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Redesigning the Civ VI Civs

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by IgorS, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    Well, there is a lot to like about Civ VI, but there are also a few things that are off. I guess what I am disappointed with most is the design of the civilizations, which could be a lot better. So I have decided to try my hand at redesigning the civilizations present in the game. Is some places I have not changed much, in others I have made substantial changes.
    The main thing I did was to try to stick with the game mechanics and features, not trying to invent something that is not in the game (yet). I have decided, though, that I do not like the leader unique units. I think each civ should have two unique units, regardless of the leader you choose. Also, one thing I dislike is the fact that while civilizations in the game can have multiple leaders, the only civ that has two leaders at launch is Greece (unlike Civ IV, for example, that had a few civs with two leaders at launch).
    In any case, I have tried to redesign the civilizations in the game, giving each two leaders and two unique units.
    I have redesigned almost all the civs in the game, except for three, which I think should not have been included at all: the Macedonians (should be part of Greece), the Sumerians (which I have replaced with the Babylonians), and the Scythians (which I have replaced with the Mongols).
    Feel free to offer your ideas too, but keep in mind that this thread is only for civilizations that are already in the game.
  2. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    Spoiler :

    Civilization ability: We the People – government legacy bonuses earned 25% faster, one policy card can be changed per turn without paying gold
    Unique unit 1: Minuteman (replaces musketman) – -20 production cost, +1 movement
    Unique unit 2: Mustang (replaces fighter) – +5 attack against aircraft, +2 range
    Unique infrastructure: Ranch – +1 food, +1 housing, +1 culture

    Leader 1: Washington
    Capital: Philadelphia
    Ability: First in War, First in Peace – military units production 20% faster when at war, production of workers and districts 20% faster when at peace
    Agenda: The First President – will try to get a modern government as soon as possible, likes leaders with more advanced governments, dislikes leaders with governments less advanced than his

    Leader 2: Teddy Roosevelt
    Capital: Washington
    Ability: Square Deal – national parks provide +1 tourism per tile, -25% cost for purchasing buildings, -1 maintenance and +10 combat strength on hills for cavalry units
    Agenda: Big Stick Policy – likes peaceful leaders on home continent, dislikes warmongers on home continent

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Magna Carta – each amenity-producing district, building or improvement grants 5 gold
    Unique unit 1: Ship of the Line (replaces frigate) – +5 melee strength, +7 range strength
    Unique unit 2: Redcoat (replaces musketman) – no disembark cost, +5 combat strength on home continent, +10 if not on home continent
    Unique infrastructure: Seaside Pier – +1 amenity, +4 culture, must be built on water adjacent to an entertainment complex

    Leader 1: Æthelstan
    Capital: Winchester
    Ability: Alfred’s Legacy – all apostles have the martyr promotion, gain a relic when becoming suzerain of a city-state for the first time (if there is a free slot), majority religion’s worship buildings generate +1 science
    Agenda: Gospel Dice – collects relics and religious paintings, generates both faith and science, likes leaders who have given him relics or religious paintings, dislikes leaders with low science and faith production

    Leader 2: Elizabeth
    Capital: London
    Ability: Tudor Golden Age – earn great writer and great admiral points 25% faster, naval raider units can capture enemy ships (except for barbarian ships)
    Agenda: Sea Dogs – uses privateers often, dislikes leaders with larger navies than hers

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Children of the Nile – +15 production for districts and wonders next to a river, can place districts and wonders on floodplains
    Unique unit 1: War Chariot (replaces heavy chariot) – 2 range, 25 range strength, can attack twice per turn
    Unique unit 2: Self-Bow Man (replaces archer) – -1 range, but two units are produced instead of one, gain promotions 15% faster
    Unique infrastructure: Pyramid – +1 culture (+2 with Natural History), +1 appeal, +1 faith

    Leader 1: Hatshepsut
    Capital: Waset
    Ability: Mission to Punt – when a trade agreement for a luxury resource with another civilization runs its course, get a 40% chance to keep that luxury for good, +2 faith from every international trade route
    Agenda: Valley of the Kings – tries to focus on wonders as much as possible, likes leaders who do not compete for wonders with her, dislikes wonder-obsessed leaders

