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Republic more Corrupt in C3C?


Jan 16, 2004
Boise, ID, USA
I just started playing C3C with my first game last night. I thought I had pretty well improved my skills enough to move from warlord to regeant under C3v1.29f and then I installed C3C.

So now I'm playing a warlord game in C3C and learning a few things about how the game is different now. I moved my palace 3 cities north of where it was and now my old capital city went from 20 production to 4 production. Its awful. I was wondering if its because Republic is more corrupt in C3C or if I am doing something else wrong.

I just developed Sanitation, Steam Engine etc, I'm at war but no one in the old capital city is unhappy without entertainment. Any other needed details?
Do you have the 1.15 patch? You can download it from this site. I'm pretty sure that will solve the corruption issue. There was a problem in the original conquests release bu that got fixed in the patches.
Ya that's right. The official patch won't be out for a while, so go ahead with the beta 1.15. It's a HUGE improvement over the release version.
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