Rat35 AWE all random Take 2


Nov 29, 2004
City of one angel
Finally our second take in this. I rolled Sumer at the second attempt (first was a very tiny Island and not suitable)

Went for WC and built a rax. Our UU is dirt cheap and we can use it to block enemies. We met a German spear and they just built a city nearby. I started on IW as we wll need swords

The Roster
ThERat - just started us
Greebley - up

We do have one more vacancy, anyone?



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With all those hills and mountains, there had better be Iron:trouble:
If you want, I can play. I have won a number of AW games at Monarch, not a 100% victory rate but I do win most.

Anyway, that start looks horrible, no food bonus or rivers. If I was playing a normal game I would consider throwing it away and starting again :). Couldn't you have rolled a 3 cow start? :lol:
welcome AndrewN

well, the terrain is part of the all random setup. We don't even know what we got here.

The Roster
ThERat - just started us
Greebley - up
welcome AndrewN

well, the terrain is part of the all random setup. We don't even know what we got here.

Thanks ThERat. I understand the premise, I was just complaining (only a little bit :D ) about the start.

Still, in most of these games it appears to be the number of enemies and the timing of our first meeting that matters most. The advantage of such early contact with Germany is they shouldn't have too many attack units built yet so there won't be any rush.
We were attacked by two Archers and defeated both starting our GA. A Spear pillaged the one BG in the picture below without a road.

I prioritized a second city for more unit support. I feel Sumeria does best with an early offense. It uses the GA that would otherwise be wasted. City site isn't best but we needed to get it down fast for the GA.

I would do two things:
Enkidu in mountains are great. Sit in one near a city and workers can't work, or else the AI wastes units attacking a def 4+ unit with archers that cost twice as much as the Enkidu. Very good odds for the shields.

We would like an Archer stack to attack Germany. I would prioritize taking out cities(capturing would be even better but I don't think it will grow soon enough).

If we damage Germany enough very early, then they won't be a factor in the game giving us more room and one less enemy. This can make the early GA as effective as a later one would be if we get some good luck.

So focus on units for the GA (we could use another worker though) and use them for attack and see how it goes.. Make sure you defend the archer stacks with Enkidu. Either we do well and damage Germany, or we lower unit costs with bad RNG or somewhere in between.

Sumer location is best, allowing irrigation of wheat without clearing marsh.

Built a worker out of Sumer before building Enkidu. Built archers out of Ur.

Killed two German archers, but lost one of our own.

We are about ready to attack Leipzig.

Russian scout came from the west. They have Masonry, Wheel and CB.

We learn Iron Working, with a bonus: We can rush The Pyramids as soon as we have Masonry.
Also, iron is found in hills NE of Ur.

Oops... I'm on turn 11 already.

Five turns remain in GA. Perhaps Ur should build an Enkidu+Settler, after the archer, while we have the 10 spt?

Win or lose at Leipzig, we should play defense until we get our swords out.


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Got it, will play tonight.
Ran into an unkillable German Archer. The RnG sucked, bigtime. We are down to 1 Archer and the GA is over. Good news, the Iron is hooked in. We have a Sword.
Anyway, here is the turn-log:
Spoiler :

Pre-Flight: CivAssist 2, Word running. Open the save, look things over.
Move 2 Archers to Leipzig. Move worker to the Iron.

Civilian units:
Workers 2

Military units:
Enkidu Warriors 5
Archers 4

Unit Support:
Total units: 12
Allowed: 8
Support cost: 4 gpt

Press enter=>

IBT: German Archer moves in.
Ur Archer=>Settler.

Turn 1, 2070 BC: Kill 2 Spears at Leipzig, losing 1 Archer, city auto-razed. Another Archer dies attacking German Archer on flat ground.

IBT: 2hp German Archer kills a healthy Archer….RnG sucking big time.

Turn 2, 2030 BC: Move Archer and Enkidu to attack the lucky German.

IBT: Another German Archer advancing our way.

Turn 3, 1990 BC: Superman on duty? Redlined Archer defeats 3hp Archer.
Finally beat him with an Enkidu with a kryptonite-tipped spear.

IBT: Another German Archer advancing our way.
Ur Settler=>Archer.

Turn 4, 1950 BC: Move settler south.

IBT: Both German Archers advance.

Turn 5, 1910BC: Switch Archer to Sword. Settle Lagash 3 tiles SSW of Ur=>Enkidu.

IBT: Another German Archer advancing our way.
GA ends, Sumer riots.

Turn 6, 1870 BC: Shadow 2 German Archers with Archer and Enkidu.

IBT: :sleep:

Turn 7, 1840 BC: Shadow 2 German Archers.

IBT: German Archers move up to Lagash.
Sumer Settler=>Worker.

Turn 8, 1790 BC: Move Archer and Enkidu into Lagash.