    Leader 2: Ramesses
    Capital: Pi-Ramesses
    Ability: Setepenre – units produced in cities with encampments get a free promotion, +15 production towards an encampment and its buildings in the capital, extra +10 production towards wonders, +1 faith from every wonder
    Agenda: Charge of the War Chariots – dislikes leaders with many military units near Egypt’s borders and leaders who settle too close

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Plato’s Republic – one extra wildcard policy slot in any government
    Unique unit 1: Hoplite (replaces spearman) – +10 combat strength adjacent to another hoplite unit
    Unique unit 2: Hetairoi (replaces horseman) – starts with a free promotion, +5 combat strength near a great general, +5 great general points from kills
    Unique infrastructure: Acropolis (replaces theatre square) – +2 culture if adjacent to a city centre, 1 envoy upon completion, can only be built on hills, +1 great scientist point for each work of writing

    Leader 1: Pericles
    Capital: Athenai
    Ability: Delian League – +5 gold per turn and +5% culture for each city-state Pericles is suzerain of
    Agenda: Grand Strategy – seeks to become suzerain of every city-state on a continent on which he has cities, dislikes leaders who compete with him for the same city-states, dislikes leaders who conquer many cities of rival civilizations and city-states

    Leader 2: Alexander
    Capital: Pella
    Ability: Hellenistic Fusion – upon city conquest, gain a eureka for each encampment or campus, and an inspiration for each holy site or theatre square, war weariness is accumulated 50% slower, +5% culture for each conquered city that is ceded to him
    Agenda: To the Ends of the World – likes civilizations at war with other civilizations, especially those that capture cities, dislikes peaceful civilizations

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Mandate of Heaven – policy cards are purchased with faith and not with gold, gain a progress of 60% from eurekas and inspirations
    Unique unit 1: Zhuge nu (replaces crossbowman) – -10 range strength, may attack twice per turn
    Unique unit 2: Fire Lancer (replaces musketman) – available at military engineering, +5 melee strength after discovery of gunpowder
    Unique infrastructure: Pagoda (replaces shrine) – 1 great writer point per turn, +1 faith if holy site is on tile with charming appeal, +2 if on tile with breathtaking appeal

    Leader 1: Wu Zetian
    Capital: Xian
    Ability: Acts of Grace – each specialist provides +1 to their yield
    Agenda: Collection of Precious Glories – tries to fill as many great work of writing slots as possible, dislikes leaders who compete for great writers with her, or steal great works of writing from her

    Leader 2: Kangxi
    Capital: Beijing
    Ability: Qing Porcelain – a city that has both a theatre and an industrial district produces an extra amenity, each city with at least one foreign religion, that is a state religion in another empire, produces +5% science
    Agenda: Sacred Edict – Aims to spread his religion to every city he owns, likes leaders who spread their religion to his cities, but dislikes leaders who convert his cities

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Pax Romana – All cities start with a trading post and a road to the capital if in trade route range, cities suffer no war weariness
    Unique unit 1: Legion (replaces swordsman) – cost +20 production, has a single build charge, and can use it to build a fort (even before siege tactics is discovered), a road, or clear terrain
    Unique unit 2: Ballista (replaces catapult) – +1 melee strength, +3 bombard strength
    Unique infrastructure: Bath – must be built next to a source of fresh water or an aqueduct, +1 amenity, +1 culture, units heal twice as fast on a tile with a Roman bath

    Leader 1: Augustus
    Capital: Roma
    Ability: From Brick to Marble – +10% to production in the capital, -10% to the cost of upgrading units
    Agenda: Aerarium Militare – will invest money in upgrading his army, likes leaders with modern armies, dislikes leaders with armies containing many obsolete units

    Leader 2: Marcus Aurelius
    Capital: Roma
    Ability: Philosopher-King – gain a random eureka or inspiration when destroying a barbarian encampment, can negotiate peace after 5 turns of war instead of 10
    Agenda: Germanicus – likes leaders who fight barbarians, dislikes leaders who do not clear barbarian camps close to their borders

