Red Death

Of all things they could invest spare resources (of all things fans desire) they chose this.

Have they not learnt from the failure od the smoky skies scenario, which got extraordinary attention before some civ5 expansion and then barely anybody ever played it?

Anyway, the narration is extraordinarily forced "totally radical random young people humor" that actually made me cringe. Firaxis, do you know who is your main demographic and how controversial the art style, tech quotes and gravitas of this game already were?
[CinemaSins voice] Developers of a game with a broken AI have time for this [/CinemaSins voice]

k we've met the whinge quota allowed in this thread. Let us now enjoy the stream :)
It's very macabre but I can see myself playing this in Internet multiplayer if I don't have 3 hours to spare for a standard game.
That must have been a lot of development work for that weird Red Death multiplayer mode.
Just imagine all those wonderful things they could have done instead for the "normal" game that I like so much.
It's kind of sad and disappointing.
But there are a lot of people that enjoy multiplayer and they also deserve to have content - personnally i do not play multiplayer but this mode looks interesting and original. Additionnally, if i understood properly, it was made by the multiplayer team, so they probably would not have been working on the base game.
I don't hate it, but I don't enjoy it enough to play it either. Of course I've never played multiplayer. It's good for people that will enjoy it.
I don't think I'll play this beyond getting the achievements at some point, but I'm happy to see a variety of content, especially as this started as a non-work fun project, not as something some higher-up dictated.

Also, if it's like other multiplayer scenarios, you can play in hot seat with only computer opponents. The AI will be bad (They just said this is designed for humans, they put minimal effort into the AI), but you probably don't HAVE to find humans to play with.
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