RBD10 SG - The Five Iroquois Tribes


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Dec 20, 2001
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This will be another Five City Challenge game like RBD9, but on Monarch, played to include all the folks for whom there was no room in 9. 10 turns per player.


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Grey Fox

OK, simple concept: we get five cities. Ever. No more, ever. Any additional settlers obtained from huts would have to be melded into the cities, and once we have five cities, any cities that want to defect to us have to be rebuffed. No capturing enemy cities, although razing is allowed.

I want to play the Iroquois for three reasons:
1) My luck with them has been just awful. I mean dreadfully bad. It's high time I got some kind of win with them.
2) The Iroquois were, in fact, made of five nations. Good match for 5CC.
3) I like purple. ;)

OK, some choices still possible to be made here, I want to hear from you guys playing. All victory conditions on the table, or take some off? What size world (the larger, the harder, for a 5CC, although huge is out because its just too sluggish) and what sort of land and climate? Random opponents or pick? Barbarians?

Our Five Glorious Tribes: :) :p :o :D :rolleyes:

- Sirian
...Interesting. I've been reading Sirians posts since before i got to the Lurker Lounge. Hanging out at his website :)

This is just as much fun
Sounds like fun. Doesn't matter the settings, although the thought of a large continent or pangea(sp?) map and us only having 5 cities to work with does seem a tad more challenging.

Whatever the rest wants is fine with me. :)
IF the game isn't full, I would be honored to join you guys. Thanks.

If it's full, no problem, so don't feel bad.

I'd like to have cultural, diplo, and space on the table, and domination disabled. I've never done the cultural or diplo win before, so it would be nice to see that happen, and letting the AI win by Domination would be no fun since we can't do much under our restrictions to stop it.
That's one vote for large map and one vote for disabling domination. Anybody else have thoughts or requests?

Dozer: yeah, you came a little late to the party. Early applicant gets the worm, and all that. Might be more games opening when the current round of nearly-over RBD games concludes.

- Sirian
I'd also like to vote for a large world map, but I'd like to have all victory conditions enabled, as I think that part of the challenge of OCC / FCC is to ensure that no one opponent gets too large (ie if he starts swallowing another civ, you use blocking tactics, etc to slow down the large civ). As for everything else, I'd just be happy with random - I like the surprise. :D

Just a note: Sirian, you might want to place me further down on the roster. I've been really busy and I hope that the turns in this are short (in fact I'm counting on it), because until RDB 3 ends I won't be able to join any more games - just too much to do. Hopefully I will finish my builder and benevolent turns today, however.
If you don't mind, can you put me on the roster for the next figurative non-large/huge map game you guys do. That'd be nice.

Thanks :hammer:
I think a large map would probably be best, it should give us enough room to choose the best spots for our cities. Pangea or continents, small islands would make optimum city placement harder. The higher the barbarians are set, the more difficult it will be for us. The AI will be expanding its cultural borders, not letting new camps spawn close to their core cities. I wouldn't mind raging barbarians, as it will slow down the AI's expansion if a stack of 20 horsemen attack their settler groups, but we will need a big enough garrison to deal with the same thing, and with only 5 cities, are economy could take a big hit.

As for victory conditions, I think we should leave them all enabled. The need for keeping 1 civ from a domination victory will create intersting challenges for us.
OK, here we go. :)

I swapped Ozy and Schnarrd in the turn order, to put Schnarrd later, as he requested. I took the requests under consideration and came up with this as the closest to consensus:

Large Map
Continents, 70% water
Wet, Mountainous
11 random opponents
Raging Barbarians

I'll play 30 turns to start, then 10 turns apiece from there on.

4000BC: We start in a grassy area, inland. I opt to send our scout west, he finds the shore and a goody hut he can reach next turn. With the shore right there, I'm thinking we should head inland with our starting settler, to leave room for another city by the sea. Better to have the capital inland, as well, as better to have it centralized.

3950BC: Our scout finds friendly settlers in the minor village. It is our lost brothers of the second Iroquois nation! I opt to continue to send our first settler south, and the second moves inland a bit to get better lands.

3900BC: If I found our capital here, it will squeeze our second settlement a bit, so I keep moving, one more square south. A LAKE! [dance] [party] We're going to be founding on fresh water! Sure, three turns late, but our second city will found on the same turn.

3850BC: Salamanca founded, starts a scout. Niagara falls founded, starts a scout. Both have a cattle in range, so both due to grow to size 2 in 7 turns. Somehow the worker got left behind a bit and is now working on lands at our northern coastal city. Oh well. :)

3700BC: Our scout spots a river!

