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religion % in a city


Apr 19, 2004
there is a way or a mod to see the percentage of religion in a city, or i can only see the diffusion percentange of a religion n the world?
I don't know about a mod, but it should be possible.

You can for all cities look up how many inhabitants live there and what religions are there. And then use that or something.
If there are more then a religion in a city i don't see a way how to calculate it, please explain better
Currently there is no "% of religion within a city". A religion is either present in a city, or it isn't. Having religions with different "strength" in one city is not implemented.

I guess you could mod it in if you know your way around in the SDK, but since I don't, that's only a guess.
You can however simply assume that depending on the year, X% of the people in a city are religious (perhaps default 100%, lower by 1% for each tech in industrial or later era, modified by religious civics or something) and then assume religions that have been there longest have a larger part of that group (i.e. if christianity has been there 10 turns and islam 5 turns, and there are 3 religious people there, 2 are christian and 1 is muslim.).
Intresting Idea @Bergrar,

I will look if there is a way to modify religion from a boolean into a percentage, I probably will. ;)

I think we could implement it kinda like Medival Total war 2.

What about the following ideas:
- First religion founded starts with 50%, Second region with 25% etc.
- Percentage of happyness generated by a religions building depends on percentage of that religion in the city
- Science output will suffer with hommogenious concentration of religions.
- When a religion is set as a state religion, it percentage will slowly grow at the expense of other religions.
- When a religion is set as a state religion, Citizen of rival religions become unhappy.
- Religions with less then 1% coverage will disapear.
- The Construction of religious buidings, will please the founder of that religion (which will benefit from increased income)
- Depending on the fraction between the largest and second largest religion, unhapines is generated (for example 50% christains / 50% muslims will generate maximum religious unress)
- The Maximum Religious unrest depends on the difference between religions (for example Moslim Monotheists really hate Hindu Polytheists)
- Missionary stationed within the borders of a city will gradualy convert a city to it religion
- Barbarion Ketters popup randomly, spreading false believes generating religios unrest.
- Inquisitor units can stop the wiked devil worship from Ketters and rival Missionary (by burning them to the stake)
- Inquisitor unit can force Citizen from rival religion to state religion at the cost of life (mass executions)
- Religion buildings will help conversion to its representing religion (with their splendor)
- Luxury items lower effect of religion (materialism lowers needs for religion)
- When capturing a rival city, 50%(all men) of all non believers in the conquering civilisation state religion are killed (put to the word)
- conquered cities gains increased population/culture groth (from all raped woman getting babies from soldiers)
- When a holly city is captured by a civilisation with a rival state religion (Like Muslims taking Israel), Relation with nation with the holy city religion will worsen (igniting crusades )
- When city happyness is low, Citizen or rival religions will start destroying each other religious buildings.
- When a city it revolting, Citizen of rival religion will start murdering each other and generate refugees.
- Refugees can join cities an based on it relative size, modify the city religion reprecentation.
- Cities can build migrants which can join friendly cities (allowing for chinese population control ) and lower overpopulation
- Migrant can join rival cities with with a open border agreement (allowing for cultural imperialistic conquest of take over a rival city without war )
- certain technologies (like facism) allows the construction of Special buildings that allow to exterminate rival religions/cultures (like concentration camps)
Yes it is.
i read your mod about resources is a great idea too.
You are a great modder with so nice ideas, a major control on the spread of religion is a very important add-on at my advice.
If you do the mod for percentages in cities will be a great thing.
thank you
Very nice ideas, Fanatic Demon!

If you allow but a humble comment:
once you've collected all the nice thoughts that would be nice to have, SIMPLIFY! Choose items that can be merged, and what can be dropped altogether. Even if its the CPU that takes care of most of the factors, there shouldn't be so many. Just think about the need to fine-tune and balance all the factors!

Some things I think you could drop:
- Luxury items lower effect of religion (materialism lowers needs for religion)
- conquered cities gains increased population/culture groth (from all raped woman getting babies from soldiers)

I think you got the idea. Good modding!
really nice idea.
I'm still working on my "Terrorism" mod - and implementation of War for Oil 8a lot of ideas and few time...) and religion % could solve my prb about which city the terrorist could target and in which order.

so in my idea is:
in the x year in the city with Judaic religion an extremist called x is born.
he will work similarly to players/AIplayers/Barbarian and so our extremist (pass me the word terrorist with the meaning that want to deal disorder and terror in civil ppls) will target 1st Muslims States / religious cities.
(It's difficoult but I wish to try)
Terrosim is indeaad a nice element or religion. Certain religion. Every religion hould have certain traits.

you could tink if many traits:
- godma (restistance versus fragmatation, but lowers science)
- militarism (improves experience but negatively effect relation with other reigions
- afterlife (improved happyness and allows martrdom but lowers health)
- mystisim (improves happyness but lowers science)
- race nutrality (imroved speading to rival nations)
- gender equalness (improves happiness but lowers birth rate)
- ritualism (improves hapiness but lowers productions)
- lawfullness (improves public order but lowers commerce)
but a mod to see the percentage of diffusion of each religion on a city?
any1 is working on it ? :)
before to improve religion is important to check how are diffuse in our cities. and how to improve the diffusion, for example allowing more then a temple for city.
thank Fanatic Demon
i will wait news about it.
keep us informed about it.
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