Religions Founding Date - question.


Aug 19, 2009
The changing Dark Continent

Hi everyone, a smallish request here.
Does anyone know how to set a date for dating Religion Foundiing?
In ...\Expansion2\Gameplay\XML\Religions\Religions.xml; the Schema looks like this:

<Table name="Religions">
<Column name="ID" type="integer" primarykey="true" autoincrement="true"/>
<Column name="Type" type="text" notnull="true" unique="true"/>
<Column name="Description" type="text" reference="Language_en_US(Tag)"/>
<Column name="Civilopedia" type="text" reference="Language_en_US(Tag)"/>

<Column name="EarliestFoundDate" type="integer" default="-1"/>

<Column name="PortraitIndex" type="integer" default="-1"/>
<Column name="IconAtlas" type="text" default="NULL" reference="IconTextureAtlases(Atlas)"/>
<Column name="IconString" type="text"/>

In a Mod the XML would look like this example:




My question is what "integer" do I put in for the <EarliestFoundDate>?
A Turn number for the Standard Game? and Longer or shorter length games are adjusted automatically by the CIV5GameSpeeds WorkSheet? or a particular date?

If a particular date how do I do that, for a BCE date starting from "0"? There is a question of -ve numbers afterall, and this is CIV where the unexpected always happens.

Many thanks to any that answer this query.
Never used. Not by the game XML, Lua or C++ source code.
Dear Mr. Howard, thank you very much for your 2nd prompt reply and the heads up to resolving my problem via Lua.
I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this reply, but I was otherwise distracted by life problems and away from my computer, for the last few days.
As to the Lua solution, we last communicated nearly 10 years ago, at the end of 2012 beginning of 2013. Since then I did not Mod or play Civ5, due to other interests.
With the advent of the Covid pandemic I found myself a bit confined and at a loose end and started to play Civ5 again. (My machine is as ancient as I am and cannot bear the weight of newer games).
To keep the story short, there were some small items that I did not like and I began to fiddle again in the innards of Civ5 as it is now.
Of course as an old Modder since mid June I fell into the rabbit hole again and expanded my changes.
To my chagrin I found that I couldn't remember most of what I knew before. Lua for me at present, I can barely understand what others have written, but I could not put 2 lines of code in Lua correctly. It will come, like French comes after I stay in a Francophone country for more than 4/5 months.
Also I find that at present it is easier for me to muck about in the game's actual files and see what happens rather than using Modbuddy. That too will come once I've honed my skills a bit more and understood all the intricacies of the files of the game as they are now.
Once again thank you for your replies, and for showing me how to manipulate the Tech Tree all that time ago.
Regards JA_Lamb.
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