Reboot Role Play Challenge: The Mighty Kahn

For the record, the Khan is pretty damned smart so yes he favors economic traits (Math/currency). Math is a good idea for the chopping bonus.

And yes, the RPCs are back! Retired January 1 and have all the time in the world to replay the RPCs.
Segment 3: Building The Early Horde

The Khan directs his people to research Math. Maximizing chopping forests is important, especially when it appears we must leave out home-base shores.

However, Mongolian warriors are beginning to see signs of Barbarians

Nothing difficult for chariots, but we have to be on the lookout for the occasional spear.

But the priority right now is to explore off shore lands

Tundra and ice but another source of iron and certainly good for trade routes.

Once math has been researched, a choice is needed

We opt for Currency to maximize our trade route income (our main source of commerce)

Further exploration of the northern island shows rather poor land, enough for 1 or 2 cities, but usually important late game resources (oil, aluminum, uranium) may be here. However there were a few goody huts which got us 132 and 159 gold, good to further float the economy a bit more.

We dropped city #4 here to collect the sheep and the iron after the second border pop. Land is limited but it is another port city and gives us valuable commerce trade route income.

Meanwhile, in the capital John Dalton was born and founded the Dalton Research Academy in Karakorum

Soon after, we finished

And see the difference is commerce before and after Currency

Not much right now but it will grow more as coastal city populations increase.

We meet the next leader

FDR, very similar to Fred. easy early (and sociable) but tougher later. Hopefully we can locate him soon (at least once we explore Fred's lands.

We adjust espionage towards FDR as we have enough on Fred and do not expect him to be around too much longer

The Mongolians are cheerfully teching along, finishing calendar after currency for the extra happiness from silk, until

Our southern units come across trespassers on our lands!

AT this point we finished Calendar, and the next tech

is Horse Back Riding! Enough commerce/economy. Time to do what Mongolians were made to do!!!!!!

We adjust civics to finally allow slavery (it was not needed and I prefer to delay the civic and avoid occasional city revolts).

The early hordes

Main force will head towards the Barbarian city (note the archer and settler to start filling in land), galleys are ready to sail south to attach Fred's lands, and we have 2 lone chariots which are enough to take out Essen and it's lone axeman defender.

And the status of our 4 cities

So everyone, are we ready to watch the Mongolian Horde do it's magic!!

The invasion force is enough until we start getting Keshiks and Gers, I plan to quickly chop out a Ger in the capital and hopefully settle the first GG on a coastal city. Then pillage away on Fred's island (maybe drop 1 coastal city)while the Mongol finish colonizing the home continent. Let's see how well Keshiks can support the Mongolian economy.

After horse back riding I think Code of laws and construction are next. Courthouses and coliseums for happiness and reduced costs. We have slavery and quite a few unchopped forests.


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For what I can see, it seems a poor land overall, both inside our borders and in the remaining explored land.
I can only hope that other empires lands are better then Genghis'. This also is a risk that other leaders overexpand and overtech.

So, even without the flavor of the RPG, I think that an invasion is needed to stay competitive, and quickly!
Add Mighty Genghis in it..... and it should become a no-brainer!

My suggestion is: Atttack now!!
And after all the razes, a quick resettle of the land is then needed, so settlers, workers, and a lot of courthouses.

Slight suggestion, Mad: real Genghis seemed to welcome vassals. His way was "Vassal or die". So you might proceed in such a way that, if an enemy is willing to vassal, you could consider it, otherwise you keep razing his cities as you already set your mind to! :)
Played out the next segment and will post tomorrow.

ViterboKnight, thanks for the advice and we did move along with the invasion:cowboy:

I agree that is what historical Genghis did. But this is MadScientist's Khan (common for me to butcher real history!) and we do not share power! ALL must die.........
Segment 4: Invasion of Germany, Part 1

The Mighty Khan addresses his people.

"No, I am just Ghengis right now and not worthy of the title MIGHTY. To earn that name and to lead the Mongolians as the greatest civilization on earth we must expand off this land. While the territory is not so bad and we could live peaceful lives within our borders, that is NOT who we are are. Fellow Mongols, it is time to take what we want and become who we were meant to be."that even the

The Mongol warriors cheer, muster the horde (even though most are on foot) and move towards their enemies.

