Repairs to v 17f ?


Jan 28, 2002
Does anybody know if there's going to be a 'revised' version of the 17f patch?

Because as it now is, I don't want it, even if the stack movement would improve game play mechanics.

I wont play with the wildly imbalanced "all AI civs vs. me" in tech development.

This feature alone, IMnsHO, makes the AI into a monolithic, non-differentiated lump, and makes the game nearly unplayale (at least for me) at the higher levels.... and thoroughly unenjoyable for me at anything above regent.

It turns into a crash-early-combat-only type game, because at least then you're not too far behind.


And if they can't get the end-of-turn time down to something acceptable on a large/huge map, then Civ III, despite all it's new features is going to become shelfware.
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