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  1. Schmiddie

    Schmiddie Emperor

    Feb 27, 2012

    Welcome to Religion and Revolution - a modification for Civilization IV: Colonization

    Religion and Revolution is a huge mod or one could say it is a complete overhaul for "Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization" developed by an international team of passionate modders.

    At first it was a spin-off of the German Mod "The Authentic Colonization" (TAC) which has been finished some years ago. TAC is a mod developed by a German team of passionated modders. However, TAC has been finished a few years ago. Over the years Religion and Revolution has been clearly developed to a complete self-contained mod for the vanilla game with a lot of new features:

    - New game interface
    - New game events that make the game more interesting
    - New game achievements that show the development of the player ingame
    - Complete new good system with its own trade route system
    - Micromanagement can be done (but this is not a must-do)
    - Complete overhaul of existing unit and building graphics
    - New unit structure, in particular of the military units
    - New units and new professions
    - A lot of additional native nations with its own behaviour and leaders
    - New leader traits of all existing leaders to make them more different
    - Overhaul of the existing leader traits
    - New port (Port Royal) that can be used for smuggling in the New World
    - New (historical correct) maps
    - New European Nations (Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and Russia)
    - New city graphics and new map graphic
    - New improvements on the map
    - Wild animals on land and see
    - New Founding Fathers
    - Pirates which attack the player in middle and late game
    - ...

    The mod offers great opportunities for different player styles. You can of course settle in peace with the natives like the French did, you can conquer the New World with the Spaniards, you can built a new nation with the British or bring one of the smaller nations into the New World like Sweden or Denmark.

    If you like micromanagement you can spent hours for supplying your colonies or you can do just the "classic" trade with Europe as in the vanilla game.

    You can create your own colonial empire until the increase of the taxes requires the war of independence for indepence from the mother country.

    The AI has been revised and works better than in vanilla. However, there is still room for improvement, since the vanilla AI is so bad.

    The mod is still under development and new features and improvements are planned.

    In the following please find relevant links and information about the development of this mod and the relevant threads in this forum. But the most important first:

    1. Download & Development information:

    The current version is Religion and Revolution 2.7 !

    Every new published version will be announced here.

    You can download the new version here:

    For modders: DLL Sources and Makefile are included.


    2. Civilization IV:Colonization on Steam

    The vanilla game has been published on the game platform Steam as well. We are happy if you post screenshots or videos from the game there as well. This will help to raise the awareness of this mod in the community.

    Thank you!

    3. Religion and Revolution Subforum:

    About Posting:

    Please try to stick to the threads given. :thumbsup:
    (Do not create new threads if not necessary.)

    New threads are usually only started, when the team needs to do large brainstorming of a new big and complex feature.

    Brainstorming Ideas and Wishes:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Mod Development

    Reporting Bugs:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Bugs and Todos

    For General Questions and Discussions not directly related to Features:
    [Religion and Revolution]: General Questions and Discussions

    Asking or Giving Tips and Tricks or Discussing Strategies:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Tips and Tricks


    4. Team members:
    • Schmiddie
    • Nightinggale
    • Devolution
    Former team members:
    • raystuttgart (founder of the mod)
    • Robert Surcouf
    • colonialfan
    • KJ Jansson
    • Androrc the Orc
    • orlanth
    + many partners that give valuable support.

    5. Credits:

    Of course the former TAC-team.

    Otherwise basically almost every modder out there.
    Please tell us, if we use parts of your work and forgot your name. :thumbsup:
    • Isabelxxx
    • Willi_Tell
    • Writing Bull
    • Dale
    • Kailric
    • Aymerick
    • Jeckel
    • TC01
    • Dom Pedro II
    • NeseryozniyVET
    • Trachmyr
    • Dazio
    • M07
    • bernie14
    • ekmek
    • SaibotLieh
    • The Capo
    • Sanotra
    • Aeterna
    • Kathy
    • Roamty
    • Nightinggale
    • Tre59
    • vetiarvind
    • Commander Bello
    • Marla_Singer
    Please also read the ingame-credits at the Encyclopedia to get detailed credits-informations.
    Also please read Some Remarks about Distribuiton and Rights of Usage in the post below.

