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Sep 7, 2010

I have Civ 4 Russian version by 1c, localized and with language number 0 set to Russian (in EU version 0 is English). RFC is shipped on the BTS disc, and it works fine (as it is also localized). Usually I switch game language to English, I prefer playing in game's original language. In my version of game English has language number 1 (I suppose 1 is French in EU version).

The problem I have is as follows:
I downloaded RFC RAND, which is tuned for EU version, therefore there English is 0 and French (I supose) is 1. The mod is set to detect the game language automatically. Therefore, when I set game language to English (1 in my version), it sets mod language to French (1 in EU version). That leads to a very confusing mix of English and French in the game, units, menu and some controls being in English while civ names, cities, events etc being in French. When I set game language to Russian (0 in my version), mod language sets to English (0 in EU version). That looks even more confusing with both cyrillic and latin words in the interface.

I suppose it should be possible - can anyone advise what to change in the mod files so that all the extra languages are gone, and only English is available? Or maybe to set English to default mod language without detecting current language of the game?

Thanks in advance for help.
So if I just replace all the French file text with the text from English file, it will work fine?
Bah, I actually have to manually switch all the text.. I was hoping that languages were in separate files, but it's several languages in one file sorted by theme...

I suppose there is no fast way to switch it? I tried auto-replacing "English>" with "French>" and "French>" with "English>", but it didn't work. Seems order matters, English should go first and French second. When I manually exchanged the text in English and French fields instead of the tags, it worked..
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