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***********Return Of The Sword - Vox spoiler thread***********

Discussion in 'Civ4 - PitBoss Games' started by Vox[SU], Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Vox[SU]

    Vox[SU] Chieftain

    Jun 14, 2004

    Finally I'm starting spoiler of Return of the sword.

    I choose Asoka(Spi|org)+Sumerians.
    It was may dream recently to try Org leader with early and cheap courthouses in multiplayer game. Additional Spi trait i consider critical in late games which adds strategy flexibility.
    So my plan is very tight settlement to get benefit (more hammers without great suffering in maintenance) from it in middle game. I plan to use it for conquering one of my neighbors. If I will be successful Org/Spi will help to win whole game. Also i plan to use extra EP from many ziggurats and make 1-2 GS to spy my neighbors to feel safely and choose right moment to strike.
    So that's my greate plan :).

    Start position:
    Spoiler :

    I was born i pretty poor place, only one food (339 from capital). So I moved a bit, bot nothing better. At least I've found river.
    Leaning Animal ant making to use pigs asap.
    Next techs will be Mining-Bronze-Pottery-Mysticism-Polytheism-Masonry-Monotheism-Priesthood.
  2. Vox[SU]

    Vox[SU] Chieftain

    Jun 14, 2004
    Sorry for no writing. beginning is a bit boring, so i was to lazy to write.

    So, i did a real mistake to make 1st worker and learn Animal. Ldeskа sent to me very fast warrior so i was blocked from make pasture on my pigs for long, иуфсгыу ш вусшвув ещ здфн сфкуагддн and wait for 3 warriors to cover city + pigs for hooking. This draw me back in development.
    No i found 2nd city to hook copper and was going to spare from annoying warrior and finally begin expanding.
    But unfortunately Ldeska decided to make desperate attack to me and send 3 maybe more WC + 3 warriors. I am in time to make 1st spears and i think I'll draw him back but this will strike my crippled development even worse. So i ll try to survive and will wait for mistakes from my neighbors.
    Ldeska, i think crippled himself too with so early rush. He didnt c that i have copper i guess. But its poor consolation for me.

    So - Egyptians attack:

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