Blood fills all mongols that even the swordsman protector on the northern island is inspired

Yes, +3 XP just for seeing the Horde move. Even this helped as we had to defend against barbarians in the northern wastes.

Meanwhile, Ghengis contacts Fred with the bad news

Your days are numbered Fred

The German city of Essen is quickly captured and razed with our 2 chariots

Just as we finished teching

The Mongolians started on code of Laws for courthouses, while our enemies will have mercy the Mongolian people need to follow the laws and have their day in court.

But apparently Fred has made friends with the Americans and brings a war ally

Bring it on FDR, we have no fear!!!!

But before we take care of Germany and America, the horde attacks the Barbarian city which was doing much better than the pathetic German Essen

113 gold for razing the BArbs, enough to keep our economy afloat.

We also decided to settle our next city exactly where the BArb city was

Decent enough land but great location. Close enough to where Germany lies so when we resettle the new continent we have a clear sea trade route area. We placed a few axeman in the area above this city to allow new units to travel down without being mauled by Barbarians.

At this point we started building more military units (swords mostly), a few settlers (to reclaim Germany), whipped a GER in KArakorum, and started building Keshik. THe biggest issue was the long travel time from the settled area to our new OLD SARAI city.

Old Sarai has become a launching point once the Mongolian navy arrives

The Horde is quickly brought over in 2 shipments and we find out what Germany looks like

Well now, looks like fairly easy pickings

Especially with the power numbers

Little concern from the Americans and Germany's days are numbered.

Stepping foot on the new continent and has allowed the Mongol to meet new leaders

Yes we opened borders ASAP with Brennus, then met

Who is none too pleased with us as he hates Brennus.

And while Khan is exchanging pleasantries with his new neighbors, the horde assembles on the outskirts of Berlin.

However, the Celts show their true colors and attack mighty Mongolian

Khan is furious and spits out vial curses about the red bearded Celtic pig farmer. He swears to his people that Celtia will pay for this disgrace.

Meanwhile the Mongolian Horde captures and burns Berlin (for 141 gold, but no glorious world wonders to destroy), unfortunately the German people are now taking the full rage of Ghengis from the Celtic dishonorable declaration of war.

But Ghengis is no fool and realizes he needs some friends (as long as they are still useful), so he opens borders with Ramses and

A decent trade, alphabet opens up much better peace trades.

Segment 4: Invasion of Germany, Part 2

In fact, Ghengis was was so impressed with his new Egyptian friend that he offered him the opportunity to help kill Celts

What do we care Egypt can build plantations

The horde moves across the land to take and burn the city of Hastings

Apparently, Fred has similarly poor land and was cramped with American, thus he kept his empire compact and easy for the Horde. I mean why have to travel so much when you don't need to. Also, Germany was find enough to leave a lot of road infrastructure which we do appreciate, however we did pillage every cottage/hamlet/village we found. GOOD CASH!

A quick view of the land shows 2 German coastal cities which must be taken before we resettle the continent proper.

To accomplish this we split the horde in 2, sending one north and the other south. One nice thing about NOT keeping cities, the horde keeps moving!!!!!!

But before we take those cities, Ghenghis has some diplomatic and administrative work to do

First, we take tribute for peace with FDR

A few less units to deal with

Next we finished Code of Laws

And opted to start Masonry which opens up construction

The northern forces take and burn Munich

Which popped the first GG (Montgomery!) who we settled in the coastal city of Beshalik

Unfortunately, the Barbarians claimed German lands before we could and defended it with swords! A littel tougher but still no problems for the Mongols

The last empire-wide to deal with in a slave revolt in the capital

We sacrificed 2 population, 1 turn unrest, and moved on. Damn, slavery is useful but can be a big pain

We have also been sending our replacements troops, settlers and Keshiks (Yest they are being used!!!!) to the German area,

But first

Now we can settle the first city on this continent.

Note we have great land already developed (hey, we are not complete fools with the pillaging) and claim gold and gems, great for happiness and commerce plus better trade routes.

