rating poll's for our governor's and leader's


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May 21, 2001
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Let's bring it on ,rating poll's for our gouvernor's ,an extra motivation for our governor's to do a bit more for the cause and a clear reference to the voter as who you can nominate.

Here is a list of important leader's up to today that have served in the democracy game that were not rated yet.

If the acting president agree's with it i will hold seperate poll's to rate every leader served up to today.:)

Important leader's trough our nation's history:

sixchan (my rating 94%)
dreadhead7 (mr. 76%)
Animepornstar (mr. 84%)
spycatcher34 (mr. 89%)
Knowltok (mr. 78%)
Unknown soldier (mr. 88%)
Cunobelin of hippo (mr. 75%)
AoA (as millitary leader) (mr. 91%)
Cornmaster (as pm& mod liason) (mr. 96%)
dell19 (mr. 87%)
Acm (mr. 90%)
Joespaniel (mr. 82%)
Emperor Snefix (not rating yet)
adamsj (not rating yet)
Kev (not rating yet)
Juize (not rating yet)
gonzo_for_civ (not rating yet)
Stormbringer (not rating yet)

Am i missing somebody important here

All of these people really get a good rating of me ,they have done a relative good job ,one better thatn the other the vote's will show that.Anyway i hereby wanne pay them some respect for their previous achievement's.Especialy Sixchan please come back i don't mind you have a problem with youre game but just show up :cry: /me misses a key leader
Personally I think it's sort of redundant. After every term, there's already an approval rating poll for the leaving Prez. And the leaders' performance shld be reflected in the selfsame poll on the Prez since ultimately the Prez's responsible for leading (or whipping them :)) them in running the govt.
uh... I vote for Pellaken at 100%

You cant get a rating since you never served a leadership position before.you can rate yourself but my grandfather always used to say self-knowlidge is the beginning of wisdom.
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