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[Request] New Historic Victory Type


May 22, 2010
Civ VI modding really impressed me. Was playing with YnAMP, Rosetta Naming, Sukritact’s mods, Tomatekh’s religion mod, (not to mention them all) and the experience of the game is really something else now! I don’t think it would be too hard, and I’ve seen an alternate victory type mod before for Civ VI, and with some of the artists working on modding the game, a historical victory mod seems like something that could be done by the community.

I’d imagine something like having a few victory conditions and aiming to fulfill them, or fulfilling 4/5 of them or something in case you miss an ancient era condition.
For example, England would require 4 out of 5 conditions to win a historic victory:
1) Building Stonehenge
2) Settling every continent
3) Sticking with monarchy up to the modern era
4) Having the strongest navy in 1700
5) Making London the most populous city in 1800.

So it would be something similar to Rhye’s and Fall in Civ IV. It would work really well with YnAMP in my opinion, but even on a normal game it could spice things up. Even the devs could consider something like this, imagine a first look video where specific victory conditions are announced with each new civ..

Though these are only some thoughts, other modders perhaps have better ideas for something like this. If not, maybe I can be directed into how to do this myself, since my LUA is really basic.
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