Rats in a corner

Mark Anthony

Jun 7, 2005
South Carolina
So is it just me or does it seem like when you are in the process of eliminating a civ through military measures that the smaller and smaller they get, the more viscious the fighting becomes. The same stack of units who just handily took out the spearman garrison of one city moves to the next which is defended by a nearly identical garrison with no additional defensive measures and the attackers are very nearly decimated.

I think there's a "rat in the corner" code written into the game that says when a civ is defending its last five or fewer cities that they all get attack and defensive bonuses.

Or maybe I'm just being paranoid :)
Don't forget the last city will be the capital. It is generally assumed that the capital gets an additional defensive bonus since it uses the next city size graphic.
I think that you are all correct. But it is one of those annoying programmer cheats that frosts my pumpkin. There is many more like barbarians that will pass by other units of the opposition and attack you even though the other units are weaker. Or the way your allies with right of passage will plop down on a road to hinder you so it will take more turns to get to the next destination. Jeeze can't programmer play fair.
Yeah, these days I just assume it will take more troops to get that last city. I just had a spearman on a size three city built on grassland without walls fight off three gallic swordsmen without taking a single hit. Blah.
I usually kill the capital first and then go for capital and capital. The RNG Gods like me. :mischief:
The RNG Gods like you ? Who ? what ? did you sacrafice to them ? Or did you give them the souls of the rest of us who are not so lucky.
Some of it may be perception too. By the time you get the AI down to the last few cities, you are getting anxious and overconfident. Bad RNG luck will seem more pronounced then.
You need more bombardment units. that's my conclusion.
Of course if the first city was size 4 and the second city size 10 then the same garrison is definitely going to get the defensive bonus.

I usually kill the capital first and then go for capital and capital.

Hehe, like the extra challenge eh?
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