Restart Locations

an old man

Feb 20, 2022
I found a seed I like, but playing as emporer is still too hard for me as I just started playing a couple of weeks ago and there is a LOT to learn about this game. So I started a new game, this time as king, but when I started the game my starting location was not the same as before, so I clicked on restart, and again found a different location, but again not my original one.

Is the restart a totally random event, which means I could reroll hundreds of times before getting even near my original game. Or are there a limited number and I will likely find my old start location if I continue to restart a few more times.

Thank you for your help!


Millenary King
Aug 8, 2003
If your start is different once, there's likely no chance to start in the same location. Simply click on "restart" changes all the map if i'm correct. You have to enter the seeds and the exact same settings. Maybe the difficulty change alone prevents you to get the same map ? Or you have inverted the two seeds, I know I used it once and the seeds on the menu were inverted compared to the setting screen when you have to enter them.
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