Now rather than commit the next settler to the northern part of the German area (again nice with food/commerce) we opted to start working on the jungle areas, mostly to get a clear path to our southern part of the continent.

A questionable decision, but it will cottage up nicely once the pigs are pasteurized and the jungle chopped, and provides a fast and safer route to our newer lands.

And because

FDR is aggressively settling former German lands, something we cannot tolerate as Mongols (well really any CIV game).

So the Khan sits back a second and discusses matters with his councils

We have another settler heading to settle that second city

And the power numbers show the Americans are behind us in military

So it is time to start exterminating American cities.

Talked peace with Brennus but he wants New Sarai which we find an insult, so we are still at war there. Brennus has quite a few few cities, so we decided to change espionage towards him, simply as recon

But the biggest concern I have, what is the tech situation

The Khan roars with laughter!!! Brennus is well behind, hates Rameses (who is cheap in tech trading), and ahead of the weak Fred. Once FDR is weakened we should only worry about our good and temporary friend Rameses. Of cource we may want to get priesthood just to see where others are on the Monarchy/Fuedalism path, not that Ghengis is a religious man (we have no religion yet!).

So, I say we next declare war on FDR to clear land, finish off Fred if we can, pillage America and Celtia (if we can find it), and settle a few more cities. Destroying Berlin seams to have opened up teh option of 3 good cities in this area.

What do you say my fellow friends!!!!!



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The Mighty Khan: Segment 5: Establishing a Stronghold on the second Continent.

The Khan has 2 well placed cities on this new Continent, and both have very good land. He greedily eyes the aggressive American and decides it is time to expand

A courtesy declaration of war followed quickly by

America has been pushed back!

There is only 1 German city within striking distance, so we decide to clear that out

Followed by peace With Germany and America,

We opted for a fast peace with those 2 as we are still at war with Brennus who refuses peace without a Mongol city, something unacceptable.

Regarding techs we are still tops, although Monarchy may be available soon from Rameses

We finished Construction (Catapults!!!) and started on Monarchy

Meanwhile Power numbers show Brennus has a larger army than us (a concern considering a decent part of our forces are on the other continent and invested in the galleys)

There is a Celtic stack heading towards us so the Horde sits on top of the nearby Jungled Hill and watches as the entire Celtic stack breaks itself against the Mighty Mongols.

After that fiasco Brennus is much more reasonable

So we have peace, a decent army, and 2 strong cities on the new continent that have yet to culturally pop

Rameses is certainly will to trade Monarchy

And Mongolia starts researching Feudalism

The main problem with peace right now is the continued aggressive expansion of the Americans

Ghengis shrugs, "Our own damned fault, should have had more settlers". However, Ghengis meets a man with his own personal view of how things should be

The Khan and Stalin sit down and discuss how Mongolia and Russia can prosper without all these other insignificant countries around.

Yet the Khan is not fooled by the Russian's talk and notices all other leaders now belong to the new religion called Buddhism while Mongolia lacks any sort of divind leadership (not that the Mongols really need anything but the Khan).

Still, There is a larger Mongol horde ready, this time with a settler

Note that Celtic lands are now first seen. A strike into American will lead to expansion of the Celts who already have a large land (and hopefully a busted economy).

We are still tops in tech but research towards Feudalism is slow and we need more gold to fund our research. It is also very likely a declaration of war on America will bring in others and we can no longer rely on the Buddist Egyptians.

Power numbers are fine against the Americans but the Celts are an issue

But we are Mongolians and welcome a good battle and a good death!!!!

No guts, no glory!!!!

SO the next plan is to take out the City of Miami fast and resettle fast. That gives us 3 continental cities on essentially a peninsula with a good defensive Jungled hill.

I say the next step is declare against America and raze AMAP, likely at least Brennus comes after us. The plan is a defensive war on the hill with most units while the Keshiks are sent deep into enemy territory to pillage and burn, especially the road systems and perhaps offset our disadvantage of having to use a navy.

