RBD12 - Roman Conquest!


Designer, Mohawk Games
Dec 20, 2001
Pennsylvania, USA
This is a custom map scenerio designed by Sirian.

Civ: Romans
Difficulty: Monarch
Map Size: TINY
Opponents: Seven (7!)
Rules: Standard
Turns: 10 turns, 24/48 rule.

Victory Condition: Only CONQUEST is enabled. :rocket3:

All other information is classified. :cooool:

Jaffa Tamarin
Ed Hunter
Xrang the II

Schnarrd as alternate if anybody drops out.

- Sirian

Sounds like a fun one, and not overly lengthy timewise.

Being in Viking, and about to start one or two more new ones, I'll let others enjoy another SirianMap(TM) :D
Like rbd4 though, I look forward to reading the exploits!


PS If you see the rbd13 Army game post, I would appreciate your feedback on doing a mini-mod, best way for getting simple changes in the users hands without them having to swap thnigs in or out. Since it's semi-open, "as your time allows", I hope you have time to sign on. :p
I'm out, pending interest in my proposed deity succession game. One at a time (more or less) is about all I can handle. Maybe two, but I'm playing Rome in my own game right now, so I'm not too interested. Soon, though, I'll play one. I promise.

I'm pretty sure I can play...I'll make sure before we start, of course;). Thanks for remembering me...btw, as I've told Charis, I'm not that great of a player so make sure that you're sure that you want me (if that makes sense).
Since this is a tiny map, we'll skip most of the early "extra turns" to balance out the first few players. First player up will play 20 turns (to 3000 BC), then 10 turns from there on for everybody.

Jaffa's up first, Ed and Zed on deck. :)
Hmm, if no one else wants the spot, I suppose I'll just have to join. :D Since the Cretan variant doesn't have a set order and the builder game is ending soon, I think I'll be able to handle one more game (besides, on a tiny map, turns should be short). Never played as the Romans before - should be interesting.
Brutus Jaffa I leads his people to the promised land.

"Where's the river? How can I possibly found our city here? I need a river so I can lead our people away from it! That is how it is written in all the sacred texts!"

Oh well. Without a river to avoid, we go ahead and found Rome on the initial square. (Looks good actually, got fresh water, wheat and fish).

Jaffa I consults with his scientists.

"Brutus, we have a choice. We can research Wheel or Masonry at 48-beaker cost, Bronze Working at 36-beaker cost, Pottery or Ceremonial Burial at 24-beaker cost. Our mystics tell us this means we share the world with 2 scientific Civs, 4 Expansionist and 4 Religious."

Jaffa I's head spins. "Ummm. Errrr. Just pick one of the cheap ones. Ceremonial Burial. That's the one. Temples are good."

(Note: after I explored a bit and figured we're almost certainly on an island, I adopted the strategy of researching whichever tech was cheapest -- let the AIs blow all their income researching techs at first Civ prices, we can just play catch-up and save money for later :) ).

We got a settler from a goody hut to found Veii. Another goody hut gave us The Wheel. Two others gave us money and a map.

If we want to whip the temple in Rome, next turn is the time to do it. I'm undecided as to whether we should.
A picture of the world :)


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Quick Technical note: research costs are lower based on how many civs YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN CONTACT WITH who already have the tech. Thus, if you are isolated and haven't met anybody yet, you research everything at 1st-civ prices. Thus, making contact with others by land, or by sea, is the surest way to lower research costs, and partly explains why the AI's accelerate so much once they are all in contact (trade being the other aspect of that). Look at poor Egypt in RBD11. :)
Okay, so I'm not.

But if there's any space open, I'm up for another game to play.

Sorry, Jester. :) Schnarrd called the reserved spot, and he may not get that. Warstrike asked to be included in an RBD game, and I'll save the slot for him until the roster rolls around through the first five players. If no word from him by then, Schnarrd will get to play. :)

Maybe you should sign up for the punishment about to take place in RBD13. :lol:

- Sirian
So I'm guessing that I can play...right?
I'll bow out of this one, and play in RBD 13, if that's all right. My wife will make my situation too Zed-like if I overdo it. :hammer:
Thanks for the reservation, though. (on the other hand, if 13 is full I'll take this one in a heartbeat)
Sorry. My computer is screwed up, and I'm not getting it back until MAYBE tomorrow. So can someone take my turn this time?
3050 BC (0): No changes.

3000 BC (1): We meet Elizabeth of the English! She's willing to trade us Bronze Working (which we almost have already) for Wheel or for Ceremonial Burial and Warrior Code. Maybe the latter two are more common techs here? We do the latter deal -- may as well deny England horses for a while -- and start Iron Working for our gloriuos Legion! We whip a temple in Rome.

2950 BC (2): Rome completes a temple and starts a Warrior; Veii completes a warrior and starts another.

2850 BC (4): Rome builds warrior, starts a settler.

2750 BC (6): Our Veii warrior scouting nearby tundra spots a Mammoth in a forest! Heh, we thought they were extinct. Our other warrior exploring in the south spots some dyes in the jungle near a choke point.

2710 BC (7): Veii finishes another warrior and starts a temple.

2670 BC (8): Our south scouting warrior finds the Mycenians near the dyes, and they teach us Horseback riding! There's incense on an island hill across the bay from the dye location too -- I don't think we can grab both with the same city due to needing a road but it would be cool if we could. :) We would need a city actually on the island.

2630 BC (9): A barbarian warrior shows up on our northern border.

2590 BC (10): Rome completes a settler and starts a Granary.

2550 BC (11): I take an extra turn to even out the years. Our warrior defeats the barbarian and starts heading north to look for its camp. We have a warrior in the west out scouting and he spots a goody hut. Our southern warrior has reached the end of the peninsula and started back.

Up next: Xrang.
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