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May 6, 2002
For anyone interested there is a small reddit forum dedicated to Fall from Heaven:

I am subscribed to and I am happy to share thoughts or answer questions these for anyone that is interested.
Happy Easter to you too ^^

as a side question....
Do you (Kael) Have a saved version of.... FFH1 ??? and of FFH2, first version ? (I don't remember how it was called... fire? )
if you have any, I'd like much to be able to dl it... I lost the hard drive that had those files :(
Hm, Kael... Kael... I feel like I remember you from somewhere...

Oh yeah, did you name yourself after a FFH2 character? :D
If you haven't taken a look at the subreddit yet, Kael posted what I am pretty sure is a new story about the Crown of Akharien:

It's an unfortunate appellation. Of the 21 god's there was Oghma, the god of knowledge. He is viewed by men as neutral because he doesn't work to protect or curse men. His dominion is knowledge in it's various forms and generally protecting and sharing it.

His "priests" (which are more mages than priests since they tend to research the arcane and Oghma doesn't intervene on their behalf very often) are more librarians, scholars and teachers. And the Age of Magic was a good age for them. They called themselves the Laeran Cord, and they were welcomed in nearly all nations.

When the Age of Ice started nations fell to ruin. Survival became more important than learning and the Larean Cord attempted to consolidate and protect their studies. The Doviello took particular delight in finding and burning these hidden libraries.

The goddess Ceridwen had Oghma's archangel Embarr torn into three parts; his flesh, his mind and his soul were separated from each other and scattered across creation.
The Laraen Cord dwindled to just one man, now the high priest of his religion by default. Akharien means "the last one". A scholar with nothing but a frozen world to study, a teacher without anyone to teach. He wasn't that old. He was born during the Age of Ice, so he never saw the world outside of what he read of in the libraries books.

In time hunting parties didn't return. Some priests went mad. Others died of starvation or age. And only he was left. When the Doviello came for him they offered him the chance to flee into the wilderness, to survive as a wolf so that one day he could hunt with them. But he threw himself on the books instead. He begged them to burn him instead of the books. He promised to tell them the stories contained within, and to teach them about the medicinal uses of the few plants that survived in the region.

They didn't accept his offer. He was burned within his library. He was the last priest of the Laeran Cord of his Age.

After his death the man's spirit didn't pass on to Oghma's vault. Instead he remained in the ruins of his library among the fluttering ashes of the brunt books. In death he had more power than in life and the Doviello learned to avoid the place. But others that came and slept nearby would dream of other places and other times. They would hear stories and be inspired.

Early in the Age of Rebirth the Laeran Cord was refounded and a priest sought out this library and found its meager ruins. The only thing of value that he found within was the high priests crown, which he took to bring to the current church so that it could serve Oghma again.

He also more recently answered my follow-up question about Embarr. :)

Embarr was reborn at the end of the Age of Rebirth, at the dawn of the Age of Invention. After the Fane of Lessers had been conquered and Basium marched his Mercurian army into hell to confront the demons directly.

Within Judicium the Bannor forged the crucible, which began drawing off the magic of the world and making spells more and more difficult to cast and man began to rely more on science. This is when Embarr's scattered pieces were brought back together, to bring the world steam power, medicine and astronomy.
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