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Real Natural Disasters 2.4.3

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Version 1.2 Improvements

Version 1.2
- You can now turn down the volume of sound warnings using the volume slider for Special Effects in Audio Options.
- In the report, if the civ has not been met, its name will not be shown.
- 'Free' turn (no disaster, only info screen) will happen at 1st turn, no matter what the starting Era is.
- "No disasters" option added for modpacks that would include RND but someone wanted to play without RND.

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Hi! I like this mod a lot and it’s much fun to play with! Thank you for your great work! I’m not a programmer and have no idea how you managed to make this awesome mod or the difficulties behind it, but I have some suggestions to make it even more fun. I tried to maintain your logic of exposition.


1) Map evaluation:

Volcano: earthquake areas but defined at game start. They should be fixed on map. Very strong earthquakes (>80) may create new ones. Adjacent tiles may give faith and later, science as well.

Drought (NEW): all tundra, plains and grassland tiles.

Sandstorm (NEW): all desert;

Snowstorm (NEW): all tundra and snow;

Avalanche (NEW): all tundra and snow hills or mountains;

Disease (NEW): all city centers;

Thunderstorm (NEW): all land on tropical area (latitude between 0-20 – tornado parallel).

2) Probability (200 events on standard size and pace continents – more because of new disasters):

a) Wildfire: 25

b) Earthquake: 25

c) Thunderstorm: 20

d) Tornado: 20

e) Flood: 20

f) Drought: 20

g) Tsunami: 15

h) Sandstorm: 10

i) Snowstorm: 10

j) Disease: 10

k) Volcano Eruption: 10

l) Avalanche: 8

m) Meteor: 2

3) Magnitude (don’t know exactly how you did it but here are my suggestions based on 0-100 scale):

Meteor and volcano eruption: only 70 or above;

Others: unchanged.

4) Affected area:

Meteor: 4-tiles around hit point (it should be really painful);

Volcano Eruption: affected area increases with magnitude (from 2 to 4);

Sandstorm, Snowstorm and Thunderstorm: Same as Tornado but in their area of influence;

Avalanche: 2-tiles from “epicenter”;

Drought: 6 to 18 tiles from epicenter on all directions (increases with magnitude);

Disease: Affects citizens and units from 6 to 18 tiles from epicenter on all directions (increases with magnitude).

5) Devastation:

Disease: only affects population and units (same effects of other disasters – kill and damage), and decreases loyalty in each city center on range (-8) for 3 to 15 turns (increases with magnitude);

Drought: only affects terrain. Creates “dry land” resource on all tiles affected (-1 food). Duration: 4 to 16 turns (increases with magnitude).

6) Event scaling:

If possible, some disasters’ magnitude should be influenced by society development and others don’t.

Meteor, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano Eruptions: don’t scale at all.

Disease: Scale with eras like it is now (1 point for each 25 turns on standard).

Others: Scale with social development (forests and rainforests chopped and industrial zone buildings constructed – needs to be balanced but maybe 0.2 for each chop and workshop; 0.5 for each factory and nuclear plant).

Planted forests may get reverted effect: -0.2 point of magnitude.

7) Prevention mechanisms:

DRC, Fire Stations and Emergency Shelters – Affects all but drought and disease;

Apothecary: City center building that protects citizens from disease (-10 magnitude), and gives +1 faith. (early game and unlocks at Mysticism);

Hospital: City center building that protects citizens from disease (-20 magnitude– stack with apothecary), cancels its loyalty loss effects and gives +1 science and +1 housing. (should be pretty expensive and unlocks at Sanitation);

Create an economic policy that cancels drought effects.

8) Resources:

Thunderstorm may spawn flooded land;

Drought -> “Dry Land” (-1 food);

Others: unchanged.
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This mod is currently incompatible with more lenses. In a game with both enabled, the lenses of the latter don't work anymore.
This mod is currently incompatible with more lenses. In a game with both enabled, the lenses of the latter don't work anymore.
It is compatible with the current version of More Lenses (from mid-Feb) or CQUI / HBWII which uses it. If you have and older version, you need to upgrade it.
Hello Infixo, I love your mod and I also think it is one of the best mods that came out for the Civ VI. Well I've been doing translations of Civ VI mods for Brazilian Portuguese for some time, and I've just finished translating this mod.
The only text differences I made in this translation was the exchange of "Volcanic Crater" for "Caldera", and the addition of Civilopedia text and description to almost everything your mod adds. Also, I has a small problem with a line of text that is in RNDInfoPopup.xml that has no localization tag so I had to change directly...

And another thing, let's say the icons of the disasters were a little devoid of beauty, so I did not resist and changed them. The original icons are from, so if you are going to add them, credit the site in modinfo
PS: I ended up getting excited and made extra icons if you come to add new disasters, and I cant upload dds. files, so png. ... yeah
PS²: Could you narrow the size of the disaster reporting screen a bit? Or change her position for a little bit above? The resolution of my computer does not help much as you can see in the screenshots.

The Originals (in order like in the original dds. file):
RNDDisasters80 Novos .png

The News:
RND New Disasters Icons.png

And some screenshots:
20180408102305_1.jpg 20180407194954_1.jpg 20180407194737_1.jpgRNDDisasters80_pack2.png


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@Rac I appreciate that you like the mod so much :)
Translation - great job. I will include it in the next version.
The icons are beautiful. My specialty is far from graphics, so any help in this area is appreciated, too. I need the big size icons however. You can zip the file and attach it here.
What resolution is your screen? I may add some auto-resize, so the popup will fit the screen.

Btw, if you are translating mods into Brazlian Portugese you may work on Better Report Screen, too. Pt-Br is one of few localizations I am still missing there.
well, the resolution of my mini computer (aka notebook) is 1366x768, it's a reasonable size for most things, less for the Civ VI UI, which has no native UI downscaling option, if one tries to do it manually ... things get pixified and strange

now on the icons of disasters, I used size of 80x80 pixels, which was the same as the icons in the original dds. In game, at least with my resolution, the icons seem to be ok. if you are planning to increase them, would you like a 256x256 or greater? good I'll leave a zipped file with the dds that I made inside, for you to test.

about the translation of the Better Report Screen, I was not using this mod so far because if I am not mistaken when it was released it had a compatibility problem with Rule with Faith that I was translating (speaking of this I need to post the translations of this mod here in the forum), but it seems that now it's working, so I translate and ... now that I'm seeing it, it looks like I'm not going to have much work unless ... well removing the resolution problem that's also happening in this mod , is this the type of error that happens when you do not have the translated text in this mod?

EDIT: Never mind about the "error", this is a debug information right?



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Thank you for this mod. I appreciate all of the work you put into it.
I've rated this a good mod, in theory. In application, the obnoxious buzzer sounding every turn gets old fast, and can't be turned off. Redundant reports every turn that must be click-closed is also annoying.
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