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Reaching For the Stars!

Discussion in 'CivBE - Stories & Let's Plays' started by HEF, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. HEF

    HEF Warlord

    May 31, 2016
    Friday, 20th March 2020

    T-Minus launching in 3...

    Director's Log:

    Long Range Scans from our probes have finally collected the most important data from AN-2020!

    The exploration phase of our space mission has suspended.

    Our community of distinguished ladies and gentlemen from various backgrounds who survived the cataclysm of the dreaded COVID -19 pandemic have already completed several vigorous training trials that should prepare them for the next phase: Departure!

    T-Minus launching in 2...

    Additional Resource Pods replete with digital cameras currently on AN-2020 have pinpointed a suitable location where our team can make planetfall safely.

    Our starship has been outfitted to compensate for wider visual range.

    I'm hearing rumors two other space mission competitors have glean the same Long Range Scan data provided by their respective Sponsors' probe.

    Fortunately, one of the competitors is a long-time ally.

    The other is a by-product of Old Earth; extremely hostile & greedy.

    T-Minus launching in 1...

    The Legal Defense Fund has requested from World Congress authorization for any additional raw materials we may need to ensure a clinic is available to provide healthcare to our colonists once we arrive on AN-2020.


    There is a lot of excitement on New Earth; after 3 long years since March 2020, we will prove to the world that space travel is not a waste of time and resources despite the petty bickering from opponents of the space program.

    World Congress has supported us from the very beginning.

    If anyone is wasting time, it is the political opposition who has decided to follow us to AN-2020.

    We're already on our way with no delay.

    We will deal with them later.
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  2. HEF

    HEF Warlord

    May 31, 2016
    Saturday, 21st March 2o2o


    Director's Log:

    Our starship has arrived far ahead of schedule.

    Planet AN-2020 looks nearly identical to our holographic simulations!

    The crew has been revived from their cryo-sleep and are sluggishly rallying construction builders to lay out the foundation to our new home.

    All essential systems are nominal. Our designated ROVER has been deployed.

    There are unknown alien life forms that do not take kindly to intruders treading on their natural habitat thus a lightly-armed expedition team was essential to ROVER's survival and strict orders to remain non-threatening to the inhabitants of AN-2020.

    Our scientists have begun their research to discover and learn everything our people need to know about these strange creatures that we may co-exist.

    Our increased visual range indicates within a week, our most trusted ally, Daoming Sochua of Pan-Asian Cooperative has also landed on nearby safe and secure land mass with no difficulties.

    I contacted her immediately!

    Daoming Sochua tells me that our pursuer from New Earth should be the last visitor of AN-2020 to arrive; that we should prepare for military conflict as soon as possible considering he has developed a reputation for being undiplomatic and belligerent.

    She suggests denying him any kind of an advantage on this planet we settled.

    I agreed.

    Traveling so far from New Earth leaves me to wonder which dilemma is more troublesome; dealing with an inexperienced, narcissistic leader of a mindless cult from Old Earth or aggressive unknown alien wildlife our brave scouts have recently encountered on the planet's surface?

    My affinity choices are numerous.
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  3. HEF

    HEF Warlord

    May 31, 2016
    Friday, 27th March 2o2o


    Director's Log:

    ROVER salvaged the wreckage of a nearby crashed satellite of some kind.

    It had protected a cache of information from its observations in orbit, which our expedition team relayed immediately to our most talented scientists for analysis.

    ROVER had concluded: communications data found on its hard drive can be useful, however, the black box is still missing vital information about the previous owner of this alien device.

    A closer examination reveals the hardware was deliberately destroyed; as if attacked before hitting the planet's surface.

    Apparently, we're not the only visitors to survey AN-2020.

    Earlier today, the crew and I had the unfortunate experience of greeting the Rear Admiral of North Sea Alliance, whose Colony Lander was spotted north east of our location.

    "My name is Duncan Hughes of North Sea Alliance! Look, I'll get straight to the point... I only accepted this mission because my Sponsor has intimate knowledge of an alien species monitoring Old Earth for years and we know that they're planning an invasion. The coronavirus pandemic was an alien bio-attack designed to weaken our people and our way of life. You know it and I know it!"

    I tried to reason with him, "Understood. You don't know this for certain. There was no need to destroy the alien's satellite."

    "I'm on a catch and kill assignment out here. Which means if something looks dangerous, I am authorized to take it out based on my terms and my choosing."

    "Mr. Hughes, the Legal Defense Fund has a different set of goals. World Congress wishes to understand what happened to New Earth through proper research but how can I accomplish this if you crush, kill & destroy all evidence to the contrary?"

    "You really wanna know? By not leaving any evidence behind."

    "Do you have the missing black box from the satellite you destroyed?"

    "Wouldn't you like to know!"

    End Transmission.

    "Premier Sochua...?"

    "Yes, Ma'am. I overheard everything."

    "Think you can get a group of freshly trained recruits ready to join my group for a confrontation?"

    Her expression changed from a frown to a little smile.
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  4. HEF

    HEF Warlord

    May 31, 2016
    Monday, 30th March 2o2o


    Director's Log:

    We fled New Earth because it was getting worse faster than we could fix it.

    Seven years ago, the consequences of the Great Mistake led to the proliferation of the COVID -19 pandemic engulfing our planet due to incompetence, inexperience and demagoguing; arguing against cold-hard facts and our greatest scientists.

    If Premier Sochua and I do not confront Admiral Hughes here and now on AN-2020, would repeat the Great Mistake.

    I had a dream last night.

    In that dream, envisioned a constellation in the stars. This vision motivated me to pursue a Harmonious Supremacy within my newly commissioned Legal Defense Force that will lead the path to victory.

    An RSVP sent by General Douglass to inspect the troops was scheduled for next Friday.
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  5. HEF

    HEF Warlord

    May 31, 2016
    Thursday, 2nd April 2o2o


    Director's Log:

    Reading the CO [Communiques Online] of the crew-turned-citizens, I'd say the overall mood is: ambivalent.

    "Yes, homesteading this world is hard, but all the people pitch in and somehow the work gets done." ~ Penniless Ben's Almanac

    "How much joy can this new planet hold, when all I can think of is everything I've left behind?" ~ Phaedra, Lamentation for Planetfall

    "I wonder what life was like on Earth when the whole atmosphere was breathable?" ~ Unattributed personal log fragment, Seeding Departure

    I thought, "Am I really that old?"

    I can remember a time as a little child when one could freely walk about in the city streets without fear of a highly contagious and adhesive disease in fairly breathable air.

    I remember meeting and greeting everyone in my neighborhood without a facial mask.

    In certain territories, AN-2020's surface atmosphere keeps a high concentration of miasma with properties very similar to COVID -19; our scientists have developed a antitoxin that easily clears miasma yet have not developed such a solution in comparison to New Earth's uninhabitable atmosphere.

    The native creatures here seem unaffected by miasma.

    Authorization to collect a few aggressive specimens to determine why is a necessary risk I'm willing to take.

    I'm feeling more and more confident every day now that troop recruitment has increased exponentially as this new generation is highly motivated under the leadership of General F. Douglass.

    They are all keenly aware what is at stake here.

    An inspiring CO chat with Premier Sochua reveals her troop recruitment has increased 3 times greater than ours!

    "Your leadership is an example for us all. Give us a time and place, we will join forces. We will never allow what happened on November 2016 again.", Sochua promised.
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