3600BC: Two more scouts are produced. We spread out to explore. Both cities start temples.

3350BC: Our northern scout finds the Third Iroquois Nation (settler) at a minor village in the hills. Our second scout has gone east and found that the river from the west runs ALL THE WAY across our lands, just south of our capital. The third tribe is directed to head toward the river and yet more cattle.

3150BC: Grand River founded on the Rio Grande! ;)

3000BC: One of our scouts locates the Persian capital, not far south, maybe three city lengths away from Salamanca.

Late turns: more goody huts, we got Warrior code, 25 gold twice and maps twice. I swapped Niagara to a settler, and that settler founded Allegheny at the mouth of the Rio Grande, west of our capital. Salamanca built a temple, then our final settler, and a warrior. Niagara and Grand River built temples.

We discovered bronze working, traded 40 gold, Pottery, and 4gpt to Persia for Masonry (that's going to cost them the Pyramids!) All three of our big cities are now on spearmen. Niagara would be the place to build Colossus, which would give us an automatic golden age -- I don't see much sense trying to save it, as we may get into a war with Mounted Warriors anyway, and the early GA may help us out, with our five cities already founded. Salamanca would be the site for the Pyramids, it's even ready to start as soon as its spear finishes. Our two newer/minor towns need military protection, then temples and workers.

I can't believe all our cities are already founded! This new settler generosity out of goodie huts really gives Expansionistic civs the oomph they were lacking earlier! Like... wow, a couple of those and you grow HUGE with one of these civs if you set your mind to it.

Four of our five cities are on fresh water (and all have rivers in range, though Salamanca is not actually on the river). We have two coastal towns, and a good mix of terrain. There were two gems off to the east but I deemed it not worth giving up closer, more secure, richer lands. We got a goodly number of hills and forests and grass and plains, some gold deposits, with luck, some iron and coal, too, maybe. We'll see. Nice rich lands, we should do OK.

- Sirian

Here's a peek at the Five Iroquois Nations in 2550BC:


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Grey Fox is up, with Ozy on deck and shdwlord hanging around in the dugout. :)


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Wow, our land is nice! :eek: I don't think I've ever seen such a good starting position. We should be able to grab tons of early wonders with such good land.
What a LOVELY start! So these settlers and armies from huts aren't just anecdotal, they're all over. Nice star pattern, great land, fresh water. (I sensed folks were looking for the 'Sirian touch' as far as colored dots for placement, but this does it one better :p)

Too bad empereror diff couldn't have got this good a start :crazyeyes

With 5 lux in the Russian heartland, and also two free settlers from huts, don't be too quick to declare this Iro start as "better", I'm not sure it is. It looks marvelous as far as fertility and early start, fresh water, etc, but RBD9 also has 3 cities on rivers.

And both have the !@#$! Persians next door! Arrgh! :p

Those 5 incense are worth a lot. A LOT. You can sell them over and over and over to big fat empires for tech, gold, peace, or resources. RBD10 is going to have to pray for a surplus of vital resources, or else it's going to be thin economically. At least here in 10 we're down in Monarch, and not plagued by the new trade penalties. It will be interesting to compare the results.

- Sirian

EDIT: oh yeah, almost forgot. This being a large map, the prices on everything will cost 1.5 times as much, too. I'm just hoping we're not so poor as to be running 40 turn research in the industrial age! I remember doing that in my OCC and sweating bullets as stacks of Egyptian cavalry and infantry 20 units tall marched on my poor little city from three directions. :) I'd have needed another 1000 years, at that rate, to get to the UN.
...and now able :D . With RBD4 out of the way, I can lift my moratorium on new games and join in this one. 4 finished about 1 round earlier than I had expected it to, so I won't even have to be skipped once on this one.
Ozy, if you're set to go, post "Got it" and go ahead and take your turn. Grey Fox did a nice job in RBD8 on his turn, and also lives in Europe, so if he's on a standard daytime schedule it's very late over there and the forum may have been down during his available time. We'll cut him some slack and I'll flip the roster order around, rather than skip him this time.

Grey: we need to hear from you! What's going on? :)

- Sirian
Sorry, to keep you waiting... :(

I just woke up. I must have been sleeping or not online when this thread was started.

Seems like we are going to have a glorious country!

Let's build fortresses later!

I want to see a great wall of defenders protecting our land!
Sorry, I wasn't available to check back here yesterday after I posted my note. In any event "Got it". :)

EDIT: After reading back over the initial posts on this thread I guess I am the ":p " tribe, eh? :lol:
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