Random Raves νγ: Pizza!

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Jul 11, 2005
up yours.
The title of this thread is simple: today I ate pizza.

…remember, when the emperor looks naked, the emperor is naked; the truth and a lie are not “sort of the same thing”; and there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza. Thank you.
(would've been my graduation speech if I'd had one)

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also I finally reconquered this thread
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Speaking of pizza, I walked to a grocery store over the weekend on a bit of a quest and bought the ingredients I would need to bake a lasagna. Then I proceeded to bake this lasagna and it turned out delicious and has given me tons of leftovers. I've had 4 lasagna meals so far and I'm not sick of it yet.

The unholy mutant leftover ingredients half-brother of the lasagna did not turn out so well, although to be fair I haven't tried it yet. I basically ended up with too much sauce and cheese to realistically fit in one baking dish, so I tried to balance things out a bit and end up with two lasagnas.. but I couldn't compromise the sauce & cheese requirements on the first one tooo much.. I also ended up with way too many noodles, so the 2nd mutant lasagna has a lot of noodles and lacks in sauce and cheese a bit. It's also got 1 less layer. I don't know yet if I'm going to attempt to eat any of it.

I'm pretty happy with this venture and will probably repeat it every once in a while. This was so much better than frozen storebought lasagna, and it was pretty easy to make. I just have to make sure to get ricotta next time, the grocery store didn't seem to have it last time around.. so I went without. If I had ricotta I would have probably been able to prop up the 2nd mutant lasagna a bit, but in the end it wasn't meant to be.
What. Did you say noodles. In your lasagna.
He's a Protestant! You're Catholic! Don't let him corrupt you, Mary!
What are you then? A godless agnostic?
I know that Italy's in the doldrums, what with the football and all, but you'd better explain this ‘lasagna noodles’ concept to me because I'm probably missing something. Do you actually put noodles in the stuffing?
Bought a large veggie pizza on Friday and will finish it up tomorrow or Wednesday.
I know that Italy's in the doldrums, what with the football and all, but you'd better explain this ‘lasagna noodles’ concept to me because I'm probably missing something. Do you actually put noodles in the stuffing?

Like this except made in a factory and storebought.
So if I were to accurately guess how many people in this video have actually tried pineapple on pizza, the correct answer would be zero?

The image shown is not how Hawaiian pizzas are made, btw. The pineapple is in single bite-sized pieces, scattered among the pieces of ham. It's not just plopped down in dried-out rings.
I'm choosing to interpret the thread title not as numbers, but as a neutrino and a gamma ray, because I have no idea what number NuGamma is supposed to be.
I had pizza on Sunday. Went for a family Mother's Day meal with my wife and kids. Pepperoni (can take or leave it), garlic sausage (heck yeah), roasted harissa chicken (double heck yeah) and sliced rocquito peppers. Fantastic. Best choice I've made for a meal out in a long time.
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