RED STEEL is coming!


Aug 31, 2001
I would just like to drop a note to you loyal comrades of CIV2,
To say I am beginning work on a new Dictator Scenario, called Red Steel.

It's set after the death of Hitler in 1944, Speer and Rommel sued
For peace and the Reich survives, under Allied protection and occupation.

It is now spring 1950....
The new democratic Germany is joined by the victorious UK and
USA in meeting the threat from Stalin and his re-armed and angry
Red Army, hell bent on taking over a war-torn Europe, whatever the cost!

It features the same flow I implemented in WW2 Dictator,
Only now with Jets, Atom Bombs and advanced German
Technology! I want to give the impression of an evolution from
Prop-driven tech to the age of modern warfare as we know it,
Only with a 1950's twist.

What I need is help with creating new Jet-age units...
Advanced Jet Planes,
Like 1950's Mech Infantry,
US 1950's tanks,
USSR tanks,
And various other art, like cites and terrain...

If you want to help gimme a call here or PM.

I would vastly appreciate any enthusiasts out there who
can find any obscure Nemo units...I will be basing units on
His style. Or just any thing you think may help.
I need some cool Soviet propaganda pics too, preferably featuring
Uncle Joe! I hope someone can help.

Thanks all you chaps!
See you in Moscow!
If the Allies took Germany peacefully in 44, they'd have dropped all their crummy tank designs in favour of license built E-Series (like Jagdpanzer E-25 and standardpanzer E-50) AFVs and Panther IIs.

Also, without capturing german scientists and proto-types, the Russians would be light-years behind in sub, jet and rocket technology.

Maybe you can searchout some of the german secret weapons of the 45 era and put them into widespread deployment. See this thread.
These are cool!
The aeronautical poster will be perfect for reference!
Nice work!

"Long Live young Pioneers!"
I bet they didn't live long under Stalin's command!

I love the poster for the naval troops!
Check out that officer's mustache!

"Comrade, I mustache you a question!"

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