Really neat things in ICBM game that would be cool in Civ VI


Feb 21, 2022
I just wanted to point out to everyone here (especially the modders) this really neat ICBM game to you. I think it would be really would be cool if some of the stuff in it could be modded into Civ VI. There's a lot of units that would be awesome to have in Civ VI. I think it would make modern warfare in Civ VI really interesting. You can see the technologies and units here: ICBM Research Trees and Guides. :: ICBM General Discussions (

I personally am very disappointed with the lack of Tactical Nukes and Cruise Missiles/Guided Missiles in Civ VI. I'm honestly shocked they aren't in the game when they were in the older games.

Civ III: Cruise Missile.
Civ IV and Civ V: Guided Missile.
Civ III and Civ IV and Civ V: Tactical Nuke.

There's a whole slew of Ballistic Missiles and Cruise Missiles that could be added to Civ VI. With the main differences being range and speed. Hypersonic missiles for example would be a very advanced and expensive late game technology. You could also add different types of Radars (Over the Horizon Radar, Space Radar etc) and different Surface to Air units (missile & artillery based). You could also add MIRV Nukes (nuke that splits into many warheads, and a more advanced MIRV that has false warheads) as a unit. You could also add different types of Satellites and Satellite Weapons (laser equipped satellites to destroy ballistic missiles, kinetic orbital weapons) and Anti-Satellite Weapons (missiles launched from land/sea to knock out enemy satellites). Close in weapon systems (like CIWS), anti-ballistic missiles (like THAAD) and Iron Dome type defenses would also be cool.

Ballistic missile - Wikipedia

Cruise missile - Wikipedia

Surface-to-air missile - Wikipedia

Space weapon - Wikipedia

Anti-satellite weapon - Wikipedia

I do not know how good the modding tools for Civ VI are but maybe the modders who have created unit expansion mods could look into this?
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I've seen tactical nukes fired from a nuclear submarine in civ 6 once while watching videos on youtube.
Nuclear submarines can fire nuclear missiles in vanilla.
Never cared for conventional missiles in previous iterations, don't miss them.
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