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Request advice on Deity

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Nimof, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Nimof

    Nimof Chieftain

    Dec 25, 2010

    I am an old Civ player. I used to play Civ I when it came out. I then played some Civ II and just a few games of Civ IV. Since then I didn't have time to play anymore. Now out of curiosity I started playing againg Civ V. Of course I see that a lot have changed since Civ I... to the better of course. The game has more depth now.

    I played one game in Prince just to know the game a bit (Germans I think -not that it matters-). I won, so I just went to play Deity, which is what I always played. After playing some games, I understood that horsemen are overpowered so I won by rushing to horsemen. Not that I could win every game with this strategy though (I would say 1 out of 3). Of course I didn't know much about the game (e.g. the bonus that maritime CS give).

    After the patch, I started playing again, but now I have some issues that I would like some advice on. Some of them I faced even in pre patch.

    • First of all a quick question. Is there a way to win in every game in Deity? I don't mean by following an strict algorithm, I'm just asking if some of you consistently win (9 out of 10 maybe) on Deity whatever the map and whatever the place you land or civilization you end up having (Deity,Continents,Small map,Random Civ).
    • When I play on Standard maps I get to have time to settle and find some strategy to follow, but on Small maps this is not the case. I have problems finding something to do with opponents that are close to me. Let me share a scenario,
      I am Spain (there are no wonders near me or on the known continent). Next to me I have 4 CS (I mean in a distance of few tiles) and Greeks. If I start settling cities fast on resources, I get weak and get killed. If I start by going for fast National College and then try to balance things out I get killed. If I start war as soon as possible with anything I have I still get defeated, since I don't have the tech to win, and even if I win there are other civs next to me that will be better at the time I defeat the Greeks (which is really tough if you don't get any breathing space). So my question is. What do you do when in a small map (or any confined starting position) you are next to civilization as the greeks in Deity? Is there something I am missing?
    • What is the most efficient fast way to take an enemy city? What would be your most promising combination of units? e.g. 4 Horsemen are not a good idea to do this. 2 Archers + 3 Swordmen, may or may not do the job (because you have to face enemy units and then reach the city which always has archers).
    • I like to play civilizations that don't really have any bonuses, since at the moment I am looking for some form of strategy/ies that apply to every civ. I would like some alternatives to be applied to any map or civ. Do you have any suggestions (please try to be as specific as possible -because I am not experienced with some things yet)? I am only interested in the opening of the game (until 1 AD).

    Thank you in advance.
  2. s2noew

    s2noew Chieftain

    Oct 26, 2010
    1. small map yes, huge map no. the less the opponent the easier it is. i win 100% 1v1 on deity even if i start on tundra, not that it happened before, but still i would :)
    2. its not the closest opponent that im worried about when i play deity, its the farthest. because the closest always dies first and the farthest out tech me when i get to them. it doesnt matter the civ. cause i rush pretty early
    3. four warrior would be my combo for rush, range unit are nice but u got to tech for archery which is pretty useless in the beginnin. horse is no longer good for rush, coz they get huge penalty against city post patch
    4. depending on my start location, i can either choose to go for the great library for a free tech or rush directly with warrior production. declare war then wait for ai to come to you, then when defeat his attacking force, then taking out his cities undefended would be pretty easy. i could take out 2 ai this way before they out tech me, then i would focus on science, national college, library etc. and you have a great start with 3 capital cities. there are tons of exploit you can use to get a head start, but consider you dont want to use any of them, i would be harder to win on larger map sizes, but standard or less is manageable. the key is that ai sucks really bad at warfare. wait for them to attack you then go all out. remember CS ftw!
  3. biohazard72

    biohazard72 Prince

    Sep 29, 2010
    British Columbia
    1. No. You can and will lose if rushed by a strong opponent before you're ready. This usually happens when you spawn too close to an enemy AI or are sandwiched between several AIs, and the problem is definitely compounded if you're up against militaristic civilizations or those with ancient/classical/medieval UUs.

