Real World Counterpart for the Adv. Battleship


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Jun 17, 2002
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I am curious if there is a Real World Counterpart for the Advanced Battleship in RoN. I have doubed it the "Missile Battleship". Though I am looking for the real name for this particular vessel.

Looks like an AEGIS destroyer to me.
I believe it is a russian Cruiser Slava class
It's either the Slava class cruiser or an Aegis Cruiser or one of those battleships from WW2 that launched Cruise missle during the Persian Gulf war
There are no real battleships anymore. There are several different variations of cruisers though like AA cruisers(AEGIS) and others carrying cruise missiles etc.

I was gunna say it looked RUSSIAN!
the Adv battleship is modded from the Soviet/Russian Slava class cruiser.
the original Slava had 16 antiship missile tubes, the Adv battleship had the no. shortened.
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