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Random Rants XXXIX: Coming up with a title is stressful


May 14, 2010
I spent many hours in deliberation on a title that would please everyone. But this is the title we got.

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Have fun!
I'm taking more Standardized Testing. :mad:

Even on History, my top subject, I found questions that made me think "What is this I don't even," and I'm not looking forward to my Algebra test.

Besides, who the hell is Jacob Riis?
That title was fairly terrible, it has to be said.
I spent many hours in deliberation on a title that would please everyone. But this is the title we got.
Rant: That 1000th post spot was wide open for like, 5 minutes, for me to swoop in and steal the show and make me the starter of the next thread, but I didn't have any legitimate rants or comments to post about. Plus, I've had a Rants Thread title on my mind for months that I've wanted to use if I ever got a 1000th post spot.
Rant: I knew I should've done something. :lol:
Rant: It's a beautiful evening, an evening to be spent outside in peace...I have to mow part of the lawn.
Bro, Y U NO Center the links to the previous threads?
Rant: Dragon Ball schedule shifted to noon instead of midnight (I'm in class at noon [pissed]) and now they're shoving the stupid live-action film. Must annihilate!
Continued from last thread:

I thought those were only supposed to be temporary? Long-term, perhaps, but temporary.

If you heard it from your parents, maybe they misheard the dentist? Of course, if you heard it from the dentist yourself, that's another story, I guess.
I and my dad heard it from the orthodontist and his assistants. They said that they had worked on a 50 year old's retainers recently. Anyway, they said that for the next year, I'll be wearing the retainers pretty much all day, and after my final regular checkup (sometime in the summer of next year), I'd wear them only at night.

No, my ex-girlfriend was told she would have to have a retainer for life. I don't see how your teeth would possibly go wrong 50 years after you get your brace off and a retainer would still be needed, but then again I'm not a dentist.
I find it highly unlikely one would have to wear a retainer for all of life.

However if that is true, it's not even worth investing in then.
I'm just going by what the dentist said. I'd hope he knows what he's talking about.
They said my teeth wouldn't stay straight, which I find hard to believe, but like you said, we're not orthodontists.
60 posts from both the Raves and the Rants... now gone. MY POSTCOUNT! MY BEAUTIFUL POSTCOUNT! :cry:
It must be fixed, chorobin! To the spammobile!
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