    2. Starts with little implied territory are problematic. National College start seems to be the way to go, so if you're too close to one or more AIs you'll find very little land available when NC finishes and no military to speak of. These situations you should probably REX, targeting luxuries and defensible locations, and build an army for defense. Do avoid settling too close to AIs if possible. Then you can build Colosseums when you finish your army (probably Horsemen or Warriors) which should be sometime around when you grab Construction. This start is definitely weaker than a good NC start, but might be winnable if you abuse diplomacy (pay AIs to fight) and RAs.

    3. It seems popular to avoid warfare at least until the Medieval Era. Early Longswords -> Rifles seem to be the most common way, but civs with UUs can war differently. On Deity, you might want to only fight one war for a little bit of territory, followed by turtling. Siege units are still the best for turtling, btw.

    4. National College start (see the thread: Fast national college vs expansion). Settle implied territory with luxuries and resources afterward, leaving enough happiness to grow cities to size 3 or so to finish Colosseums quickly. Push for Longswordsmen after luxury techs and pick an opponent (usually the one most likely to declare war on you, or if none look imminent, the weakest). Try to take a few cities for living space - if you're lucky, you'll get a sweetheart peace deal and enough territory to finish the game.

    Good luck :)
  4. hellboy909

    hellboy909 Chieftain

    Nov 15, 2005
    This, I've learned, is crucial and bears repeating: let the enemy come to you. Fight on home territory (the 33% combat bonus from Tradition really helps) and use your city bombardment. Stay off open terrain whenever possible and let the AI throw his units into a meat grinder of your creating. Then you can choose to take his cities at your lesiure. Of course sometimes the AI will offer you everything they have for peace once you crush their armies...

    To me the one unit per tile rule is the biggest change from previous Civ games. Learning the ins and outs of the new tactics required is critical.
  5. emlamotvisao

    emlamotvisao Chieftain

    Aug 14, 2007
    I don't think small maps is easier than huge map. In huge map, you can declare war to much-stronger-than-you enemy if it's located far from you. When their army comes to you, your army has been updated and you can crush them. During the time they may come and negotiate piece with you. Accept the peace treaty and go to war with other.

    The bottom line is what do you get when declare war on an AI? Gold. How? Negotiate, pay them gold in turn, give them luxury and resource in turn, get an amount of gold in hand from them and... declare war.

    When you do it to two or three AI continuosly, one by one, you'll have a huge amount of gold. What to do next? Build stronger army (it helps when other AI comes and discuss peace with you), build construction buildings, buy settlers... This kind of strategy request you to have the strongest army all the time, eventhough you actually have to fight with no one. It helps in negotiating piece with other AI and prevent other AI from declaring war on you. You are the one who declare war on others, not others on you.

    So I said it is easier to play huge map. For smaller maps, when you declare war, they come and fight right away, and you cannot avoid losing something in the fight.
  6. elthrasher

    elthrasher Revcaster

    Sep 11, 2009
    You build the Great library on deity? I usually see it built around turn 30 or so. Are you talking about on a small map perhaps or are you actually building it that fast?
  7. Soronery

    Soronery Prince

    Oct 3, 2010
    I don't think you can really play deity well with Civilizations with no bonuses. You can do well with a number of civs but some are just useless IMO.
    I have a strategy that works reasonably well but I am still working on it. I play on strategic balance resources but everything else can be set to standard and this will still work. The strategic balance kind of prevents the "no iron" crap that can easily happen.

    It works with China, Hirathwa, Russia, and probably a few others but I haven't tried. You need to have a decent production start for this to work but it is pretty rare that I do not have enough production tiles

    I stay on 1 city for awhile going tradition->oligarchy. Quickly ally a martime CS, then a cultural CS, go down to +33% science from city states and just keep allying cultural CS/getting research pacts.

    I build barracks->heroic epic->armory->4x swords->upgrade to longswords and attack someone. I can usually take a city or 2 or more. Usually I stop and wait for a great general to come out after taking a city or two. China's GG works well here.

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