IBT: Regular German Archer easily kills forted Enkidu.
Ur Sword=>Sword.

Turn 9, 1750 BC: Kill 1 German Archer. Move new Sword to Lagash and the Settler there.

Civilian units:
Settler 1
Workers 2

Military units:
Enkidu Warriors 4
Archers 1
Sword 1

Unit Support:
Total units: 10
Allowed: 12
Support cost: 0 gpt

80% tech/10%taxes/10%luxury

Masonry, 2 turns, -1 gpt. (13 in the bank)

The save:
That makes me up; Got it and I get to play with the swordsman :woohoo:
OK, I have taken a look at the save. Masonry is due in 3 and we have a Scientific Great Leader. I assume we will want to build the Pyramids and go writing (leading to maths) for research. Any objections to this plan?
Is there a desire to hold the leader for the Great Library? I find this is the wonder that helps the most, but I think we can get both. We should start planning a prebuild for the GLib soon if we do build the pyramids.

So my opinion is therefore to go for Pyramids, but start a prebuild with city 4 or so.
I decided to play. The Pyramids have to be the best idea, a free Granary in every city must be the best option, the GL can normally be built with a good prebuild but mainly I think we can't get a Military GL if we have a Scientific GL.

Inherited turn

Not much to do, we have a settler available but not sure where to build. There is not a lot of good land available, too many mountains and volcanoes. Interestingly the Germans built their city on top of a plains cow :lol: I think we will have to try and utilise it and any city is good in this situation.

IBT: The injured German archer retreats and 2 Russian warriors appear near Sumer (on different squares)

Lagash EW -> EW

1) 1725BC Move sword, EW and settler out of Lagash.
Science down to 50%, Masonary in 2

IBT: Germans and Russians advance on Lagash and Sumer respectively.

2) 1700BC 4/4 archer kills 3/3 German archer clean {1/0}
4/4 Sword kills 2/3 German archer clean {2/0}

IBT: More German archers :( Russia lose a warrior to the defender in Sumer {3/0}. The second fortifies. Fortunately for us it was the one standing on the irrigated wheat that died and the living one is standing in a Marsh :lol:

Masonry -> Alphabet, due in 17 turns at 90% -1gpt

We get a palace expansion. I add a nice new front to our rock :)

3) 1675BC 4/4 Archer loses to 3/3 German Archer {3/1)
4/4 Sword kills 3/3 German Archer {4/1}

IBT: Ur Sword -> Pyramids

4) 1650BC Rush Pyramids
3/4 Sword kills red lined German Archer {5/1}
Found Kish Start on EW. Alphabet down to 13 turns.

IBT: Germans want to talk, no chance
Ur Pyramids -> Sword
Sumer Worker -> Worker

5) 1625BC Nothing

IBT: Lagash EW -> Baracks

6) 1600BC The borders at Ur have expanded and we can now see some Dyes in the Jungle. No obvious easy way to get there though.

IBT: Another pair of German archers appear.

7) 1575BC Not much

IBT: Another archer appears in the distance

8) 1550BC Nada

IBT: German archers attack, 1 win and 1 lose against our swords. {6/2}
Ur Sword -> Settler
Kish EW -> Baracks

9) 1525BC Zip

IBT: German archers attack again, both lose against our EWs {8/2}
Sumer worker -> worker

10) 1500BC Still nothing to report

Thats my 10. A couple of cities are building Baracks, plus a settler and worker. I think we need promoted EW's as our swords are defending at the moment as they are Veteran and the EWs are not. We currently have 4 workers, 2 swords and 7 EWs and are 3 units under our allowance. We are average vs Russia and strong vs Germany.

Alphabet is due in 6 at 90% and -1gpt.

I haven't looked at the AI's on the F4 screen as I am not sure if it is allowed with our variant rules, could somebody confirm one way or another?

Our lands

The Roster:
ThERat - Up
Greebley - On deck
AndrewN - Just played
Nearly forgot :)


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nice turns and nice to see a fast pace in this SG. I have not seen a SGL in a AW game as far s I can recall :D

Got it
You can look at F4 unless the variant specifically states that you can't. Our current variant is plain no-trade AWE with a random start so it is allowed to look.

I usually have science leaders turned off when I make a start. Never liked the randomness of them very much. Nice to get though.

I would consider switching one of the two barracks builds to a pre-build for the GLib
You can look at F4 unless the variant specifically states that you can't. Our current variant is plain no-trade AWE with a random start so it is allowed to look.

Thanks Greebley, its what I thought but I felt it better to check.

I would consider switching one of the two barracks builds to a pre-build for the GLib

I think Lagash would be the best option for this. It can borrow the plains cow if necessary but we need to get some irrigation to the plains between Lagash and Kish.
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