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Jan 9, 2016
Infixo submitted a new resource:

Real Fixes - Fixes for several bugs and glitches

Several fixes for various bugs and glitches I've gathered for the last 5 years. Mostly technical. Some of them are minor, some are not :) Look into the sql files for details, there is really a lot of things.
This mod doesn't change anything "permanently" and doesn't change save files. You can enable and disable it at any time.
Version 230403.

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Thanks for this but I'm hesitant to use this. There's no description of what it changed so I browsed the code. I found out that it's a combination of bug fixes and tweaks. I think it would be better if tweaks are separated from bug fixes because I only want bug fixes. Misspellings and leftover code are bugfixes, and is not what the developers intended. But tweaks are open to interpretation and I may or may not agree with your changes.

For example:

1. The natural wonders are increased. It's not a bug fix and I want to keep the original number of natural wonders.

2. Monks not getting great general buff is indeed a bug but there are many ways to fix this. It could be argued that it's a classical unit because Temples are unlocked in classical era. I modded it differently, however. I made monks CLASS_ALL_ERAS like Nihangs, Vampires and Questing Knights. All of them don't upgrade in the normal sense. And you have admit that Warrior monks are weak so fixing them to specific era isn't helpful. So there's no clear cut fix for this unlike typographical errors.

3. The starting bias code are really tweaks. There's nothing buggy about them. What I would consider a bug is if, for example, Mali has a preference for Snow where they don't have advantages there. The starting bias tweaks are open to interpretation. For example, I don't get why Scotland has starting bias to forests when their only benefit is a slightly better performance with Highlanders.
@Brixter Very good remarks, thx.
1. True, I always had some tweaks in this mod, tried to clean it but someting could be left. I will comment it out in the next release.
2. Yeah… warrior monks are such weird unit. They actually are excluded from virtually any game boost. Like from natural wonders. I don’t know if this is by design or simple laziness. And I agree with your reasoning that true fix should treat them as all-eras-unit. That makes sense.
3. I assume that if a Civ has some bonus or a ability related to geography, then i should be somehow reflected in the Start Bias. Of course one can always argue about Tier, specific details, etc. I have not reviewed those tweaks for a long time, maybe some are really too much. Like Scotland example - don’t remember now the reasoning behind the trees. Maybe because Scotland is a land of hills and trees? 😄
I am open to constructive feedback like yours. Thank you.
Infixo updated Real Fixes with a new update entry:

Version 230404

Version 230404
- Start Biases reviewed and simplified.
- Support for BBS (Better Balanced Starts).
- Commented out changes to number of Natural Wonders (these were not fixes, just tweaks).
- Removed Ramses change (was actually wrong).
- Added a fix for Barbarian Cavalry attack force on hihger diff (courtesy of Brixter).

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Re:Monks, I think they just added CLASS_ALL_COMBAT_UNITS in the past years so before that, they have to manually add all unit classes to each unit ability. It's error prone.

I have a mod on warrior monks but I haven't published. I'll see when I have time.
Instant download/install from me. After putting game down for well over a year I've been having a great time with your improved ai mod.
Infixo updated Real Fixes with a new update entry:

Version 230409

Version 23409
- Tokugawa's ability now properly works for districts in cities up to 6 tiles from the capital. Without a fix it works for all districts up to 6 tiles from the capital, no matter where the city is actually located.
- Hagia Sophia's ability gives charges to Missionaried and Apostles, as in the description. Without a fix it gives charges to virtually all units (e.g. engineeres), leading to some unexpected effects.
- Strategic Air Force now properly works for all air units and...

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Infixo updated Real Fixes with a new update entry:

Version 230503 & 230428

Version 230503
- (#17) Barracks' description does not mention anti-cav
- (#16) POLICY_SKYSCRAPERS uses ERA_FUTURE in the base game
- (#1) Ibn Khaldun is bugged, gives only half extra yields
- (tech fix) Missing Deal Item types

Version 230428
Gameplay fixes:
- Arrow Storm and Marauding correctly don't work on districts (#14, #15).
- Corrected yields of Great Works from Babylon DLC (#10).
- Complete support for CLASS_ALL_ERAS to GA/GG i.e. now Warrior Monk, Nihang and Vampire...

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