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Real Start Locations Earth

Im still working on mine, but i will have to start over, and i was ssoooooo close to done!

Oh well.

My proposed map size is 92 x 54 range, and uses "stretching" to eliminate some ocean space in lieu of bigger continent space. smaller aussie, kamchatka, and parts of asia - slightly smaller south america and africa.

it's pretty hard, thats all i can say. it's not as easy as it looks, then the trouble of what civ's you made the map for. Polynesia is just full of delimas and so are the mayans and aztecs. I made a "bigger mexicana".

Bigger: Central Siberia region - Parts of Asia.
Reason: Lots of "worthless land" for mongol, russia etc.
Fix: I made it smaller and changed some terrain types to make some areas settler friendly and other areas "best to avoid".

Bigger england/japan. Japan a little farther away from china.
Bigger mexico/guatamala region.

Smaller rockies and andies - i have shrunk the "central" south and north american deserts around the rockies and amazona a well as different ocean zones in the pacific, smaller aussie and new zealand.

the "tiles to remove" are easy to spot, and i know of no way to just "click row or column" and delete only that row or column. Therefore i have to rely on "stretching" and "resizing".

I learned with 92 x 54 range you can have ALMOST the same amount of "land value" per civ as you do with "large maps" because most of the "removed tiles" won't be missed anyway.

Hopefully someone else will upload their rendition so i can use it as a reference point for my own earth should i upload it. The final problem i have is the civ's to use, i can't set EVERY civ to have a "plot" and tell the game to randomly choose what civ's to spawn. Then, those civ's would spawn in their "given plot".
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