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Realpolitik-Civ VI

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Chris E. Piorkowski, May 28, 2017.

  1. Chris E. Piorkowski

    Chris E. Piorkowski Chieftain

    May 28, 2017
    Hello dear civ fanatics users, I have seen previous examples of Civilization Realpolitik and have found them interesting and have wanted to get involved. however every realpolitik thread I have been reading was either concluded, closed, or was already in too advanced a stage for me to catch up with what was going on. the point of this thread is to ask another member of this forum if they would be interested in hosting and running a realpolitik thread with Civ VI as the version of civilization that will played by the host and manager of the thread. the reason I want another member of the forum to do it is in the hope that someone more competent than me can manage and run the thread. This is because I am new to civ fanatics and have no prior knowledge or experience running these kinds of threads. it would be interesting to see another realpolitik on civ fanatics played using civ 6(the only civ version I own on my laptop) because I have always wanted to be involved but could not for the above reasons in the older realpolitik threads started by other members of this forum. the second reason I want another member of the forum to do it, is because I intend to participate in realpolitik and I could not run and manage realpolitik and also be a part of it as it would not be impartial and would go against the spirit of the thread. there has not been to the best of my knowledge as of late a person whom has started a realpolitik thread whom has also participated in the activities and intrigue of the thread. the latter sentence would probably be the case for objectivity reasons but I don't know and cant be certain of this last claim. thanks for considering my message and I hope that a new realpolitik is created by whomever has the desire to do. cheers, and thanks again for taking the time to read this message.

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