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Researching Tech before completing quest step prevents quests advancing (reproducible

Discussion in 'CivBE - Bug Reports' started by Cheetahmk2, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Cheetahmk2

    Cheetahmk2 Chieftain

    Oct 15, 2015
    This has been observed with the Promised Land victory quest, and the Found An Outpost quest.

    Any time I start a game with the Laboratory option chosen for my spacecraft, the Found An Outpost quest will appear as expected a few turns into the game, but will list the "Research Pioneering" technology objective as incomplete. This is quite annoying.

    Furthermore, if I forget to launch a Lasercom Satellite before researching Nanotechnology, and subsequently launch one, then the Promised Land quest step "Launch 1 Lasercom Satellite" will complete as expected, but the "Research Nanotechnology" step will not complete. This would not be a problem, but without this step completing, I cannot build an Exodus Gate, regardless of how high my Purity Affinity Level goes, making this game breaking.
    Going back to an earlier save, launching a Lasercom Satellite and then researching Nanotechnology lets the quest advance as expected, but I don't always research in that order, and so I'm having to hop back 50 turns (or give up and start over).

    This issue started occurring at some point after the pre-RT patch for vanilla BE was released; I can't be more specific than that, since, after installing that patch, my copy of BE stopped working for a while.

    I have tried: verifying the cache; clean re-installing; playing without mods; rebooting everything; reinstalling drivers; reinstalling DirectX; reinstalling Vcredist; running Windows System File Checker; running with a clean boot; deleting ClientRegistry and letting BE create a new one; re-registering my .dll files. No joy.

    Game version is Sample save files are attached.

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