Requested: Realistic Secret Societies


Jun 11, 2001
Hello people. Anyone else incredibly irritated with the paranormal/supernatural secret societies?

I would like to see Lobby Groups instead with realistic effects.

1. Zionist Lobby
2. Military Industrial Complex
3. Jihadist Organization
4. Socialist Internationale
5. Environmental Terrorists
6. World Economic Forum
7. Crypto Community
8. Neo-Nazi Organization
For all the ages, Jihad and the following may be more suitable than others. Since only one can be picked there can't be any exclusive to modern times.
  • Crusaders / Jihadists: unique units with max melee strength - 10, add strength by killing, zero maintenance, spawn a new one in capital whenever killed. Spread religion by victory. Reduce gold in all commercial buildings. Locked to war with civilizations with different religions.
  • Ancient democracy fanatics: increase gold and production, increase cultural pressure and loyalty in all cities, more gold for domestic trade routes and route to other democracy/republic. +combat strength when fighting non-democracy. Locked to denounced or war with autocracy, monarch and facism
  • Neo-Confucianists: grant great moralists, increase loyalty, amenities and production. Less combat strength and great general points at higher levels and reduce science in exchange of culture output.
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