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[Religion and Revolution]: Tactical Combat Map

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Religion and Revolution' started by raystuttgart, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. raystuttgart

    raystuttgart Civ4Col Modder

    Jan 24, 2011
    Stuttgart, Germany
    Spoiler :

    Hi guys,

    based on this ModComp I would like to try create something truly revolutionary for Religion and Revolution.

    Basically the idea is to split the game into Strategical Mode and Tactical Mode.

    When a battle starts at the (normal) strategic map, a tactical map will be created from that area.

    The tactical mode will create a completely new gaming experience !
    (Ranged attacks, flanking moves, line of sight, effects from hills, ...)

    I will probably start this after Release 1.
    (Maybe some other modders from the team or outside the team might be interested to join this effort.)

    THIS might become the most exiting feature in our mod, to my opinion.

    I have buried the idea of a Tactial Combat Map for myself.
    The efforts needed are just too big and there are simply too many more important things for me to do in Relgion and Revolution.
  2. orlanth

    orlanth Storm God. Yarr!

    Nov 17, 2001
    Hmm, although I think the separate map feature is really cool, I'm a little skeptical that making a whole new tactical combat system around it might be a lot of work to take on. But on the other hand, the more I think about it I do share your enthusiasm that this could be a really exciting feature if it's achievable to get it working well, especially since much of the work has been done already. Considering past strategy games, the concept of separate maps (strategic maps for several theatres, and a tactical map for combat) has worked very well in games such as the Total War series and the classic Master of Magic among many others. If it can be done right, that's ended up being a successful and fun feature for many games. So, I'm interested in this, if you think it's possible to accomplish it well, and the other team members like this too. :)
  3. colonialfan

    colonialfan Chieftain

    Dec 6, 2010
    Massachusetts, USA
    Love the idea!:thumbsup:
  4. raystuttgart

    raystuttgart Civ4Col Modder

    Jan 24, 2011
    Stuttgart, Germany
    I have been talking to LyTning94 (the creator of that ModComp) and it seems like the ModComp CIVILIZATION TACTICAL COMBAT still needs a lot of work.

    Also he is only creating the base functionality.
    He is not creating a full feature.

    So I will keep an eye on this and whenever it seems like it has reached a state, where it might be used for creating a feature for Tactical Combat in Religion and Revolution,
    I will probably try to implement it. :thumbsup:

    However, the creation of Tactical Combat for Religion and Revolution (when LyTning94's ModComp is ready) will take me about half a year or longer.
    AI is the key success factor for such a feature.
    A Tactical Combat Mode without AI knowing Tactics would be extremely boring. :)

    This is extremely interesting to me, but I just do not know, when I will start trying to implement it. :dunno:
    I still believe that this could become the most interesting CivCol feature ever create and add a complete new dimension (Tactical Combat) to the game.
    However, starting this after Release 1 is not going to work, because the ModComp itself is not ready.

    Let us wait and see. :)
  5. Robert Surcouf

    Robert Surcouf Civ4Col Modder

    Feb 21, 2011
    Hi everyone,

    I've got a little less work now, so I can spare some time...
    I'm happy to see you haven't been sleeping !
    I really like this idea. When I tried some Civ 4 mods, I found one quite interesting: Master of Mana. It is somehow a mod based on Master of Magic's universe. It seems quite interesting but in my opinion something was missing...
    Guess what was missing? The "famous" tactical map!

    Me too!

    Do I understand correctly? When we start a combat, we somehow enter a new map like in Heroes of the Might and Magic, or in Master of Magic? And we move our troops one by one using troop abilities?

    I like the idea, but we mustn't forget a few things:
    1) This will take time !
    2) We will have to discuss it a lot. How are we going to cope with ranged attacks? How are we going to manage troop movements etc...

    I understand why you're so happy Ray ! :goodjob:

    I agree !

    I see Orlanth that we have the same references ! Long live Master of Magic.

    [offtopic] In 2023, when we've finished doing this mod, could we do a Master and Magic based mod ? :old:

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