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Removing technology, limit to medieval age ?


Nov 20, 2005
Hi, are there any mods to limit the technology age that available in game so for example you could limit technology to the medieval or renaissance age or just before gunpowder units appear?

Just I enjoy the early game allot more then the later game with modern technologys.
Yes , if you go to the customisation forum you will find ' Limited era " mods. Just search limited era. They may not have been done fro BTS yet, but they are very simple mods.

It's really easy to do yourself. In civ BTS main folder; Assets/XML/Technologies/Techinfos.

open the file up and you can see for each technology that you can disable it.

For any tech you like ...



One caveat: these mods usually do not prevent the possibility of your getting a disabled tech from goody huts. Hence, it is possible that you or an opponent could still discover one, putting you (or them) at a permanent advantage.
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