[GS] [REQUEST] Hatsune Miku as a Leader (balanced)


Feb 19, 2019
I'm a fan of Vocaloid and always wanted to play with Hatsune Miku as a Leader. The fact is that all mods I've found so far are overpowered in such a way that really ruins all fun, like Great Scientist can use their abilities twice. I was also bothered in putting Science traits when she's actually a Cultural reference. For last, I've also discorded in make a specific Civilization for her instead of just putting him as a new Japan Leader.

My request is if any modder can make a balanced one for the community?

I'll put my base ideas if someone want to use it for reference.


Leader trait: Virtual Diva

Great Work of Music's provides double of Tourism.
Rock Band units can perform on your own territory, receiving 50% in Domestic Tourism instead of Foreign Tourism.
Receives a free Rock Band after researching Computers.

Obs: Even though I really want to play with her, I don't know how to mod. I just want to share my ideas and attach a request to the community next to that. Don't get me wrong by asking for something I could learn and do myself, you can just ignore it if you think I'm asking too much.

Thanks for reading until now. :love:
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