Randomized yields and strategic/luxury resources


Jun 7, 2001
I suggest a randomized yields on land tiles, within a certain range that is. For example, an unimproved grass land tile in a typical Civ game yields 2 food units by default A randomized system means that grass land tile may generate anywhere from 2 to 4 food units. If you are lucky, your grass land tile might have 3 or 4 food units. If not so lucky, your grass land tile may only generate 2. This will hold true for other types of terrain. An unimproved hill may yield anywhere from one to three hammers. Some may yield 1, others may yield 3.

Strategic and luxurious resources are no longer necessary to building certain type of units, but having the resources do improve the effect of the units (and buildings). For example, although access to iron is no longer required to built swordsmen, having the iron does increases swordsmen's hit point by, lets say, 20 percent. Having certain type of resources may increase gold production of markets by 10 percent.
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