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Liberty Leading the People – double tourism from wonders, +20% production to medieval, renaissance and industrial era wonders, +1 combat strength when fighting against civilizations with a different government
    Unique unit 1: Musketeer (replaces musketman) – +4 melee strength
    Unique unit 2: Carabinier-à-cheval (replaces cavalry) – +2 maintenance, +6 melee strength, upgrades to tank
    Unique infrastructure: Château – +2 culture (+3 if next to a wonder), +1 appeal, 1 gold if next to a luxury resource

    Leader 1: Louis
    Capital: Versailles
    Ability: Ancien Régime – foreign religions spread 50% slower in cities with a garrisoned unit, after recruiting or patronizing a great general, writer, artist, or musician, 20% of its great person point cost is refunded, palace holds 3 slots for great works
    Agenda: The Sun-King – likes civilizations with a weaker culture that can be influenced, dislikes civilizations with a culture stronger or almost as strong as France’s

    Leader 2: Napoleon
    Capital: Paris
    Ability: Grande Armée – units earn great general points from kills, +1 movement for ranged and siege units, siege units start with the expert crew promotion
    Agenda: Code Civil – dislikes leaders waging religious wars or using inquisitors

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Ahimsa – receive follower belief bonuses in a city from each religion with at least one follower
    Unique unit 1: Royal Elephant (replaces horseman) – +40 production, -2 movement, +5 combat strength, -5 combat strength for adjacent enemy units, upgrades to tank
    Unique unit 2: Siege Gun (replaces bombard) – +20 production, -1 movement, +1 attack range, +10 bombard strength
    Unique infrastructure: Stepwell (replaces aqueduct) – +1 housing, +1 food (+2 if near a farm), 1 faith if near a holy site

    Leader 1: Asoka
    Capital: Patna
    Ability: Chakravartin – new cities automatically get converted to the state religion, state religion spreads 50% faster to foreign cities up to 6 tiles away from India’s borders, +1 faith from sheep, cattle, ivory, horses, furs and deer
    Agenda: Dhamma – tries to avoid warmongering penalties as much as possible, hates warmongers and those with a weak faith, likes peaceful leaders with a strong faith

    Leader 2: Nehru
    Capital: Delhi
    Ability: Scientific Temper – +25% production towards campuses, -10% production towards holy sites, double war weariness suffered by those declaring war on Nehru
    Agenda: Non-Aligned – never gets the ideologue agenda, dislikes ideologues

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Sun of Movement – gain culture and faith from killing enemy units, units have +1 movement in rainforest
    Unique unit 1: Eagle Warrior (replaces swordsman) – +25 production cost, +8 combat strength, +10 in rainforest, has a chance of capturing an enemy unit (except for barbarians), turning it into a builder, does not require iron
    Unique unit 2: Jaguar Warrior (replaces knight) – -15 production cost, +8 strength, +10 in rainforest, -2 movement, has a chance of capturing an enemy unit (except for barbarians), turning it into a builder, does not require iron
    Unique infrastructure: Tlachtli (replaces arena) – +1 amenity, +2 faith, +1 great general point

    Leader 1: Nezahualcoyotl
    Capital: Texcoco
    Ability: Tlamatini – +5% faith output when at peace, libraries contain one slot for a work of art, +1 food from lake and oasis tiles
    Agenda: Athens of the West – housing is a priority, dislikes leaders who neglect this issue

    Leader 2: Montezuma
    Capital: Tenochtitlan
    Ability: Gifts for the Tlatoani – each luxury in Aztec territory provides +1 amenity to 2 extra cities, and +1 combat strength to units
    Agenda: Protector of Merchants – will try to collect every luxury resource available, dislikes civilizations with luxuries he does not have

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: General Winter – -5 combat strength for enemy units inside Russian territory, 1 faith and 1 production from tundra, cities start with 8 tiles around them
    Unique unit 1: Gulyay-Gorod (replaces siege tower) – -20 production cost, no maintenance cost, stacked ranged units as well as musketmen receive +5 to combat strength when stacked with a gulyay-gorod, suffers 60% of damage caused by pre-industrial units to a stacked unit
    Unique unit 2: Leib-Guard (replaces cavalry) – +10 production cost, +8 melee strength, gain culture from killing enemy units
    Unique infrastructure: Lavra (replaces holy site) – -30 production cost, +1 great prophet, great writer, great artist and great musician points, expands city’s borders when a great person is used

