Request: City states cannot be razed


Jul 13, 2007
Ever since some random patch the AI started razing city states. I HATE it! I just lost Auckland, that provided me tons of sea production and there is nothing I can do about it.

Would it be possible to block this by a mod? At least I can then try to liberate my favorite city states.
Yeah you can Raze city states. Really annoying when the AI does it to a really good city state like Kandy or Nan Madol.
I just modded it that all city-states get ancient, medieval, and renaissance walls from the start. I also gave them flood barriers.
You can prevent any city from being razed. Just set COMBAT_KEEP_ALL_CITIES_ON_CAPTURE to "true" in base game GlobalParameters.xml

I tried but it's not useful because I can only liberate the first city. Any others become a ghost that's not listed as city state and no war or diplomacy possible.
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Here's the mod I did. If city-states have walls, then they won't be conquered in the first place.

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