I also hope to start getting good military production on these newer cities and delay courthouses, hopefully the Keshiks will provide enough funds to get to Feudalsim.

and ONCE WE GET FEUDALSIM!!!!!!! The fun starts

A short segment, but I felt it best to establish a good base on this continent before we proceed.

Any comments are welcome! Land and diplomatic issues may make this a difficult RPC.


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A poor starting location, lack of space for all his people, a burning need for battle.... all of this leads to such kind of game, a continue expansive war, fight, burn, resettle, and so on!
Tech is good, but no info about other demographics indications: it seems that continuing the war should not keep Mongolians too much behind, at least in tech, so I think that the Khan should continue this way.

Long time since my latest Civ4 game. Of course it feels a bit vintage, but Civ4 still has a special flavor! Nice reading!
I played Civ V for years and always got tired of it. Never went to Civ VI. Once I retired I committed to CIV IV once I got a new laptop, and have not regretted it. Sort of like chess, once you have a great/complex/deep game with known rules why change. If I want a new game I wait for my daughters to buy me a holiday X-box game (Currently Fallout 3, a change from 4 years of Skyrim).

TMIT and all other posters, WELCOME BACK!!

Will play next segment today, likely post tomorrow. If you all have not noticed my spelling is improved as I have more time to post a segment. The spell checker also helps, don't remember that from 10 years ago.

Long live the Khan! the Sweden first look VI thread you can get 20 likes for typing 5 words, are you sure you want to give all that up TMIT,
for hanging around with us backwards peoples? ;) the Sweden first look VI thread you can get 20 likes for typing 5 words, are you sure you want to give all that up TMIT,
for hanging around with us backwards peoples? ;)

There's nothing saying I can't post in multiple forums, unless I missed the memo :p. It's more a question of what I actually play. Other than the occasional deity beatdown in Civ 6 (like once a year), I mostly play on occasion during turncast games and largely haven't been playing Civ otherwise. I've been playing some Pdox games the past few years, and lately Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. There has never been a Civ title that could match or come close to Civ 4 in terms of play quality. With so much other competition I'm unlikely to ever play Civ as often as I did when 4 was most current. But maybe I can play a game or two here or there, even though I'm going to suck.

Besides if I want likes I can get a few on Reddit. I have >19000 "karma" there, maybe one day I can trade it in and ascend.
The Mighty Khan Segment 6: The Destruction of Washington

The Khan addresses his soldiers: "Time to get to work gentlemen, time to get to work."

FDR is not too happy with us, apparently he was OK declaring war on the Mongolians but not too happy once we reciprocated the favor.

Ghengis checks off the first item on his to do list


The Germans (or what now calls itself Germany) decides to dogpile Mongolia

Ghengis shakes his head and fully expects the entire Buddhist love-block to join in on the dogpile, then something amazing happens

Buddhism spreads to the new Mongolian cities!! The Khan is no fool and quickly adopts the new faith, keeping the friendship of Egypt and throwing hesitation in the Celtic direction.

Quickly the Mongolians settle the third (and last) city on the new continent. For the moment the road leading to this section is cut and the jungle hill kept intact. This is where MOngolia makes it's stand if need be later (we have not needed this yet though).

However, Ghengis reminds the horde what their real task is and we destroy another American city while sending the keshiks off "exploring", Mongolian style.

The next great General appears, Sun Tzu. Rather than being a blood-thirsty Keshik rider, this older and frail man writes his thoughts of war as a book. Ghengis is fascinated by the book and cannot put it down, reading it through the night. Eye weary he goes to Sun Tzu the next day, gently puts his arm around his small shoulder and escorts him to his library, and gives him his own home with plenty of captured concubines to keep his writing going.

Sun Tzu is settled in the capital of Karakorum. That is one settled great general in each of the first 2 cities. Hopefully more to come.

Now Brennus has been an enigma the entire segment, he refuses to open borders yet agrees to trade.

He also "We Have Enough on Our Hands", which starts getting Ghengis thinking....

But to the point in hand, the horde moves deeper into American lands. The lands stink and the American citizens have been chanting "Drain the Swamp, Drain the Swamp" irregardless of the Mongol pillaging of the lands

The Swords/Axes/Cats/Spears hang in front of New York and barrage the defenses while the Keshik wreck havoc and prevent FDR from sending reinforcements, although slavery is apparently alive and kicking in America.