    Leader 1: Ivan
    Capital: Moskva
    Ability: Sudebnik – +1 gold per turn from each specialist, territory unconnected to the capital is automatically connected if the gap between the territories is one tile
    Agenda: Third Rome – likes leaders with a high output of faith and culture in the capital

    Leader 2: Catherine
    Capital: Sankt-Peterburg
    Ability: Star of the North – foreign trade routes both from and to Russia provide +1 random great person point depending on the districts (if any) in the foreign city
    Agenda: A New Kind of Person – likes civilizations that attract many great people, dislikes civilizations that do not compete for great people

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Hanseatic League – +2 gold from domestic trade routes and trade routes to and from city-states, earn an envoy when sending a trade route to a city-state
    Unique unit 1: Landsknecht (replaces pikeman) – +1 maintenance, +5 melee strength, extra +1 strength versus anti-cavalry
    Unique unit 2: Helgoland (replaces battleship) – +5 range strength, +5 melee strength
    Unique infrastructure: Rathaus (replaces market) – +2 culture

    Leader 1: Otto
    Capital: Aachen
    Ability: Ottonian Renaissance – majority religion’s worship buildings generate tourism, +1 culture from temples, +7 combat strength against city-states
    Agenda: Holy Roman Emperor – aims to conquer religious city-states and dislikes suzerains of religious city-states, likes large empires with strong faith and aims to become their ally

    Leader 2: Bismarck
    Capital: Berlin
    Ability: Blood and Iron – one extra military policy slot in any government, -1 to the cost of each unit’s maintenance, +5 combat strength when fighting neighbouring civilizations and city-states, with diplomatic service such wars count as reconquest wars
    Agenda: Realpolitik – aims to become suzerain or conquer neighbouring city-states, dislikes suzerains of neighbouring city-states

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Bushido – units fight at full strength even when damaged
    Unique unit 1: Samurai (replaces knight) – -2 movement, start with a promotion if produced in a city that has at least two districts (not including neighbourhoods)
    Unique unit 2: Ashigaru (replaces musketman) – -20 production cost, +5 melee strength versus heavy cavalry
    Unique infrastructure: Dojo (replaces barracks) – +1 citizen slot, +2 faith

    Leader 1: Hojo Tokimune
    Capital: Kyoto
    Ability: Divine Wind – +5 combat strength on land tiles adjacent to coast for land units, +5 combat strength on shallow water tiles for naval units, encampments, holy sites and theatre districts are built 50% faster
    Agenda: Katsu – likes civilizations with a strong military that are also strong in faith and/or culture

    Leader 2: Ito Hirobumi
    Capital: Tokyo
    Ability: Meiji Restoration – districts receive an additional standard adjacency bonus per adjacent district, +2 science from trade routes to and from civilizations that have researched a technology Japan does not yet have
    Agenda: Kokutai – seeks to be as advanced as the most advanced civilization, likes civilizations with a high science output that are also strong in culture, dislikes backwards civilizations, especially if their culture is also weak

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Satrapies – +1 trade route capacity with political philosophy, +2 gold and +1 culture from domestic trade routes
    Unique unit 1: Immortal (replaces swordsman) – -6 melee strength, 2 range, 25 range strength, does not require iron
    Unique unit 2: Grivpanvar (replaces knight) – available with horseback riding, -8 melee strength, can attack twice per turn
    Unique infrastructure: Pairidaeza – cannot be built on tundra or snow, or adjacent to another pairidaeza, +1 culture (+1 for each adjacent holy site and theatre square and another +1 with diplomatic service), +2 gold (+1 for each adjacent commercial hub and city centre), +2 appeal

    Leader 1: Darius
    Capital: Parsa
    Ability: Royal Road – roads within Persian territory are one level more advanced, +2 gold from markets
    Agenda: Grace of Ahura Mazda – supports non-state religions dominating his cities that are far enough from the capital, dislikes leaders converting his capital or cities near it

