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Oct 9, 2017
The length of a turn is never less then a season, and that is only on marathon at the very end of the game. Most turns are 5-20 years.

I get why unit movement has to scale the way it does, but lets be realistic here: when you start a war it doesn't take hundreds of years to reach a nearby city.

Introducing Retreat and Reinforce:

One unit per turn may be called home, and one unit per turn, PER general or admiral, may be teleported to an adjacent hex of a general or admiral.

This makes generals and admirals much more interesting. Or maybe just generals, since ocean travel is generally fast. But if admirals can be reinforced, it means that ships the AI build in a tiny sea could teleport into the ocean.

The new AI strategy would be park a general and cavalry on the outskirts of an enemy civ and begin building up units.

Newly trained units can immediately go into action. Armies can take on more offensive missions without having to all stay home in case the player attacks.

During a war the combatants economy, faith, and production levels become critical.

This idea is for all civ games. Its kinda wasted in civ 6 where the AI are always good little angels and only the player ever does any evil warmongering.

I would also be curious about a mod that removes military units entirely. How good would the AI do if you all you ever made were buildings, wonders, and civilian units, and player only victory conditions (ahem domination) were unavailable.

Are you the player frustrated with losing the civilization game? Then rage quit and go conquer them instead! It would be more fair if city capture simply never happened since the AI isnt really capable.

I've seen games where 6000 years goes by with no city captures, and just a few declarations of war.

In 1960s a computer counted over 14,000 wars in the last 6000 years. This number does not even include small skirmishes.

I'm actually more interested in seeing this feature for civ 5, where you can at least stumble on a continent with Mongolia, Siam, city states, but all of them conquered by Mongolia, since being alone, there is no diplomatic penalty. This just doesn't happen in civ 6. It's not impossible, and I have seen civs lose a capital, but they are for the most part, much worse at war then in civ 5.

EDIT: retreat and reinforce would probably benefit from removing the ability for generals to teleport between towns or possibly introduce a charge system for it.
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Nov 3, 2003
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Interesting ideas. I do think the general direction is the right on, but you specified a whole lot already and I'm not the one to comment on that.

But I do agree, wars lasting ten to twenty turns means even the shortest one is longer than the Hundred Years War. And it's also not really fun. A war turn takes me 10x as long as a peace turn to complete. Modern wars are unmanageable - at least for me.

I'd want a change for that - be that tactical maps (for wars, not battles), stack of dooms or whatever.
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