throats of the cadets were only slit and not cut entirely or whatever , now that the family of one was on the Voice of Russia and said as much , adding that the Police had no knowledge of the people who did it . Now that passing laws by emergency decree that no "Muslims" can be punished for actions during the suppression of the Disgrace of July 15th also happened in Italy . Depending on whether the claims are true , the guy who held the TV rights of MTV here in Turkey turned out to be abusing his own daughter , though .
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