    Leader 2: Khosrow
    Capital: Tisfun
    Ability: Deghans – cavalry units are produced 50% faster, farms provide 1 gold
    Agenda: Plato’s King – likes civilizations with many campuses and aqueducts

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Silver Fleet – may construct fleets and armadas with mercantilism, intercontinental trade routes provide +2 gold, domestic intercontinental trade routes also provide +2 food and +2 production, +5 combat strength not on home continent
    Unique unit 1: Jinete (replaces knight) – upgrades from both horseman and heavy chariot, upgrades to cavalry, +1 movement, has a 40% chance of retreating during an attack only to attack again with +5 combat strength
    Unique unit 2: Tercio (replaces musketman) – +20 production cost, +3 melee strength, +6 melee strength versus mounted units
    Unique infrastructure: Plaza de Toros (replaces arena) – +1 amenity if near a pasture, +1 culture

    Leader 1: Isabella
    Capital: Toledo
    Ability: Reconquista – conquered cities are automatically converted to Spain’s religion, units receive +5 combat strength when escorting or are next to a religious unit
    Agenda: Catholic Monarch – likes leaders with the same religion, dislikes leaders trying to convert her cities and those following religions founded on other continents

    Leader 2: Charles
    Capital: Madrid
    Ability: The King-Mayor – +5 housing in the capital, roads to the capital are built instantly instead of gradually when sending a trader to the capital if it already has a trading post
    Agenda: Enlightened Absolutism – likes leaders who produce more culture than faith

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: The Last Prophet – automatically receive the last great prophet if one has not been earned earlier, +1 science for each foreign city following Arabia’s religion
    Unique unit 1: Camel Archer (replaces crossbowman) – +5 range strength, +2 movement (+3 in desert), +5 melee strength in desert
    Unique unit 2: Mamluk (replaces knight) – automatically heals a bit every turn, does not require iron
    Unique infrastructure: Souq (replaces market) – +1 housing, +1 food for cities trading with a city with a souq, starts generating tourism when at least one civilization enters the industrial era

    Leader 1: Abd al-Malik
    Capital: Dimashq
    Ability: Bayt al-Mal – upon completing a wonder, gain gold equal to 50% of its production cost, +1 faith from every holy site building in cities following Arabia’s religion
    Agenda: Qubba over the Rock – likes leaders following his religion who construct many holy sites and buildings dedicated to it, dislikes leaders who construct many holy sites and buildings for other religions

    Leader 2: Harun al-Rashid
    Capital: Baghdad
    Ability: Bayt al-Hikma – +2 science from campus buildings in cities with a holy site and +5 from campus buildings in the capital as well as +1 great scientist point if it has a holy site
    Agenda: Commander of the Faithful – likes leaders who have sent him gifts and set up embassies, likes leaders who have gained favourable peace deals

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Leidang – units may enter ocean tiles after researching shipbuilding, no movement cost for embarking and disembarking, naval units produced 10% faster during war, +1 production from coastal resources with improvements
    Unique unit 1: Berserker (replaces pikeman) – -1 movement point spent on pillaging, +8 melee strength when attacking, -8 when defending, +2 movement if turn begins in enemy territory
    Unique unit 2: Longship (replaces galley) – can pillage adjacent land tiles and capture civilian units, +5 melee strength, +1 movement in coastal waters
    Unique infrastructure: Stave Church (replaces temple) – +1 adjacency bonus from woods, generates tourism after nationalism is researched

    Leader 1: Harald Fairhair
    Capital: Trondheim
    Ability: Viking Fury – each newly founded city gains a free melee unit
    Agenda: High Born King – dislikes city-states in areas where he wants to expand, as well as their suzerains, dislikes civilizations founding cities in between his cities

    Leader 2: Haakon Haakonsson
    Capital: Bergen
    Ability: Marvels of Norway – +10% culture for each friendship declared with a civilization that has attracted at least one great writer, great artist or great musician
    Agenda: King’s Mirror – likes leaders willing to form a long-term alliance, will refuse to join wars against leaders he does not dislike, dislikes leaders offering such wars

