Retail Version: Trouble Making Gains in Europe!


Jan 13, 2006
I'm playing on the retail version that is out of the box (mind you after reading a few of the posts here i'm tempted to upgrade to the beta release - one question is however, what effect this will have on my save?).

I must say, to the creator of this mod - Thanks a lot, i was begining to lose interest in Civ4 again (after hammering it for a month or so since BTW came out), but this mod has renewed my interest, kind of how the WW2 scenario in Civ2 did also.

Anyways i'll get to the point. I'm playing as the UK, Monarch level with precise history on (where war declarations take place at accurate times etc.). Having a bit of trouble here, i'm no civ4 tactical genious and i am not all that clued up on game mechanics so it could just be a point in the right direction that is needed.

I had no Oil getting to mainland England, even after clearing the Med of the Italian navy. I was using my economy to purchase an army in Africa however where i did have access to oil.

I gambled, and countered the german invasion of france just as they rolled into Calais (but thankfully before paris!) and pushed them back to Amsterdam using atrillery / infantry combination.

I then managed to siege Amsterdam and hold it until 1942, with it changing hands about 4 times, and it essentially became a melting pot for English and German troops, the frenchies threw a few marines (at quite important times actually) into the fray also. The main reason i was able to hold and take Amsterdam was the Royal Navy (naval bombardment galore!).

Eventually the germans parked a massive armour/infantry force there and i've had to look at an alternative route into europe, I was fortunate enough for it to take two turns for the german infantry and armour to reach calis so any attack from the low countries could be softend up by naval barrage.

I had at this point managed to secure all of Africa and had taken Palmero and calgari (as well as the other city on that island, forget its name). I tried a two proned attack on Italy, with my forces in france being diverted towards Axis controlled Nice and then Turin while African forces landed near Rome, but the Axis just seem to have countless amounts of troops ready to counter any ground i took and i could never get a foothold on the Italian mainland.

Every time i launch an attack the Axis are able to counter with seemingly unlimited amount of resources along their railroads, yet their actual offensive attacks into france are rather pathetic, involving a handful of tanks and artillery, yet their defensive counters seem to mimic what you would expect the origonal Blitzkrieg to have been like.

The Eastern Front seems rather static also, i'm now deep into 1945 and Poland is still alive, Russia and Germany have not traded a single city, with most of the action going on in the Balklands and while i made a great start to the war, holding france and taking Africa, i've yet to make any real progress in europe.

I've no airforce (no oil to the mainland uk! seems like madness. I'm gonna go see if i can't find out where the UK got its oil from in WW2 - i did however recently ask the french for it and i've started pumping fighters and tanks). So i'm taking heavy losses to bombers before even arriving at enemy cities.

Quick question that's puzzled me, I have thought about focusing on eliminating the german air defences, but how do i go about doing this? The few times i've had planes i've not had the option to directly attack an enemy city with fighters on intercept around it. I tend not to use planes in civ 4 normally (by the time they arrive the games usually a forgone conclusion), so it could be something obvious i'm missing there.

Thanks in advance for any pointers, and once again thanks Dale - great mod!
May I just strongly suggest using the beta. :)

It'll blow your saves, but it's definitely worth the changeover (it'll fix the nasty "no UK oil" bug for one thing).
Heh, funnily enough i did just that over the weekend, only had yesterday to play it.

I'm in a similar pickle, but its still early days.
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