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May 23, 2001
Japan / South America
I would like to keep track, civ by civ, of Role Play Victories, and tune their parameters.
I write here the major civs roster, where I'd like to hear from you:
- Have you ever won? If yes, was it too easy?
- Have you ever seen the AI win or get close?
Also adding the version of the mod, for reference.

X not implemented
V won
E won too easily
N never won
F impossible/flawed

For example:
civ name - human - AI - version
Spain V V (v85)
Phoenicia E N (v84)
Babylonia X X (v88)

My purpose is also to aid the AIs to reach the goals, in order to increase the pressure on the human player to hurry.


Apr 12, 2021
Sounds good. I don’t remember the versions since it was nearly half a year since I’ve won.
Phoenicia E N - if you use your unique unit you can kill Greece and Rome and then Persia is your only threat. Then you just have to expand and win before east Rome, Huns and Arabia spawn.

Huns EV luck dependent for the ai and rarer in recent versions.

Mongols V X I won as mongols despite never winning. Just conquer cities. Your starting units could conquer the world.

Spain N N never got that far into the game to win as my computer isn’t great. Should be able to win easily.

England X X played many times, European players are easy to colonise to early as the ai.

India, N N mind numbingly boring, fight barbarians, don’t go to war oh and you have no production.

France, X X I wish they got more production, a military might in history, in the game you lack production to fight even wars, rushing Spain in the medieval is the only way to do well. Ai is often dead unless they get friends.

Overall great job with role play victory, I just wish my computer was good enough to make it to 2000 to see how the game goes

El Bogus

Dec 20, 2009
Leipzig, Germany
Spain E N (v86)
China X X (v86) - Still won a RPV by Points.
Egypt X X (v86) - I'd like to mention that a (religious) Cultural Victory is very easy with Egypt.
Germany X X (v86) - Still won a RPV by Points.


Jun 28, 2012
All in v86:

Spain: E N (around 1750)
Portugal: V N - If Spain is your friend/ally I would go so far to say E.
Arabia: V N
Phoenicia: V N - around 1100 - unique unit is very helpful against barbarians but as there mainly camelarchers they are barely a thread but still annoying anyway while plundering as they are moving quickly. So preferred "battlegroups" consisting of chariotarchers, spearmen and elephants. Arabia with its mixture of swordsmen and camelarchers become dangerous!
India: V N It is even possible fighting some little wars to protect your allied city-state (middle-asian cities, Vietnam) and keep them as a buffer.
Japan: F N Gaining points for keeping other civs away is nearly impossible as, if you don´t make open borders they other civs just wait at your border aind if you do they run around through your country. I quit by 1921 having conquered Corea and China (keep approx. 3 cities of the latter to get the ressources you need). I had around 900 points (around 60 of the unique RPV) so victory would have been achievable but the game was no fun anymore

Only one time I whitnessed a victory of the AI: I played as Spain in one of my very first games (v83 was my first version) and quite early in the game I had the pop-up that someone else has won the game. Unfortunatly I can´t remember which civ it was. Probably the Huns.

Is there already any list of the civ´s unique RPVs?
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Mar 16, 2006
Is there already any list of the civ´s unique RPVs?

You can see it in RPVictory/VictoryText.xml, which in v88 says:

<Text>- Gain points every turn by staying in peace with all civs.</Text>

<Text>- Set the new capital in the location of Carthage (200 points). [NEWLINE]- Gain points every turn by controlling sea plots</Text>

<Text>- Gain points every turn by keeping foreigners out of Japan and 2 plots away from the borders.</Text>

<Text>- Take the city of Rome if it falls in the hands of a foreign major civ (300 points). [NEWLINE]- (not implemented)</Text>

<Text>- Destroy as many cities as possible. Gain additional points by killing units.</Text>

<Text>- Focus on spreading your religion (x3 points).</Text>

<Text>- Find El Dorado by 1650 AD (200 points). [NEWLINE]- Gain points every turn by controlling more cities in the Americas than England, France and the Netherlands.</Text>

<Text>- Gain 50 points for every captured city in Europe. Lose 50 points by losing control.</Text>

<!-- <Row Tag="TXT_KEY_RPV_CIVILIZATION_RUSSIA"> <Text>- Gain points by enemy unit killed inside the Motherland. [NEWLINE]- Space victory (not implemented)</Text> </Row> -->

<Text>- Gain points every turn by exploring coastal lands. [NEWLINE]- Gain additional points by establishing extra-European trade routes</Text>

<Text>Gain points by killing as many units as possible.</Text>

<Text>Gain points every turn in proportion of free North American territory (grassland and plains only).</Text>
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