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Golden Liberty – building an encampment or fort in Polish territory claims all surrounding tiles, even if they are occupied by another civilization or city-state, one military policy slot in any government is converted to a wildcard policy slot
    Unique unit 1: Winged Hussar (replaces knight) – +6 melee strength, enemy units retreat one hex back or suffer additional damage if they cause less damage in combat
    Unique unit 2: Uhlan (replaces cavalry) – +1 movement, +5 melee strength if there are at least two movement points left when attacking
    Unique infrastructure: Sukiennice (replaces market) – +4 gold from domestic trade routes, +2 production from international trade routes

    Leader 1: Casimir
    Capital: Kraków
    Ability: People of the King – +5 gold per every non-state religion present in a city
    Agenda: The Peasants’ King – likes leaders who improve all the resources in their territory, dislikes leaders who leave too many resources without relevant improvements

    Leader 2: John Sobieski
    Capital: Warszawa
    Ability: The Lion of Lechistan – +5 combat strength to cavalry units against barbarians and civilizations that follow a different religion
    Agenda: Saviour of Vienna – dislikes warmongering civilizations of other religions on his continent, especially if they also compete for the same great people

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Carnaval do Brasil – +1 amenity from each entertainment complex, cities with an entertainment complex can have a unique carnival project that provides an extra amenity for its duration as well as great engineer, great merchant, great artist, great writer and great musician points
    Unique unit 1: Gunboat (replaces ironclad) – 60 range strength, 65 range strength against cities and encampments
    Unique unit 2: Urutu (replaces mechanized infantry) – +1 movement, no movement cost for embarking and disembarking
    Unique infrastructure: Arsenal of the Navy (replaces seaport) – naval units start with a free promotion

    Leader 1: Dom Pedro
    Capital: Rio de Janeiro
    Ability: Magnanimous – after recruiting or patronizing a great admiral, scientist, or engineer, 20% of its great person point cost is refunded
    Agenda: Fatherland Volunteer – dislikes leaders that invest in the military more than in science and culture, especially on his home continent

    Leader 2: Kubitschek
    Capital: Brasília
    Ability: Goals’ Plan – industrial zones are built 30% faster, +2 production from trade routes passing through rainforest tiles
    Agenda: Distrito Federal – focuses on production in the capital, likes leaders who do so

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Kongo dia Nlaza – +2 gold and +2 culture from domestic trade routes to the capital, as well as from trade routes with city-states on home continent
    Unique unit 1: Pombo (replaces pikeman) – -50 production cost, +2 movement, no movement or sight penalties in woods and rainforest, no bonus versus cavalry, has the tortoise promotion
    Unique unit 2: Cabanzo Bowman (replaces crossbowman) – -1 range, -20 production cost, -5 range strength, a unit that was attacked by it will gradually lose health until it rests to fully heal
    Unique infrastructure: Raffia Grove – can only be built in rainforest, +2 production, +2 gold, a city with at least one raffia grove gets a 5 percent discount on purchasing units

    Leader 1: Nzinga a Nkuwu
    Capital: M’banza-Kongo
    Ability: Mercenary Army – unique units can be purchased with faith, a city that has been converted to another religion can purchase any military unit with faith
    Agenda: Religious Convert – will be willing to convert to any religion, dislikes leaders from other continents who have founded a religion and have not brought it to Kongo

    Leader 2: Garcia
    Capital: M’banza-Kongo
    Ability: Nzo a Ukisi – a city can purchase missionaries without a holy site if it has a campus with a library, gains the beliefs of any religion that becomes the majority religion
    Agenda: Ally of Colonizers – likes civilizations on other continents spreading their religion to his cities and fighting other colonizers, dislikes “peaceful” colonizers

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Aboriginal Heritage – desert tiles and pastures produce +2 faith until the renaissance age, when it changes to +2 culture, +3 housing in coastal cities
    Unique unit 1: Light Horse (replaces cavalry) – +2 movement, -10 production cost
    Unique unit 2: Digger (replaces infantry) – +2 combat strength, +10 combat strength on coastal tiles, +5 combat strength not on home continent
    Unique infrastructure: Station – +1 food, +1 production, +0.5 housing, +1 food from every adjacent pasture, every two adjacent stations provide +1 production with steam power and +1 food with rapid deployment

