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Jun 23, 2020
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I stopped working on this since it seems pretty useless cause Keler is already doing it but more realistic and my time doesn't permit me doing this anymore.

I will be hosting 34 matches. (there are 34 civs)
Civs will be awarded points at the end of the game based on culture, domination, etc...

The games will be only AI in the Earth Evolution 2 map on the RevolutionDCM mod.

*Changed Maya starting position to be more realistic
*Native Americans start in Colorado
*Mongols start in Karakorum
*Ethiopia starts more realistic

REV DCM Options:

Barbarian World (1 barb city for every civ in the game)
Barbarian Civs (Barbs can become full civs)
Revolution (Cities can revolt and become independent countries)
Ranged Bombardement (Archers can bombard)
Super Spies (Spies gain xp)
Starting techs on
All Victories enabled.

Point Scheme:

6 points for Domination victory
10 points for Conquest victory
3 points for Religious victory (have an 80% religious influence)
5 points for Cultural victory
5 points for Space victory
3 points for Time victory (500 turns, 4000 BC - 2050 AD)
4 points for Diplomatic victory

2nd Place: 2 points (only in Time victory)
3rd Place: 1 point (only in Time victory)
City with the highest population: 1 point
City with the highest culture: 1 point (only if the game doesn't end with cultural victory)
Highest population: 2 points (only if the game doesn't end through domination victory)
Highest domination: 2 points (only if the game doesn't end through domination victory)
Most vassal states: 2 points (only if the game doesn't end with Conquest victory)
Have a whole continent:
Europe: 3 points
Australia: 2 points
Asia: 5 points
North America: 5 points
South America: 4 points
Africa: 4 points
Have all holy cities: 3 points
Have all corporation Headquarters: 3 points
Control every Island in the game: 4 points (not continents, England, Japan, Madadasgar, etc.... only medium sized island)

P.S. It would be really hard to check who finished the tech tree first or if a civ has all the world wonders so I didn't put those.

Eliminated: -1 points
Last place: -1 points
Vassal State: -1 point

Spoiler All Civs and their points :

Scottish (Celts): -1
English: -2
French: 0
Spanish: -1
Portugese: -2
Romans: -1
Austrians (Holy Romans): -3
Germans: -2
Russians: -2
Greece: -1
Byzantine: -3
Holland (The Dutch): -3

Carthagians: -2
Egyptians: -2
Mali: 11
South Africa (Zulu): -1
Ethiopians: -1

Saudi Arabia (Arabs): -2
Babylonians: -3
Iraq (Sumerians): -2
Persians: -3
Turkey (Ottomans): -3

India: 0
Mongolia: 11
China: -2
Vietnam (Khmer):
Japan: 0
Korea: -2

Peruvians (Inca): 4
Mexicans (Aztec): -2
Maya: -2
Native Americans (Iroquois): 2
U.S.A.: 17

USA is in the Lead

Spoiler Matches :

Matches Played: 1
Match 1: Youtube:Match 1 ;Winner: Mali; Victory: Space Race; Year: 1998;
Highest Culture: Thebes, Egyptian; Highest Population in City: 22. Timbutku, Tiwanku, Kyoto.
Most Vassal States: Mali, 9. Highest Domination: Mali, 26% ;Highest Population: Mali, 33%;
1st Place: Mali, 2nd: U.S.A., 3rd: Peru (Inca).

Eliminated: Babylon, Iraq (Sumer), Korea, Austria (Holy Rome), Arabia, Turkey.
Vassal States: Byzantines, Egypt, Carthage, Portugal, Germany, Mongolia, Russia, Persia, Ethiopia, Native Americans, Holland.
Last Place: England

Match 2: Youtube:Match 2; Winner: USA; Victory: Space Race; Year: 2018;
Highest Culture: Paris, French; Highest Population in City: 27. Cuman, American
Most Vassal States: USA, 4. Domination: USA 13%; Population: USA 20%;
1st Place: USA; 2nd: Mongolia; 3rd: India.
Whole Continents: North America, USA.

Eliminated: Byzantines, Austria (Holy Rome), Turkey (Ottomans).
Vassal States: Aztec, Maya, Native Americans, Holland (Dutch), China, Korea, Persia, Egypt, Spain, Babylon, Iraq (Sumer), England.
Last Place: Carthage

Match 3: Youtube:Match 3; Winner: Mongolia; Victory: Time; Year: 2050 AD;Highest Culture: Karakorum, Mongolian; Highest Population in city: 28. Hun, Peruvian (Incan); Most Vassal States: Mongolia and Native America, 5 Domination: Mongolia 30%; Highest Population: Mongolia: 40 %;
1st Place: Mongolia; 2nd: Native Americans; 3rd: Peru (Inca).

Eliminated: Russia, Holland, Korea, Greece, Byzantium, Carthage, Babylon, Turkey (Ottoman), Germany, Maya, Arabia, Persia, Rome.
Vassal States: India, Japan, China, Portugal, Vikings, Egypt, USA (America), France, Austria (Holy Rome), Mexico (Aztec), Mali, South Africa (Zulu).
Last Place: Scotland (Celtia)
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