    Special Credits for Music:
    Special Credits and Thanks also to the creators / publishers of the original game:
    • Firaxis and 2Kgames

    Please feel free to participate and enjoy Religion and Revolution!

    Best regards

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  2. Schmiddie

    Schmiddie Emperor

    Feb 27, 2012
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  3. Schmiddie

    Schmiddie Emperor

    Feb 27, 2012
  4. Schmiddie

    Schmiddie Emperor

    Feb 27, 2012
    Hey Folks,

    it is done. We have published the new version 2.7.

    You'll find all relevant information in the first post of this thread.

    Religion and Revolution: Version 2.7 // Changelog


    • Corrected several XML issues (duplicates etc.)
    • Removed dialog that asks for confirmation for declaration of war when entering a native village if the unit in question is a transport
    • Natives will not teach skills if they are still angry due to bargaining
    • If a size 1 city is razed, the player no longer gets an annoying and redundant message stating that the city will be abandoned
    • Corrected artillery unit texture scaling issue in Europe. Removed the code for the other ports since it is not needed
    • The great tool factory will correctly reduce the food yields of the city
    • The graduation of colonists will no longer be able to cause a CTD (was only an issue when English text was used)
    • Attempting to assign a unit that produces nothing on a plot (noble, governor etc.) no longer causes a CTD
    • Fix swapped import / export limit parameters
    • Fix graphical glitch/redraw problem that happens if the player has insufficient gold to buy a slave in Africa.
    • Some graphic bugs cavalry and dragoons fixed
    • RaR Americas Gigantic map bug with church fixed
    • Bug Fix Map RAR Americas Gigantic and RAR Americas Huge; Church and Wild animals work fine now

    • Disabled problematic events that could potentially cause CTD
    Map generator:
    • Indian villages will no longer be placed on top of bonus resources.
    • Added a new version of the FaireWeather map script with a new option called regularity (Credit to Deliverator) which creates less predictable continents layouts.
    AI improvement:
    • Fix AI handling of professions with multiple input yields
    • AI players can now travel to the African port to sell goods/treasure and buy slaves.
    • AI now sort the units that wait on the European docks by their value. This ensures that the most valuable units get picked up first.
    • Prevent AI transport ships from traveling to Europe if they are carrying at least one unit. The AI should prioritize putting its units to work in the new world and not keep ferrying the same unit(s) back and forth, wasting turns and transport capacity.
    • Great generals will now only consider safe paths when relocating between cities. This avoids previously reported issues in which a GG would travel through (or close to) enemy territory
    • AI will now prioritize the production of liberty bells
    • AI will produce the yields that gives the best profit, either in Europe or Africa.
    • AI will no longer overproduce certain yields (ore)
    • AI is more likely to produce yields that are used as input for other goods.
    • The value of Bells/hammers now scale with the population / rebel percentage.
    • AI may choose to go to Africa rather than Europe if to maximize the sale profit
    • AI can now use great admirals
    • AI will use their starting units better
    Other stuff
    • New feature: Coastal transport implemented: Coastal transport ships that can only traverse coast or culturally owned tiles. AI knows how to build and use them.
    • New units: Small and big coastal ship
    • Change of some unit graphics
    • New promotions
    • Implementation of a new achievement "The Governor arrives"
    • Balancing of field workers done
    • Great General, Great Admiral and Great Chief now have full combat animations
    • New late cityset for Russia
    • In era expansion now all citysets show a mix of their early and late citysets
    • England now has a new cityset for the late game (era colonial) that contains some rare colonial buildings (the city shows a mix of late and colonial cityset)
    • Incentives of late military founding fathers have been decreased
    • The Danish King now use the royal anthem instead of the sports anthem (yes Denmark has two anthems)
    Debug Mode:
    • If debug mode is activated (ctrl-Z), we now display the AI's valuation of yields when hovering over the stored yields inside a city

    Please enjoy and provide feedback in the corresponding threads.


    Merry Christmas!

    Best regards

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    May 3, 2012
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