Note the affects of Mongolia pillaging as the off-river city of Atlanta has been isolated by severing roads, further pressuring the American economy.

Finally, the death blow has fallen on the city of New York

Twas a glorious city, nothing like it. Alas, Mongol ways cannot be changed.

Now, Ghengis still has those essential diplomatic obligations to perform, starting with a few trades to fuels research (we are still slogging along on Feudalism by the way)

What does Ghengis care about trading techs, all will be Mongolia eventually.

Then the Russian Tyrant unexpectantly declares war

The Khan sighs and contacts the Egyptian again, this time to go to war against Stalin

Well, so much for the Mongolian treasury, still Ghengis laughs at the worlds and enjoys seeing others at each others throats (rather than Mongolian throats).

We also made peace with the once German Fred

Hey, too much effort at the moment to find him as he is well behind American lands.

Now the Mongol horde is loosing units and it take time to bring reinforcements from the parent continent, so we are cautious about all out Mongolian pillaging and destruction. AT least until the 3 cities on this land mass are producing good military without draining the economy (meaning courthouses!!!!).

So what is left of the horde regroups (remaining Keshiks recalled to the horde) and slowly approach Washington

Notice the Celts are popping up cities which will limit the horded movements at the first cultural pop

To be continued...........
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The Mighty Khan Segment 6: The Destruction of Washington, continued

The Mongol horde approaches Washington and is disgusted at what it finds. FDR has been transferred to a safer site, and the city has been put in the hands of a dysfunctional legislature and an insane governor who has the most horrid looking artificial blond hair. Mongolian scouts report back to the leader of the horde

"Leader, the leadership of Washington are idiots. The governor wants nothing more than to build a wall around the city even though that will take time and we are already at the gates of the city. Meanwhile the "Congress", whatever that idiotic thing is, insists on building infrastructure to help the citizens, like there will be any left after we enter the city (except a few more concubines for the good scholar Sun Tzu). They have enough population to use as slaves before we attack, but neither side agrees on how to use them, thus the city is doing NOTHING"

The Mongol leader looks confused, "Nothing?"

The scout, "That's what I said leader, NOTHING".

The Mongol leader shrugs, "Just attack the city, the hell with conserving catapults."

So the grand city of Washington ends in complete ruins. As the Mongol army leaves the Blond haired idiot continues to meet with the impotent "Congress", even as all the citizens have dispersed. The Mongols left the ruling body, whatever that is, as they felt they could only help the Mongolian army.

The story of the ruination of Washington reached the Khan's ears just as Mongolian scholars finished

Ghengis nods in satisfaction "about time" and changes civics to

Time for a better promoted army.

Time to get peace and regroup

Both Stalin and FDR were quite ready for peace, and Mongolia started researching Metal Casting, needing triemes to safely escort the growing Mongolian army.

Mongolian espionage has done well and Ghengis notices a particularly interesting trend

The Celtic army is decreasing as Mongolia power increases. As Brennus "Has enough on his hands" we are guessing he is involved in a war with a disagreeable non-Buddhist neighbor. Either a strong war-monger or Zealot. Brennus may have overexpanded in cities and a crashed economy is resulting in a Celtic strike, but we do not think so.

We are still stronger than America and will only improve

So what is left of the Horde recoups on the jungled hill, soon to be part of the city of Tiflis. Notice How the Celts are aggressively setting, obviously the next target.

So a view of the world as Mongolia see's it

and the emphasis of Mongolia cities

Decent research out of the capital which I think becomes our main science city. Courthouses in the newest cities as we need to right the economy before we get a massive horde. Longbows for defense in case one of our Buddhist brothers attacks. And of course more Keshiks when we can spare them.

So, a few questions

1) How long to we wait until we unleash the horde again? Razing/Pillaging will bring in gold but at a cost.