    Leader 1: Deakin
    Capital: Melbourne
    Ability: Affable Alfred – +1 food from stations, +1 housing from aqueducts, may offer an annexation to city-states on home continent if they are close to Australian territory
    Agenda: Federalism – will try to annex nearby city-states, dislikes suzerains of such city-states, or leaders declaring war on such city-states

    Leader 2: Menzies
    Capital: Canberra
    Ability: Good Neighbour Terms – international trade routes yield +3 gold to Australia and +3 science to the other civilization, campus research grants are completed 20% faster
    Agenda: Forward Defence – dislikes civilizations with different governments, will likely join a war against them if a civilization with the same government is at war with them
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  3. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Ta-Seti – +50% production towards ranged units, +50 combat experience to ranged units, +1 production from mines on strategic resources, +2 from mines over luxury and bonus resources
    Unique unit 1: Pítati (replaces archer) – +10 production cost, +2 combat strength, +5 ranged strength, +1 movement
    Unique unit 2: Medjay (replaces swordsman) – +5 combat strength in desert, +10 faith from kills near cities following Nubia’s majority religion
    Unique infrastructure: Meroitic Pyramid – +1 faith, +1 faith for each adjacent holy site, +1 food for an adjacent city centre, +1 science for an adjacent campus, +1 gold for an adjacent commercial hub or harbour, +1 production for an adjacent industrial zone, +1 culture for an adjacent theatre square

    Leader 1: Piye
    Capital: Napata
    Ability: Sacrifices to Amun – military units production 20% faster in cities with holy sites
    Agenda: Holy War – dislikes civilizations with more encampments than holy sites

    Leader 2: Amanitore
    Capital: Medewi
    Ability: Kandake of Meroë – +20 production towards districts, an extra +20 if there is a Meroitic pyramid adjacent to the city-centre
    Agenda: Restorer of Temples – wants to build and maintain as many districts as possible

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Ummânū – receive a random eureka upon attracting a great person, campus districts receive +1 science if built next to a river
    Unique unit 1: Axeman (replaces swordsman) – available at bronze working, and does not require iron
    Unique unit 2: Kassite Chariot (replaces heavy chariot) – 1 range, 35 range strength, +1 movement if starts on level terrain
    Unique infrastructure: Ziggurat – +2 faith, +1 culture if next to a river, +1 culture after discovering natural history

    Leader 1: Hammurabi
    Capital: Babilim
    Ability: The Lawgiver – code of laws is researched 50% faster, legacy bonuses for all governments provide a 2% bonus instead of 1%
    Agenda: An Eye for an Eye – likes leaders who declare war on his enemies, dislikes leaders who refuse joint wars, aims to conquer city-states that went to war against him

    Leader 2: Nebuchadnezzar
    Capital: Babilim
    Ability: Babylonian Revival – ancient walls add +70 to outer defense strength, antiquity sites within Babylonia’s borders are revealed with recorded history, artifacts of Babylonian origin may be extracted by builders and stored in temples, providing 1 faith
    Agenda: Might of Marduk – likes civilizations with large armies and cities with many districts and buildings, dislikes civilizations with small armies and many small cities

    Spoiler :
    Civilization ability: Yam – builders can construct roads, +1 movement for cavalry units
    Unique unit 1: Kheshig (replaces knight) – -6 melee strength, 45 ranged strength, earn promotions 50% faster
    Unique unit 2: Hui-Hui Pao (replaces siege tower) – not a support, but rather a siege unit, 25 melee strength, 45 bombard strength, -20 production cost, upgrades to bombard
    Unique infrastructure: Örtöö – cannot be built adjacent to a city centre, must be built on a road, units heal twice as fast on a tile with an örtöö, +1 movement for cavalry units passing through it

