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Member of the Opposition
Feb 1, 2002
Gateway to the West
Shall we ratify the following as a section of the Code of Standards?

I.  Game Schedule
  1.  Regular Game Sessions
    a.  The turn chat schedule shall be created by the 
    b.  The schedule shall always have at least two chats
        on the schedule, including the chat taking place on 
        the current date.
    c.  Once set, the schedule may not be changed expect for:
      1.  Correct a minor typing error.  This change must be
          done within 12 hours of the initial post for that
          turn chat.
      2.  Extenuating circumstances within the game requiring
          additional discussion time.  This change must be
          done within 24 hours of the end of the turn chat
          producing the circumstance, and may only delay
          the turn chat.
      3.  Extenuating circumstances outside of the requiring
          additional discussion time.  This change shall only
          be done by the Judiciary acting unanimously.
    d.  All changes shall be posted in the Schedule thread,
        the Presidential thread and as a new thread in the 
        Citizen's sub-forum.  
  2.  Special Game Sessions
    a.  The President may schedule a special game session to
        accomplish a single, specific task.
    b.  The need for this task must be supported by either a
        poll or through significant support in a discussion.
    c.  The chat shall be scheduled no earlier than 24 hours
        from when the chat was added to the schedule.
    d.  A turn chat instruction thread must be posted for 
        this special session, and shall include only:
      1.  The date and time of the chat, in GMT;
      2.  A link to the save to be used;
      3.  The reasons and the support for the chat;
      4.  The specific action to be take.
      5.  No other instructions from the Executive or
          Legislative branches shall be posted.

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-- Ravensfire
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