2) Guesses on Brennus? He certainly can be knocked back, but too much too fast can bring a strong enemy overexpanding into burned Celtic lands. We have no idea where Egypt and Russia are, and me thinks the Celtics and Americans are NOT opening borders anytime soon.

3) Next Mongolian cities? That is the biggest question! Lot's off good land to settle (once we kill the Celts and Americans) but a lot of off-continent cities to maintain. While it will take time, I think we may want the Forbidden Palace in place on the new continent before settling.

I think we are doing well considering the start, but the next step is the crucial one.


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THAT's the way, Khan!! :)

Now I think some time to develop new continent is needed: working land, building courthouses, and set up some decent production city (I think that some more new units are going to be needed in the future.... don't you??)
Mad, you said that maybe some strong opponent could have weakened the Celts? Is there somebody else you haven't met yet?

We should consider Mongolian current power against enemies, and Mongolian current tech/land/gold level against enemies. If power is good and there is risk to be left behind, then attack as soon as possible and keep expanding. Otherwise, I think it's better to pause a while to develop cities, and then resume the work.

Just a question, Mad: could you post some screenshots of current Demographics sometimes, in order to have the overall idea of the game?
The Mighty Khan: Building the Empire and Horde

The Khan considers all his options: continued war, expansion, infrastructure. Hmmmmmm


SO we have a short segment here, essentially preparing for the next major phase of Mongolian expansion. My experience is we can go through a treasury real fast once we over expand especially on 3 continents, we first need to establish a strong 3 city core on this continent.

But that does not mean war is not in the Khan's thoughts. Research went Metal Casting/Machinery/Civil Service and start engineering.

A major event early on was this suggestion from Brennus

Yep, we adopted Organized religion mostly for the diplomatic bonus. Next turn Brennus opened borders which helped the trade route commerce, and since organized religion is his favorite civic he soon became friendly.

Ghengis sent a chariot off into Celtic lands to explore more, let's see what is out there. Knowledge is pretty damned important right now

Meanwhile, FDR continues to try and inefficiently settle our main land mass.

The Khan is not pleased and his eyes are red with rage, but bides his time. He also starts building a small force on this continent in preparation.

We met a new leader

THIS is the great Celt killer??? The KHan scratches his head (and so do I), shrugs and opens borders with the Hindu Indian. I have always thought Asoka was one of those really good war-mongers (Organized/Spiritual), but usually when a human runs him, not the AI.

Well, lets see what else happens, soon we finish metal casting

Allowing use triemes to protect our navy better

And the choices for research

Machinery! Screw paper and the liberalism race. MAchinery for crossbows followed by Civic Service for maces and chain farming.

The mongolian scouting chariot brings a map of the Celtic lands.

Not as bad as I thought, so a plan starts to form in the Khan's mind. But as he is in council with his generals

So America continues to settler Mongolian lands, a direct insult.

"Patience" the Khan mutters.

Now the Khan has made good friends (at least temporarily) and gets machinery fast from RAmeses

And the tech situation

Leaving the Celts in the dust and well ahead of Brennus. The others are irrelevant at this point.

The capital then pops it's second great Scientist

Hmmmm, decisions. Well, we can bulb paper always a good thing for trade and heading towards education/liberalism. We can build a second academy in another city, start promoting serious science. We can settle in KArakorum and establish a land-locked mega-science capital.

But we opt for the Immediate benefits of a 16 turn golden age (remember folks, this is marathon speed)

But we find even more American settlers,

WOW! Jumbo settlers!!!! So FDR has a source of Ivory. We quickly build some additional spears to at least take the main continent cities as well as protect the main horde.

Now all this time we have built/whipped military and courthouses. Economy is not crashing and we can built a good treasury for some military upgrades.

So brennus asks us to shun the Indians, which we agree to.

and we finish Civil service for better farming and maces (aggressive leader maces stand up well to FDRs war elephants).

We then meet the next leader

Khan raises his hand, "Ah, now that makes sense". So I am guessing the Celts broke their army on the NAtive Americans as the protective Sitting Bull is know for building a large army and probably the second most difficult leader to get friendly with after Tokugawa. He is also Hindu and looks to have vassaled Ashoka.

So this where I decided to save.

