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Hater of Babylonians
Jan 23, 2002
Manassas, VA
I know that at one point only two added resources show up in the game, I have been looking to see if this has been changed in any patch but can not seem to find verification one way or another? Has this been changed or can you still only see two.

Same with Civilizations, can we now add new Civs without overwriting existing ones without causing a crash at the advisor screen (I think that is where the cash occurs/occured per posts I have read).
You can add more resources, you can only add 2 resource icons. So you could use the wheat icon for wheat in the grasslands, amaranth in the plains and rice in the swamps then use the cattle icon for cattle (grassland), sheep (plains) and goats (hills) and all of them would be visible.

You're still restricted to just replacing civs if you want to use the foreign advisor.
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