    Leader 1: Genghis Khan
    Capital: Avarga
    Ability: Yassa – cannot declare holy wars, and holy wars cannot be declared against him, pillaging consumes -1 movement point, +10 production in cities during war
    Agenda: Mongol Terror – likes civilizations with large armies and empires, dislikes civilizations with small armies and empires, especially on his home continent

    Leader 2: Kublai Khan
    Capital: Khanbaliq
    Ability: Great Yuan – +1 culture and science from foreign trade routes, +2 when trading with a city on a different continent
    Agenda: Pax Mongolica – likes leaders who send trade routes to his cities and have a lower tourism output, dislikes those not trading with him and producing more tourism
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  4. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    Reserved 3
  5. Siptah

    Siptah Eternal Chieftain

    Jul 24, 2016
    I will never forgive you replacing Sumeria with Babylonia and Scythia with the Mongols :p

    A bit sad that you got rid of some nice ability names.
    You also got rid of the most fun unique infrastructures in the game: Madrasa and Hansa. So I think it would actually be less interesting and fresh to play your Arabia and Germany.
  6. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    Well, these are just my suggestions.
    The reason I got rid of the Madrasa is that I want it to be a unique infrastructure for a possible Uzbek civ)
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  7. Guandao

    Guandao Rajah of Minyue and Langkasuka

    Mar 30, 2011
    New York City
    You also got rid of most of the Civ6 leaders. No more Jadwiga....Peter....John Curtin....Philip II (Isabella again)....Trajan....Saladin...Frederick Barbarossa :cry:. I don't care about Gorgo or Cleopatra not being present anymore. Or even Qin Shi Huang (who was a tyrant and whose in-game wonder agenda makes little sense), Mvemba a Nzinga (I think the two Kings you've chosen for Kongo are better choices), or Harald Hardrada (he was a Christian and is mainly known for dying while trying to conquer England) . I'm ok with Sumeria and Scythia getting replaced by Babylon and Mongolia (not a fan of how Sumeria turned out, and there's too little info on Scythia for it to be a Civ in the first place). I'm on the fence about Catherine de Medici (I do think she is the best female leader choice for France) and Victoria (since Elizabeth was boring in Civ5).
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  8. IgorS

    IgorS Your ad could be here!

    Sep 28, 2008
    I got rid of most Civ IV leaders because I think they are either not the best choices, or do not work with a two leaders concept.
    For instance, Peter is removed, because having him and Catherine in the same game would be kind of repetitive, as they are almost from the same era and would be somewhat similar, plus, they both have Petersburg as capital. Also, we need female leaders, and we need the best ones. Not Cleopatra, not Catherine de' Medici, but Catherine the Great and Isabella. Isabella means we do not really need Philip.
    Another thing I thought of was that I want to see the greatest leaders, no matter in how many Civ games they have been. I really don't like the desire of the Civ VI team to change everything except for Gandhi.

    I would also like to say I do not mind seeing some leaders as third leaders: Trajan, Jadwiga, Peter would all make for a great third leader.

    And again, this is not a thread for only my redesigns. Anyone can present their own ideas of how they would redesign any of the civs in the game.
  9. Alexander's Hetaroi

    Alexander's Hetaroi Chieftain

    I do like the idea of Mandate of Heaven for China while retaining it's previous bonuses.Other than that I like many things about the previous Civs which you took out such as Macedon, obviously, Scythia, and Sumeria. Also it just doesn't feel like Spain without Conquistadors and Missions. But here are some changes I would like.
    Changing the name of Sumeria's ability from Epic Quest to Cradle of Civilization would even work. I believe that's how it is even listed in the files.
    Russia should have some sort of defensive bonus protecting their motherland. The Lavra working as a district that can bombard enemies since it has walls and there have been fortified Lavras defending themselves in history. Or give it to a new Russian Leader
    Greece should have more points toward different types of GP with the Acropolis.
    Somehow we need German Panzers and French Musketeers as well as new leaders.
    Rome can maybe produce Great Generals easier with the Baths as they were considered meeting places for the politicians.
    Film Studios should provide amenities from entertainment and at least a GW of Writing Slot.
    Also some city-states architectural designs do not seem right such as Hattusa having Mediterranean Architecture.
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