The lands really say my immediate plan, BOSTON must die!

Techs, not bad and as I would expect Sitting Bull is behind.


Well now, we have caught the Celts! And well above the Americans, the hell with war elephants.

The Mongolian cities

Military, spies, settlers. Military for the Americans, spies for the eventual Celtic invasion, settlers for proper Mongolian cities.


Guessing Sitting Bull is tops in soldiers, we are OK. Land will only increase (Mongolian syle), the production numbers are my biggest issue but the land is dictating that. Perhaps we need some wrkshops rather than farms.

And one final screenshot, the Horde

Note we have 3 settlers. Time to raze Boston and establish a coastal city there! Fred is a vassal of FDR, so we may just put him out of his misery too.

So it is clear what to do next!!!!

Time to release the horde and head straight into America! Resettle with Mongol cities and eventually have a multiple attack on the Celtic lands.

The key is if we do this one at a time. Brennus and RAmese really like us right now, AShoke and Sitting Bull hate us but hate all BuddhistS

Onward Mongolia
The Mighty Khan Segment 8: The End of America part 1

The time for building the economy and military is done, time for the Mongols to start expanding!

The main horde stands outside the borders of our newest best friend Brennus

While a smaller group of Mongol soldiers plan to level the American cities of New Orleans, Baltimore, and Denver. All once great champion cities but now ready to be crushed under the hoofs of Mongolian might

The American president is contacted

And of course what is left of Fred's empire joins the war.

As soon as the first American is Killed and General Robert E. Lee is born on the third Mongolian continent

He is settled in the city of New Sarai

The Horde bears down on the old city of Boston. Ghengis is surprised to hear cheering outside the walls of the city and discovers that these are the remnants of New York citizens, and while there city has been destroyed apparently there was an innate hatred of Boston citizens by NEw York Citizens.

Anyway the City of Boston was quickly burned to the ground followed by defenses reduced to 0% by catapults and we lost only 2/10 cats taking this major port city. The Mongols did notice that a 40 year old man who looks 10 years younger and had a dynamite looking wife was following the horde, apparently he could not give up the fight.

And with the former cities of New Orleans, Baltimore, and Denver reduced to desert wastes, their once glory forgotten

The last threat to foreign settlers invading Mongol lands has ended.

Rameses helps us along in Engineering and opens up Pikes (for war elephants) and trebs. I think the mongols ended up using 1 treb by the end and never used a pike. War elephants were no more than a temporary Inconvenience. We started researching Guilds and was still doing that come the save.

Meanwhile the unspectacular city of Detroit was destroyed

American in general did not seams to care, as there has never been any great Glory from that city.

The mongols now settle two cities in the former American lands, Otrar on the coast and SAnchu. Both will be great cities but will require time to develop.

The Khan continues to watch his power numbers, at least against the nearest threat

So Brennus is slightly above us. Not a concern but the Mongol must be cautious not to throw away too many soldier. Espionage is now part of the attack.

After hearing about the New American loses, the NAtive American leader make a rude demand

Ghengis flips him the bird, further cementing the hatred of these 2 nations. Sitting Bull is ONE pain in teh Arse leader to deal with sometimes.

Now that 40 year old man from Boston has defected to the Mongolian army and volunteers to infiltrate Atlanta and lead a rebellion allowing the Mongol army to easier invade. He muttered something knowing "how to rig a game" and Atlanta is lead by a bunch of fools

And sure enough, Poof

Atlanta is no more

The Horde moves to a hill sitting between America's 2 strongest remaining cities, Chicago and Philadelphia.

But now the Apostolic Palace has been built

Bad timing if you ask us, not looking forward to someone wanting to SAVE America. But on a positive note, we have the AP religion so it may be a matter of simply spreading it around.

Now that 40 year old guy from Boston quickly moves to Philadelphia muttering "Know I know what I did wrong" as the Mongol shrug and shake their heads,

Once again an American city goes into revolt

Once again the MOngol horde invades and burns, with very limited loses. You may want to note that THIS city was built on top of an ivory resource, and the Khan plans to build the EXT city right next to it.

To Be COntinued
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